How You May Appear Unattractive and Not Know It!

unattractiveI think of myself as a pleasant and fair person, a kind person who is loving and giving to everyone and a people person. I have been teaching my children, the beauty of an individual is not in a facial mole, but true beauty inside a person. Teaching character traits are an ongoing process, and there are character traits to avoid because they are unhealthy habits.

As children, we all learn our personality from the people around us, if we grow up with high self-esteem, it’s plays a considerable influence in determining the type of adult that child will eventually become. However, if we grow up with low self-esteem and being rude and get a reputation for it, this feeling of being “tainted” can be carried into adulthood.

Confucius said, “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” We all are familiar with the Proverbs beauty is only skin deep, the world is full of beautiful people, but being a beautiful person is not only in the skin, but beautiful is also in the eye of the beholder and comes from within.

If you would just take a scroll through a model’s portfolio, or just look around – the world is full of beautiful people. However, true beauty is a rare and seldom recognized by the individual who possesses it. In fact, the most impressive feature in the world – is a unique kind of beauty, the one that you cannot see.

Some people may seem unappealing to others by their selfish behavior, cockiness, and arrogance during interactions with others and not know it. Everyone should strive to be a noble, kind, caring and compassionate person because We all want to be loved, but what feels good to us is feeling the love. There are many ‘unhealthy habits’ that people have that make them seem unattractive and annoying, and it is hard for them to know they have fallen off the attractive wagon. A person’s behavior can make him or her unattractive because attractiveness does not only come from outside, it comes from within, too.

It is sometimes hard to know how unattractive you are when you are so focused on yourself. It is even more difficult to know when you’ve fallen off the attractive wagon. If you wonder Why? It is normally because when a person lets his or herself go, people are not going to be inclined to tell him or her to their face that they are heading towards that unattractive territory. Also, when a person is not aware that they are acting in an unpleasant way… a manner that is so unattractive, they forget that attractiveness is not just what is seen with the eyes, it is also what we feel with our hearts and souls.

When a person starts to look unattractive, people might hint, but more often they will feel uncomfortable telling them. That is why a person is responsible for being self-aware and present always. When a beautiful girl is around an ugly person, she feels prettier around them, and when an ugly girl is around an attractive person, she feels uglier. Moreover, if you think about it, even a walk down the street and meeting the wrong person can change the way you think about your look. It is more likely because our brains have a built-in tracker that never stops gathering data.

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Top Three Overrated Accessories in New-age Vehicles


For most young men, a car builds his identity. The type of car a young man drive makes him a target of being cherished and more attractive to women. Therefore, most males want to drive an appealing and great looking car. Also, most young men feel when it comes to appearance, the car’s interior and accessories represent them and reflect their unique personality. To make sure that their car looks and represents them in the best manner, value social status and efficiency, a young male who can afford one prefer a luxury vehicles like those created by BMW.

However, to enjoy the freedom of a worthy purchase, it surely involves much more than just a casual oil change, car wash or wax job. It requires accessories that are considered exaggerated, which means assessing or estimating too highly. Accessories that will help the vehicle better represent him and reflect his unique personality as it deliver maximum power in the latest style. Men tend to purchase and drive the type of Car that is like how they see themselves and determines their behavior. Some men are highly social human being as some belong to many social groups. They have different taste and style as BMW cars attract individuals who value accomplishment and luxury. Here are three of the most overrated accessories in new-age vehicles

1. Fake Chrome Spinning Hubcaps

Nothing makes a hubcap look worse than cheap, plastic, fake chrome. They were made to imitate spinner wheels but have now turned out to be the worst vehicle accessory ever built and are totally not worth the price.

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How I prevent myself from moving into a shell due to past miseries


When I found myself unhappy with my life, I lost myself in the daily flow of living; I faced such phases of life wherein I got terribly hurt by people and life overall. On the contrary… that never lead me to withdraw myself from the world. I began to live in the flow of experience and faced and accepted emotional hurt as a challenge of life. Apparently, I have gone through loads of such emotional turmoil too. But all those hurts and unfortunate events have converted me into a more self-confident and self-sufficient woman, as I am today.

Once you are self-confident, you realize yourself what you want from life. Then you distinguish that you fear what you don’t understand, and you know nothing can then scare you or rule your life anymore. You learn to pamper yourself and let the positive energy flow into your life which helps to transform you into a more confident and self-controlled human being. Before I became a confident and self-sufficient woman as I am now the fear of uncertainty change me into someone I didn’t know, a shell of my former self.

It was a phase when I hit rock bottom, and it became the solid foundation, on which I had to restructure my life. By hitting rock bottom, I learn to face each of life’s challenges quite sportingly. Life’s challenges have taught me to let my strengths overshadow my weaknesses and to overcome and rebuild my life after hitting rock bottom. Sinking to my lowest self-was the first eye opener for me that provided me the strength to find the energy I needed to restart my life. Falling to my most depressed self helped me to let go of the feelings that were bothering me.

After letting go of the feeling, that was affecting me; I finally could acknowledge my situation and started to practice the ways of self-realization. It’s hard to escape depression when it takes over the mind, but when I let go of the past and start “living in the moment” it taught me how to let nothing directs me in the wrong direction but to view my mistakes as a catalog of past failures.

This made it so much easier for me to figure out what I was looking for from life in general. After learning, I had to deal with uncertainty, or it will beat me down.

It felt as if life was placed to pause for a moment. I received that one lucky break I needed to start replenishing my life, and I grab a hold told advantage of that opportunity and became my own boss once again.

I transformed from a “victim mentality” to a “creator.” I am now connected to my inner self. I can now figure out things which generally I could not earlier, and I am also able to perform well. From now onwards I have control over everything in my life even on things on which I had no control once. I learn that getting hurt is an integral part of any life. We all have gone through critical phases at one point of time or the other.

It gets tough to accept the miseries and pains of life that easily as well. While you are searching for the right path after getting hurt on and on in life, you need to first come out of all your past horrible memories. Life is a roller coaster ride. You will find both ups and downs prevailing in life and your sad moments will always be a painful memory of yours.

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I have decided to choose love over hate!


In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr I too have decided to choose love over hate, for loves brings about a better world, and I know that love is … initially the best answer to humanity in finding peace as I know that hate is too much weight to carry. Know that through violence it only brings emotional bosh, but with peace, we accomplish so much more like seeking the highest good as being concerned about sisterhood and brotherhood.

And so, I say to my friends today, when we choose violence, it only leads to darkness and a country that is divided moving in the wrong direction. On the contrary, those who decide to choose love over hate it leads to an open road that advantages to a greater path.

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A Guide for a European Day Trip to Paris, France


Paris, France is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations for over twenty years. There are different affordable means of travel to reach France. There are several options, be it train, bus or plane. If you dream of visiting Paris, France, it is necessary first to purchase a valid passport.

Traveling to Paris, France by Plane

When traveling by plane, it is best to check air ticket rates with the top travelers. Flight operators are always striving to get the most passengers, and the consumer gets the best rate this way.

Traveling to Paris, France by train

There are several options available for traveling by train. The most used train station is the Gare du Nord, which is also known as Eurostar. Many ports lead to specific destinations. For example, the ports of Poole, Southampton, South coast of England Plymouth and Portsmouth lead to Dieppe, Cherbourg, Roscoff, Caen and Le Havre, respectively. Traveling from London to Paris, France the train will take approximately 2.5 hours. Eurostar provides transportation which joins either at Waterloo in London or Ashford in Kent.


Traveling to Paris, France by bus

A bus is an easy option for traveling from Southern England to Northern France, between Kent and Nord-Pas-de-Calais. If you are traveling by the Eurotunnel from Folkestone, it will take you at least 35 minutes to reach Calais/Coquelles.


Driving in Paris, France

All the main highways and departments have their own D1, D2 and D road numbers. The signposts have the names of the towns or cities they are going in the direction with the road number. Most of the autoroutes (motorway/freeway) are toll roads. Roads are classified into the following categories:

• A: Autoroute (Motorway/Freeway) (red number sign)

• N: national road (red number sign; sometimes referred to as RN)

• D: departmental road (yellow number sign; sometimes referred to as RD or CD)

The directions to the main destinations through the major highways are depicted in green. The directions through auto routes are in blue which means “toll’. The speed limit inside the city is 50 km/h. When driving through wide roads, drivers are allowed 70 km/h. In downtown or residential areas, the speed limit reduces to 30 km/h.

Traffic rules

In Paris, France people drive on the right. Drivers are required to yield to any given vehicle coming from the right public thoroughfare unless it is clearly posted on the road.

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When this world no longer feel like home!


What do many do when this world no longer feels like home? Where do they turn when America, a place many have call home for a long time no longer feels like home? How can they find peace in a nation, the place that once brought joy and warmth to many hearts? How can a nation turn from a warm, loving, peaceful place to just feels cold and alienated? These are questions many are struggling with today.

Many American citizens may still hold an American passport. However, they no longer feel like an American. They don’t believe in their heart America is home and it certainly not in their mind to call America home. Because so many no longer feel as if this world is a place they can call home the only question is: where do they go from here? As many are currently searching for answers. Here is my response: many needs to go to God.

If we as people, no longer feel like America is home we should be willing to do what is necessary to bring healing to this nation. 2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV) say, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

With all the turmoil going on in America today some feel like what is there to look forward to? Some want to go somewhere new away from America overseas but all American people need to do is turn to God, seek forgiveness, and pray, God will be available for us. He is faithful and just and will forgive us. Also, he will restore this world from evil things that are making us miserable, and even the danger that is hunting those we love.

I know the idea of the necessity of God may sound like a myth, but God is the answer. For the Americans who no longer feel this world is home because of the many evil things that are entering the head of a human being as man. And to the ones who want to get away from it all as they don’t have an answer as to what to do to find peace, I offer a solution. Yes, God is the answer to all who are seeking peace. In Him is where the rest is, He always available and he never gets tired of hearing his children prayers or helping us.

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How Everyday Decisions We Make Shape Our Destiny

destiny.jpgbutterfly-effect-lifechoices_346183847The future we desire and want has yet to be shaped.As we often forget the power we possess in our everyday decisions that we make to shape our destiny. The decision we make will create the life we are living currently, so it becomes necessary for us to find out the meaningful answers to crucial questions for being able to make a wise decision. Decision-making requires an open approach that encompasses all aspects, an attitude that looks at every perspective and a broad vision that considers every possibility no matter how big or small it is. In short, there are neither shortcuts nor easy formulas for ethical decision-making

So what does decision-making means? When we have to do something, but we are not sure of how, and what to do, we stand at the crossroads of decision-making. The key to making a wise decision is the ability to select the right course of action and ask the right questions. Once we grow into adulthood everything in your life, business and personal exist so when it becomes a matter of our own lives; we need to gather up the courage to take decisions on our own.

When we walk on the straight path, it is possible to choice the best decision for us. However, if we place the decision-making process in the hands of others it becomes the outcome of a bad decision. Moreover, why put the right of decision-making in the hand of others, after all, for how long can we ask others to guide us through the right decision? Eventually, we have to learn to make decisions by our own selves as life is too long, and we cannot depend on others.

When it becomes a matter of our own lives, we need to gather up the courage to take decisions on our own. However, the big question is how do we shape a life, so it becomes alive and real for us. There are many ways we can shape our destiny, but our first step is to start by knowing what we want from life. Then visualize the life you want and spend much time developing your life’s path.

What to do when the path gets bumpy to make sure you use your power of choices wisely

Throughout our everyday lives, we are faced with countless choices and those choosing is shaped by the choices we make besides there may be times when we make choices that cause our life’s path to be like a series of hills. When we choose or when we are not sure if we want hills, valleys or the straight path the passageway becomes confusing, unbalance, and very bumpy. After making a decision like these, we should stop and examine the choices we made and identified new opportunities that will bring us back to the original path.

People often spend lots of time creating the picture-perfect path for themselves. However, they fail to remember three things. There is no such thing as a perfect path, the road we are creating can become bumpy and very uncomfortable if we make the wrong decision along the way. Third and most important remember you ultimately make the final choice regarding your values and how you balance your life’s path.

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Demystifying Math Struggles & Identifying Strategies to Help

teaching mathSome children excel in every class, but math has a way of getting the best of them. This is for the reason that the hardest subject most teachers have to teach by the book is Mathematics. While some children might be excelling at math; several may be failing, and others might just be able to pass the requirements. Nonetheless, teaching math effectively means communicating in many different ways to have the skills and modes of thinking. It is vital to identify all math struggles and then find different strategies to make sure children learn math.

Since Math is a hard subject for most children, a teacher cannot let the students just follow a textbook, as this is only part of the information needed to solve the Math problems correctly.

A question some teachers might want to ask themselves when it comes to teaching; should I follow the same traditional method while teaching math to all children? All educators should strive to teach for understanding of the mathematical concepts. Understanding, as I am sure most realize, it does not always come immediately, it may even take several grasps but with determination and the right teaching methods, a child will finally get an understanding. Teaching math to kids is very hard to learn even when teachers are trying to explain a simple solution to a math problem.

Math is a difficult subject it is extremely different from English or Science – or even History – for the reason that Math is the merely subject that distributes two characteristics:

1. Students must begin at the beginning and continue to create from what they have learned in the prior lesson.

2. There is no such thing as a partially correct answer; an answer is 100% right or 100% wrong.

In classes such as History, students can start at anywhere and study just that individual part of the subject. In English, there are some degrees of correctness and estimations as it may differ as to what is correct. But not in Math: Math is exact and requires precise execution. The answers are either right or wrong.

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Finding The Right Hairstyle To Suit Your Face Shape

Finding best hair stye for face shapeAlthough many do not take into consideration, face shape is one of the most significant determining factors in finding the right hairstyle. An excellent hairstyle can make a powerful statement— it can enhance your ‘positive’ features and relax the ‘negative’ ones. Also, it can help you look and feel your best.

So, when searching for the ideal hairstyle for your face shape, it can be like going on a blind date if you do not know your face shape. You do not know what to expect or what’s you will receive. Even if you see a picture of what you are getting; it may even make your heart flutter, but as soon as you receive the style, and it does not flatter your face, you quickly understand why not every hairstyle is flattering for every face.

For a woman who love being as daring or as classic as she’d like and ready to update her look with the most flattering hairstyle. First, venture before choosing a style that fit your face. Start by learning your face shape. Then you are ready to have the freedom to change your looks by getting the hairstyle of your desire. The first ruling of discovering a flattering hairstyle for your face shape is not ever head to the salon for a new ‘do’ before establishing the shape of your face.

It is vital to know your facial shape because face preferences do not only affect hairstyle it has an impact on a diverse range of significant public outcome. It can affect mate choices, hiring decisions and the decision concerning a sociable relationship. Whether we know it or not the facial characteristics that influence attractiveness carries a powerful effect on each person because we are all judged by our faces.

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What Most People Probably Don’t Know about Juice Cleanse


The body goes through different situations that put it at an enormous disadvantage, especially if a person has picked up a bad habit, inhales toxic substances or is exposed to pollution. Owing to the changing lifestyles we live in today, the body needs proper cleansing; that is where juice cleanses can be extremely beneficial for the body. It can be particularly useful to the body if you suffer from digestive troubles or poor health.

With so much environmental toxins going into the body like passive smoking, pesticides and automobile fumes, we seriously need to reduce the toxin intake. That means we need to detox regardless what our diet is; so for the most part, a cleanse is what it takes to remove “harmful” things from the body.

When juice cleansing, it is best to target a specific organ like the liver or colon and cleanse that area to make the body feel better. It is best to consult a doctor before undergoing a cleanse just to make sure that it is safe for your body; as the body is not in the best of health, juice cleansing may cause risk.

For instance, If you have low blood sugar, or are a diabetic, you basically might feel awful during a juice fast. Even though juice cleansing is very helpful for the body, it sometimes can be terrible for people with poor health.

What Happens in Your Body during a “Cleanse” & What to Expect

If you are thinking about doing a juice cleanse, it is best to find out what to expect as the first step to take. Juice cleanses are popular and generally last from a few days to several weeks. It is the individual’s choice how long it last. Juice cleansing is where a person consumes only fruit and vegetable juices to maintain nutrition while otherwise abstaining from eating food. It normally improves the person’s health, mood, and appearance.

I enlisted the help of difference nutritionists to make sure I know what to expect and the kinds of things that can happen to the body when embarking on a juice cleanse.

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