How to Maximize your Space for Big Living in a Tiny House

tiny houseIn the wake of the United States’ economic crisis, many are trying to find a solution to a world of uncertainty; downsizing seems to be the best way to finding any form of a solution.

More and more people are enchanted with the idea of building tiny homes, as others are moving into apartments, condominium or town-homes with small rooms. Living in a tiny home, townhouse, an apartment, or a condo can sometimes mean having to fit many items into rooms too small to hold them all, at first glance.

When placing furniture in a living room most people chose dark furniture because it is design-friendly, but the darkest furniture needs much leg room as they often seem to block passages and take up more floor space than is desirable.

When choosing furniture for a small area, it is best to choose light colors such as cream, white and light blues that make the room seem larger.

When selecting furniture with limited space, we have to pay close attention to the weight and the size of the objects.

The question of how many pieces have legs and how many have a box shape is also an important factor in finding the right furniture.

Believe it or not, how many pieces and the color of the furniture makes a difference: furniture in lighter colors goes further in making your small space feel larger than those in darker colors can.

Most people decorate their living rooms with a combination of box-shaped furniture and furniture with legs, such as a wooden or glass coffee table, two matching end tables, or sofa tables.

However, these all give the appearance of a cramped space, even if the piece itself is rather small. Here are some tips for fitting as much furniture as possible into a tight living room and still getting it to look more spacious:

  • Figure out early what size of furniture is right for the living space you have to work with. Measure the room and the furniture items by hand if you need to; you have to make sure that you will have enough space to move around and fit other objects and other people.
  • Consider lighter colors for the furniture. Darker colors take up the surrounding space, but light colors make any room seem larger.
  • Try to avoid furniture with legs or a box shape. These types of furniture often take up most of the view of the floor, making the room seem smaller.
  • Slim or vertical furniture works best in a small room. Vertical furniture, in particular, will emphasize the height of the room. Furniture that can serve this purpose includes tall corner lamps, shelves, grandfather clocks, jars, and vases.
  • Even if you find a perfectly sized, light colored, slim, vertical piece of furniture, you should still take care to avoid having that perfect piece be a sofa or couch. Sofas and couches are often too big for smaller living rooms. Try substituting in chairs and love seats instead; they can be as comfortable as sofas or couches and save space in your living room at the same time.
  • If you want a coffee table for your room, look for glass instead of wood or other solid material. Glass is effective at reflecting light and allowing light into the living room. More light means that more space can be seen in the room, making it look bigger.
  • Every bit as important as finding the right furniture for the living room is maintaining the tidiness. Objects that are of no use in the room will only create a mess and, even worse, compete with your other furniture for space and with the floor for visibility.
  • Add accessories and decorations to the room. As with the furniture, choosing smaller pieces will allow to you have a higher number of different decorations in the room. It might also be a good idea to put a few fair-sized fixtures in the corners to act as accents, but always take care not to put so many accessories that the room just ends up feeling cluttered.
  • Make sure that the chamber matches. Curtains, throw pillows, rugs, and carpets do not have to be of the same color, but they should at least mesh well with the color of your furniture. A small, elegantly patterned vase might help to accentuate space a bit.

Three ways to make living in a tiny house feel huge and more comfortable!

#1: Sleep in the small bedroom

When most people hear tiny house, they feel it means living cramps up, but the tiny house and small rooms do not say you have to be cramped.

Most tiny homes consist of two bedrooms in which it has one bedroom slightly larger than the other. The biggest room is the “masters,” and the smaller room is for the child, or the guest if the child has moved from home.

You can fit mainly your bed – no room to fit much more so, please avoid the temptations to use it for providing much stuff. Most tiny home’s rooms consist of a hotel like experience.

It is a small room that provide– a space for a bed, two nightstands, lamps, and enough room to spread out the luggage.

The small closet is only big enough for limited clothes, as a matter of fact, because the space is so small; it is a high threshold for clutter if you try forcing much stuff and too many clothes into it.

However, you do not have to give into the clutter of invasion, just use the space just as it is.


‘What’s Going on?’

whats-going-on (1)What do, many do when this world has so much going wrong that it no longer feels like home? Where do various people turn when America, a place many have called home for a long time no longer feels like home?

How can people find ‘a peaceful mind’ in a world where some people are wrongfully denied forgiveness and has no dramatically way of changing their life?

What changes America from a place that once brought joy and warmness to many hearts? How can a country turn from a warm, loving, peaceful place to just feel cold and alienated?

There’s an old saying that says, a home is considered where the heart feels most satisfied. Moreover, because so many no longer feel like this world is a place they can call home the utter question is: What’s Going On?’

Some American citizens are giving up their citizenship where many are still holding on to an American passport as they no longer feel like an American. With all that is going on in America today makes many citizens think about moving to the United Kingdom, so the hard question is: What’s Going On?’


Indeed, many today are facing far more difficult circumstances than the conditions of what most retains before things turned so critical and many are still waiting to see peace as an endpoint, again I ask, What’s Going On?’

As so much development in life-condition change for the worse, many are currently searching for answers to some of the most challenging issues. Some are turning to the political candidate like the house of representative’s members, Senators, Vice President, Mayor, and the President.

I say we should be willing to do what is necessary to bring healing to this nation and to do that we the people need to turn to God by doing what 2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV) says, many needs to humble themselves and pray. Turn from their wicked ways. Then will God hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal the land.

With all going on, my main concerns, how can any intelligent American vote and allow a man in office as President like Donald Trump with no Political background who spends too much time twitting and raging when he supposed to care and take care of issues in the world to prevent things from going wrong.

Instead, he’s the exact cause of chaos and the reason why sudden things go wrong. And not to mention the Trump horror of a tax plan he put in place, which is one of the most significant changes that include the worst recession and the most bull wash ever since the Great Depression, I can’t help but ask the question, ‘What’s Going On?’


The youth violence, burglary, street gangs, drugs, and killing have been a significant concern for years. Except for today with the economy in crisis, and America in need of leaders to have our backs and care to protect the nation, burglary is at the highest rates that robberies take place during the daylight hours.

The gun violence and mass public shooting are on the rise and getting deadlier by the day. And many states are a part of the dangerous trend as there is an essential need for stricter gun laws.

Poverty-stricken people are selling drugs and see it as significantly more of a statistical way to survive; I can’t help but wonder, ‘What’s Going On?

The president’s motives remain unclear to violence, and mass shooting leaves many Americans shaking in fear of being a victim of a mass shooting that some do not feel safe to worship and praise God in the church.

Why on earth should people fear to worship God as the church should be the last place anyone feels afraid for their life. Some do because the mass shooting has happened in several churches already, the big question place in many minds, ‘What’s Going On?’

To surpass it all children shouldn’t have to feel threatened by gun violence in school. The school shooting should have been stopped because a school shooting is an attack on education and is preventing the children from learning.

In 2012, after one of the worst mass gun shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, where a severe attack claimed the lives of six adults and twenty children, things should have changed.

Instead, Florida School was hit by gunfire where over twelve were injured, three adults died, and fourteen children lost their lives. Again, the question is ‘What’s Going On?’

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Choices Have Consequences: You Get to Make Your Own Choices, But You do not get to choose your Consequences.

choicesMore often than not, it is said that choices have consequences. The big question is; does this assertion stand or hold any essential truth? Well, while we are free to make our own decision, we are not free to control the consequences of our actions. To do something of your own free will, you do it by choice, but if you allow someone to influence you in any way, then your action is not free. While it is established that human beings can think and act freely as reasonable and moral living person, remember everything you do has a result. And the consequences whether good or bad will follow you forever and it also affects everyone in your path.

The choices we make shape us to be unique and set a difference between yourself and everyone else. However, the decisions we make have long-lasting repercussions on our life. Our lives on a daily are a series of choices we’ve been making over a lifetime. We live with those choices for the rest of our lives — and believe me we are free to choose our actions, but we are not free from the consequences of our decisions.

As humans, we have the discretion to choose the way we want to live our life. We were created with a mind free to choose. God created man and woman with the freedom to choose and also gave them the real ability to determine how such daily choices will shape their destiny. This reaffirms that we are free to choose our actions, but we are not free from the consequences of our decisions.

Although so often in life people do not want to be responsible for the choices they make but on the contrary, we must remember we have to create our own experience. … If you do not want to admit that your decisions have real-life consequences; you will get crushed by a giant mischievous called paying the price of lacking to take on responsibility. One of my favorite quotes is “The price of greatness is responsibility” – Winston Churchill. The transition from youth to an adult made us responsivity to be responsible for the choices we make in life. Try to escape from making choices as you might; you cannot avoid the consequences of your decisions, whether you care to admit it your decisions have real-life consequences.

It is upon us to distinguish how we flourish in life. This means, it is essential to attract what you imagine, reflect what you desire, become what you respect and mirror what you admire. God also gave man and woman the ability to think for himself or herself. This is what enables us to separate between what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, we have the opportunity to make choices that genuinely affect our destiny. Remember, we are free to choose our actions, but we are not free from the consequences of our decisions.

We have the power to create and experience the quality of life we truly desire and need. One of the most incredible gifts given to us by God is the authority to choose. Whether we know it or not, we all utilize this power that can be referred to as a “surface level form of power.” With this capability, our choices are founded on many things such as what to do, what to think, whom to marry, what time to go sleep, what television program to watch, where to work, what to eat, whether we live in a home or an apartment, what model of car to drive, what to wear and among others. Now that you have the power to choose, it is essential to remember choices have consequences; you get to make your own decisions, but you do not get to choose your consequences.

Our ultimate freedom is the right and the power to decide how anybody or anything outside our being will choose or rely on our actions. So often we forget the ability we hold within us to control the path to our efforts. In life, it is all about how the choices we make influence what we become and how the direction of our lives comes down to those choices we make. The journey to tread in our life depends on our preferences because choices have consequences; you get to make your own decisions, but you do not get to choose your consequences.

Ronald Regan, who is a former President of the United States of America, once said that a mind that is free to choose will always choose peace. However, this does not mean that our choices are limited to a few options, but rather a foundation they depend on a state of mind and the perceived outcomes. Today, people choose different courses of action. What is evil will always be rebutted by what is evil and an act carried out with good intentions will always be rewarded accordingly. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, but the reward for any action will still be in the offing. That’s why choices have consequences; you get to make your own decisions, but you do not get to choose your consequences.

The man has not always had freedom or freedom to make choices in life. For many years, African-American people lived in slavery longing to be free to make their own decisions. President Lincoln free slavery and gave every man the freedom to make his or her personal choice. With this, the privilege granted to all to make their own decision and act for themselves means to take action to remain free, choose liberty and eternal life through Jesus Christ. Although, some people prefer to stay in the sin of slavery and choose captivity and death, agreeing to the captivity and power of the devil. However, remember, choices have consequences; you get to make your own decisions, but you do not get to choose your consequences.

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Key facts about distance learning & online education!


The biggest challenges long-established colleges are facing today is tuition rising, and state budgets are remaining tight. These two encounters have led many students to search for alternatives. Students, from working professionals to recent high school graduates has found that solution in distant learning. At least one in four students are enrolled in at least one distant course.

According to study, in 2014 there were around 5.8 million students registered in distance learning courses, and in 2015 it was up by 3.9 percent over the previous year. The public institutions of higher education represented nearly three-quarters of all enrollments. With this fact, it is no secret remote learning has apparently become one of the most traditional higher education replacements.

Getting higher education is vital for everybody in the world who wants to compete with the advanced and modern cultures. In some countries getting a tertiary education is not a big deal, but in some other countries, it has become a problem for the people. It requires not only time and interest but also money. Nowadays, higher education is becoming imperative for the attaining or securing a decent job in the market.

Distance learning plays a vital role in fulfilling the needs of people who do not have enough time and money to spend on their higher education. Like all other things in the world, distance learning does have pros and cons points. For now, a few facts of distance learning are given below so that people can understand correctly that how it works?

Pros of distant learning

• Students can access online courses at their convenience, taking additional time on subjects if needed and completing the course in a much timelier manner that is easy and convenient.

• Class work can be done simultaneously with other responsibilities.

• Students do not have to feel socially pressurized; they can develop their own identity.

• Students can get special attention in the subject he/she is weak in.

• Students do not have to deal with bullies or bad influence from others.

• Online learning is the easiest way to avoid the distraction and focus on required courses.

Cons of Distant learning

• Some students become lonely or miss the classroom encounter.

• Students have the responsibility of making sure they are learning well without an actual teacher.

• Sometimes it is hard for students to learn without a teacher to demonstrate the learning process.

• Students must make sure the online school is a credited class; otherwise, businesses and universities will not accept their transcript.

• Students must be motivated, or they will find it challenging to focus on completing their work. They do not have an actual teacher with them to support them daily.

Distance learning solves the problems of time to the people. It is true that people want to go for the job right after their graduation to earn some money. When they do so, they get the least time to spend on their education. Distance learning provides them variability in the hours and time to devote to their studies.

Nowadays, many companies and large organizations also recommend their employees to go for online education to promote them or to increase their knowledge. It not only helps the company in which the employees are working, but it also helps the employees to seek a new and substantial position in the company.

Distance learning also solves financial problems of the people. The individuals who cannot afford higher education even after getting a job can go for distance learning. Such education is much more economical as compared to regular school. You do not need to go to the offices to pay your fee or monthly charges. Just get the account number and pay your fee from the nearest available bank.

Getting higher education through online means does not mean that you do not have to give quizzes and assignments to the tutors. You must submit the assignments and attend exams on the regular intervals of time. Even there are some focus groups where you can chat with your fellow students or talk with your tutor for solving your problems

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Distracted Driving Awareness Month, Safe Driving Tips and Tricks


The National Safety Council choose April as the Distracted Driving Awareness Month to remind people to use smart driving habits while behind the wheel. We all should play a part in the fight to save lives because distracted driving is a destructive behavior. Moreover, distracted driving is unsafe and has claimed as many as 3,477 lives in 2015, even higher today. Sending or reading a text as well as talking on cellphones is an activity that diverts attention from driving, and are the number one reason for distraction, and anything that takes attention away from safe driving should be avoided.

People find themselves driving more carefully when they have a spouse, a child or a pet in the car. However, they are more apt to glance at their cellphone to read a text or talk on the phone when it is just them in the car. Today the road are full of people who put their life at risk the moment they engage in distracted driving. At present, a total of forty-six states has outlaw texting while driving and fourteen states forbid hand-held cellphone use by all drivers. A hands-free device does not necessarily make the driver safe because it does not reduce the distraction to the brain.

Driving a car can sometimes bring fear to the learners, and when a person have a phobia of driving, it can sometimes be nerve wrecking. As a matter of fact, it is okay to be a little jumpy before you first learn how to drive. However, it is a more fun and challenging to ride a car and drive it safely. However, it is a more fun and challenging to ride a car and drive it safely. It does not mean that car driving is a very easy and enjoyable job to do on the road and obviously, it is too tough to drive in the dangerous paths.

However, you can easily know how to ride a car and drive it pralking on cellphonesoperly if you instructed by a good supervisor who is an expert in driving a car. Also, you can deal with the most important and easy tips for you and the most driving tricks with discussed step by step. However, first get comfortable with the vehicle before getting on the road to drive. Then, one learner needs to follow the following instructions to be a good and a mannered car driver on the road and drive his ride safely and coolly for both him and the passersby. To drive a car smoothly, you have to have the knowledge about the car.

Driving really is a dangerous activity so, avoid long vehicles as a beginner because they are difficult to drive as it has a larger engine and rigid transmission. Although, it is not so easy as we think. Driving provides us with a level of freedom that offers us freedom to be in control to go where we need to travel. So keep trying to learn the tricks of the car driving. Also, you need to be able to keep your emotions under control. With control and the right instructor (or parent), driving is fun.

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I have decided to choose love over hate!


In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr I too have decided to choose love over hate, for loves brings about a better world, and I know that love is … initially the best answer to humanity in finding peace as I know that hate is too much weight to carry. Know that through violence it only brings emotional bosh, but with peace, we accomplish so much more like seeking the highest good as being concerned about sisterhood and brotherhood.

And so, I say to my friends today, when we choose violence, it only leads to darkness and a country that is divided moving in the wrong direction. On the contrary, those who decide to choose love over hate it leads to an open road that advantages to a greater path.

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Getting on track, Initiate budgeting & teach children the importance of saving!


At times, one of the hardest things to do is get back on track, especially when you need to be more organized with your assets. I’ve been there too, but if you find yourself broke, and you are behind on your bills. And just in case you’re wondering where to start coming to terms with a financial plan.

Here is what you need to do: accept and deal with how bad things really are and put forward an effort to set up a working budget. Afterward, create a financial plan that implements the necessary steps to start taking control of your financial future. Then discussing with your family all expectations and teach the children to help save.

Let’s touch base on what is a budget? A budget is defined as a plan for tracking incoming revenues and outgoing expenses. It consists of using the basic arithmetic so, to some people, anything that involves using any math seems scary, mentally and emotionally hard. A budget can be utilized for money-saving habits that can help families develop a realistic savings plan.

A budget is not hard; the hardest part is starting a budget and overcoming all fears then changing the past decisions that put you in a bad situation. It is the best thing to do if you want to get back on track and organize your expenses. The purpose of a budget is to justify a set of decisions that has been made of all funds, making known how funds will be used and track as well as control all spending habits.

So, to organize your expenses, you need to know the necessary steps to make a budget. It begins with knowing what you are spending and the breakdown of your expenses. Moreover, know that it doesn’t matter how much more you make if you’re spending more than you earn. Furthermore, when you’re not taking control of where your money goes on a daily, you need to gather all your financial statement, which you possess because your money is a tool why not put it to work for you?

To help organize your expenses, what you will need is your bank statements, recent utility bills, cable bill, gas, food, cellphone bill, car note and everything regarding a source of income or expense. Once you have everything, your primary intention for doing this is putting effort to get back on track. Also, creating a budget with details will give you a good idea of total income and where your money is going.

Now that you are moving in the right direction you should set a budget for every family member spending habits and involve your kids in the process. There is a budget for all circumstances and personality so, take the time to find which budget works for your family. After all, it is never too early to educate children about savings. With the kids, you will need to take a little extra time to slowly, smoothly guide their spending habits in the right direction. Nonetheless, they will get certain degrees of idea and responsibility instant as they will gain knowledge on how to save money.

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Nine basic financial skill no young adult should leave home without!


In life, the journey from adolescent to adulthood can be a very challenging one. Entering adolescence is the time when an individual began to change and develop so life may seem unpredictable. However, we must to be aware of our teen’s transitions and think about the future. Especially, if you want to guarantee yourself a bright future. You are the key to your success and it best to know what you want out of that future and take the time to plan to get there. Planning is not just setting goals but allows you to take control of your life’s direction as you creating realistic strategies to achieve them.

For almost every young adult, maturity begins with learning how to have a handle on your financial matters. That is one guarantee way to a promising future as well as setting long-term financial goals. Teens growing into a young adult need to play an active role in planning their future when they enter high school. When they begin taking on the responsibility early in life as they get older, their role will come to be larger, and the parent tasks will become less.

Parents should train teenager to handle their own future, so they will know what is approaching ahead. Although Parent tasks are to help their child, gradually assume responsibility for their future, they are better prepared when they manage their own life. Some people believe that procrastination has nothing to do with their future. Nonetheless, to some degree, procrastination will dictate the level of future an individual attain.

There are different elements which work, hand in hand, to create the right future. Happiness also holds a huge leap between where you are today and where your future will carry you. Although, some might believe that happiness is something that comes naturally. It is something that everyone needs to work on to enjoy. To have a promising future, we as human beings need a sense of direction to reach our goals in life. Life is a little bit like driving a car. You need to know the directions of where you are going, or you will end up driving around in circles.

Driving around in circles is what your life will be like if there is not a particular road to your life and you have some idea of where you are going or what you want for your future. Visualizing your future is what will take you from point A to point B. Visualization what you want is a part of a favorable future in life. Visualize is something that assists with creating a future. Remember to take these challenges seriously and make the goals things which are possible. Visualize what it is that you would like, live it. Visualization helps you to have a clear route to your life.

The question ‘When should we begin planning for the future?’– it should be right now but because most humans are attuned to focus on the ‘right now’ situation they fail to concentrate on present circumstances, and that can be threatening to a future. For almost everyone, planning should begin with having a handle on financial matters. It is a wise idea to start by searching for budgeting techniques and solid principles for managing money and assets.

A large sum of first-year college students was surveyed about their past financial education and current monetary behaviors. The outcomes of the studied were utterly troubling. The research showed over 40 percent of the young adult were so unprepared to have a handle on their assets and said they didn’t feel prepared to manage their finances. Also, 25 percent confessed they didn’t know how to manage their checking account. They continued to use their checking, even when their bank accounts almost exceed it limit, and another 12 percent admits to never checked their bank accounts because they were terrified of what they’d see there.

Although sometimes young adult feels a lot of pressure leaving childhood and transitions to adulthood, once they graduate high school and start that next stage, they need to begin managing their own financial affairs immediately. With that in mind, let’s touch bases on the things young adults need to know to be able to take on responsibility once they leave home. Below are nine basic financial skills every young adult should be aware to live a comfortable life.

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Five Must Have Tech Gadgets & Accessories No one Should Travel Without!


When it comes to traveling it is best to be prepared, and it is imperative to know what to take with you to be ready in case an emergency occurs. Some people travel for a living and traveling for a living can be an exciting way to make money. Traveling requires the use of high-tech gear that will help you stay connected and productive, especially if you are traveling for business. Whether you are traveling by train, plane, automobile or your two feet, the right gadgets make the journey pain-free and complete.

As more people have the demand for traveling, whether it for business or pleasure, one of the most hassles in traveling is an individual cannot take the home or office with them.  Moreover, if you want to make your trip go smoother without much baggage, make sure to travel with the right accessories and gadgets that will seriously change your trip. As. If you are a business owner who travels a lot, don’t worry technology firms have covered all the stops to make sure all travelers needs are met.


For the business owner who is often out of the office, then it is best to invest in some travel necessities besides your cell phone, cell phone charger or laptop. You need a flexible gadget that can be remote controlled and the one you just can’t live without; they help you run your business. To lighten your load as well as overcome packing-induced stress, why not go with travel accessories that are essential to any trip. A busy business owner who travel a lot. You are someone that carries your life in a suitcase; it is essential to make that load a little lighter and more organized.


Here are nine must-have gadgets & accessories every business traveler should travel with.

Gadget #1 Emergency Phone Charger: When you travel a lot you need to keep your phone alive when no electricity is available. Just when you need your cell phone the most, it could decrease the ability to make a call or to retrieve a friend’s or family member’s phone number. A dead cell phone can cause many issues, but if you invest in an emergency charger that don’t rely on working electricity to recharge it everything are taken off hold.  I suggest an Eton Boost Turbine 4000 emergency phone charger that can come in handy, one that can be used to generate power even with no electricity. It a smallish rectangle charger that is easy to carry that works with a hand crank and has a large internal battery (4000mAH) that can be used to generate power under any condition.

Gadget #2 Flashlights: If you ever find yourself in an awkward position like a flat tire while traveling at night, a flashlight can easily be handy. Even if it a power outage, a flashlight is light handy. Nonetheless, it is best to choose a solar energy or hand eccentric flashlight that offer durability that you can rely on and does not depend on batteries.


Gadget #3 Noise Cancelling Headphones: While traveling, on bus, train especially while flying on a plane, a noise cancelling headphone is perfect for tuning out any outside noises. When it comes to noise-cancelling headphones, there are two types to invest in active and passive. Active noise cancellation includes some interesting processes to cancel out sound in which its goal is to hear nothing but whatever you’re listening to. Passive cancelling headphones involves closing your ears off to the world outside so you can knuckle down to relaxation or catching up to work on your laptop.

Gadget #4: The MSR MIOX Water Purifier-Travel Forum. If you are a hiker or love being in the mountains, and you are looking for a way to treat large amounts of water at a time, the MSR MIOX water filter purifier comes in handy. Also, it kills the nasty bugs, bacteria, virus and even if you prefer not to drink animal wastes in river water while hiking and on the go, MSR MIOX water filter is a good water purifiers

Gadget #5 Power strip: For the business person who needs to charge different gadgets at the same time, the Inland’s 8-Outlet Metal Power Strip is the afore mentioned travel gadget that is the essential one that is built to handle whatever require of it and you should consider bringing it along when you are traveling.

If you’re traveling by a car or even by air plane, the last thing you need is to be weighed down by a heavy gadget. Apart from these gadgets there are other gadgets that petition to make a trip more comfortable. But the trick is to know which gadget you definitely should take with you. I suggest you take the gadget that can be most convenient, the ones you must have and the one that can assist you with having the most fun.