A Tale of Best friends Till the End of Times, Part 1

true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down. Here we are going to discuss the mindset of two friends and the moral responsibility they had in support of one another.

People may come and go, but two friends will be there for each other until the end. Well, that’s what one friend though when it came to his best friend, except one made the choice to be tired of feeling as if he’s living with his friend shallow. He made the decision he wanted the life, love and the success that comes with it and he didn’t care how he got it.

John and Henry:

John and Henry were two best friends who shared a friendship where they make the distance seem so near to each other even when they were so far away. They had each other back to the point where they provide security for each other in an unsafe, insecure world. John and Henry both considered themselves to be strangers hard to feel at home in an evil world that will happily pull both feet from under you when you least expect it and at the worst of times.

They met at a retreat for lonely people struggling to gain the ability to obtain security to meet people they have the most in common with. It was as if it was Faith that brought these two together as best friends.

John stood up and introduced himself first and what he shared about himself hit so close to home in similarity to Henry’s life that He listens and knew they both had a lot in common. Both young males were at the retreat because their mother made them attend or get put out of the family home.

When it was Henry time to stand up and introduce himself, he was so overcome with the John introduction that he was unable to share his presentation of who he was with the group. He was so afraid everybody would think he stood up to just copy and share John’s words.

After the retreat was over Henry attempted to run off in fear and to prevent from saying anything to John. All he wants to do is avoid John, John senses his avoidance so he blocked the doorway and held his hand out and said, “Hello, I’m John and what’s your name?”

Still, very unease with John, Henry tried to turn his head and look off with his hands in his pockets in hope John would go on and leave him alone. The way John handles himself with Henry one would think he’s a man of confident, active and living a full and varied life. Although his life was the entire opposite and that’s the true reason John is at the retreat.

What John said that caught Henry attention the most is when he stood and said, “I do my best to meet people, I feel I am outgoing, I’m not timid, but I’m lonely and don’t have any friends.” Those words were the exact way Henry felt and it was as if he shared them himself.

The way Henry acted John knew he was running in fear away from something and he felt deep in his soul, he was the guy to assist him in stopping. John felt I’m utterly friendless, therefore, I have nothing to lose in taking a risk to meet a guy who seems to be making it a point to avoid him and better yet, there is no reason I’m so lonely; I’m a good guy, well most of the time unless someone forces my hand.

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A Rude Awakening, a Massive Effect; the Day the World Stops Turning, Part 1

Eliza Windsor, a rich princess brat that grew up believing the world is hers to live, think, and do as she, please. She was the only girl born with two brothers who were very overprotective of her. Growing up, Eliza was the most fortunate little girl; she could have everything she wants, and “NO” was a word she did not hear. And please, thank you, and you’re welcome was three words, not in her vocabulary.

She grew up with everybody around her doing all they can to make her happy — she likes making people speak what she desires to hear and do as she says. Eliza did not play with dolls; jump ropes and all the stuff the other little girl grew up doing. She played games that involved the similarity with Cinderella character where everybody listens to her give out orders and wait on her hands and feet.

At the age of sixteen, Eliza laid eyes on a handsome basketball player by the name of Monty James. She was so attractive to him, except “Love” was something Eliza had no experience in so, she didn’t know how to handle the pleasant feeling she was experiencing.

After going out her way to come face to face with Monty, Eliza approached him with an advance that was of no interest to him, after all, a relationship is voluntary, and if a man is not committed, he will say, ” No thanks in advance.” And that’s pretty much what Monty said, and that very day, Eliza was up for a rude awakening, she thought about little else, and it took a considerable amount of effect, and it was the day the world stops turning, and she experiences her very first panic attack.

The Windsor family consist of a mother, two boys, and one girl. The two boys’ names are Henry VI and Harry VII. The girl name is Eliza. The mother’s name is Elizabeth and the daddy’s name Henry V. He’s no longer lives in the home, the Windsor live in a gorgeous nine-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion. It comes with a private pool, nail salon and spa, movie theatre, fitness center, a game room, bowling alley, and basketball court.

Eliza great grandfather, Henry III, is considered the Prince of Denmark and the Queen’s eldest son. He is the first in line to the throne when the Queen dies. After he passes away, Eliza’s dad, Henry the V will inherit the throne as the eldest son of the Prince, Henry IV is dead. Princess Eliza is the younger daughter of Prince Henry V and Elizabeth. Her full title is Her Royal Highness, but she has no official surname yet. When she marries, she will retain her royal title, but will more than likely have the option of taking the husband’s surname.

Eliza is the only girl and the youngest born with two brothers, which allowed her to be spoiled and get her way in every way. She got her way to not go to a private only school. But oh, how she long and sometimes wishes she could escape the confines of a life where servant does everything, and she never gets to travel alone.

In some cases, the dynamics reveal that money predictably influences the way one goes on to think about their way of life, work, passions, and other people. That underlying influence must be right in the case of Eliza; she was raised to believe she should be worship in every way necessary and accustomed to being honored as a divine being as she enjoys life.

One might wonder how Eliza could think the world is her oyster? Perhaps it’s because she is like most people who have a lot of money, they believe they can have anything they want.

Eliza’s mother and dad divorced when she was thirteen years old; he traded her in for a younger model. She is an adolescent who loves taking the fate of others into her own hands. Her family is wealthy, so she feels that money is freedom, help her to live a good life, and it gives her the ability to pursue her passion, in fact, money allows her to do whatever she pleases.

“Awakening is not changing who you are but discarding who you are not.” Deepak Chopra

Eliza has a history of playing with guys emotion and making them feel as if she has them on a string jigging them up and down like a puppet. She also has a history of making other females feel low and as if they are living in a low-morality world.

Monty is a seventeen-year-old handsome young man that is adored by many females. He’s well respected because he’s socially and physically dominant. He was raised and influence of a well-rounded assertive father. Some men have ‘lopsided power,’ they strong in unforeseen situations and weak in the next, but not Monty, he’s a young man that knows how to be very powerful in almost every way.

He was raised in a vigorous home; his family is not wealthy but middle class. Monty mother raised him always to respect and treat a woman as he would treat her, and he’s done his best always to honor what he was taught.

Eliza and Monty have attended the same school for a year. Monty is a senior in high school, and Eliza is a junior. The two have never met face to face until recently. Monty is the captain of the basketball team and the most dominant players in the lineup.

He has managed to establish himself as one of the most popular Small forward (SF) at Denmark High. He can play as a Power forward as well. It’s been predicted that Monty abilities are so good that he will be able to skip college and go play pro basketball in the NBA after graduating high school if he chooses to.

Monty is also on the debate team and is the head writer (journalist) of the school student newspaper. He’s part of the music, and drama team in which he feels it open his mind to so many things. Because he is involved in so much, he has very little time to attend school parties or have a personal life. For this reason, Monty has not met Eliza until a couple of days ago.

Upon meeting, Monty, Eliza was so taken with him. She thought of him often; she had to learn his name. Since the seven grades, Eliza has been going through boyfriends as an addicted smoker goes through cigarettes.

Eliza is a rich, snobbish girl; head cheerleader and she was crowned Ms. Denmark Junior High of the school, and she plans on becoming prom queen this year at the prom. Everybody knows she paid her way to be Ms. Denmark Junior High because she’s not popular with her classmate and Linda was in the lead by a huge margin that was not possible to overcome the day of the decision. Only when the decision was made, Eliza was announced as the winner.

Eliza laid eyes on Monty, and she wants him as her boy toy. She does not know what “Love” is, nor does she know how to show it, so she wants Monty as something she can have around, show off and treat the way she pleases. Eliza begins asking questions and doing her homework on Monty before approaching him.

Eliza is a person who is used to getting what she wants and most times after she receives it, she’s bored in no times and makes the decision it’s not what I thought so she disposed of it. And if it’s a person, she messes over him and sends him packing in the worst way.

Monty is a modest and well-respected young man with a bulk of intelligence. He surrounds his life around been involved with many activities helping others; he delivers meals to the seniors from a company he co-founded with his dad named Senior Forages.

It was Monty ideal to found and name the company Senior Forages. He wanted the name to stand for what he desires to do, and that provides food assistance to seniors.

As an astute businessman, Monty hired some of the best marketing team to assist him in ensuring the company gets donations to have enough funds and food. He engages and ensures it’s a delivery team to distribute the food to seniors on a daily. Monty even does delivery himself when times allows him.

Eliza has her heart set on Monty being her escort to the dance, and she has spent three days weaving her a big web to catch him in. She even paid particular attention to her appearance, she went on a shopping spree, regular beauty appointment, and had various pedicure and manicure done. The next day, she felt the time right; she went on a search for Monty. Continue Reading: https://letterpile.com/serializations/A-Rude-Awakening-A-Massive-Effect-the-Day-the-World-Stops-Turning-Part-1

Five Powerful Life Lessons, I Wish I Took the Time to Learn At a Younger Age

Five Lessons_2

Life is full of valuable lessons, whether they have been good or bad, as long as you live on earth you’ve learned them throughout the years. Lessons learned from the past can attain priceless or costly experiences. These experiences come with lessons that are continuous learning, and how you learn them can have an impact on your life. Therefore, it’s best to learn the lessons while you’re still young. If you don’t, the consequences will affect your life as you get older.

Throughout life, how you learn life lessons will bring about huge discoveries, or many disappointments and failures. Moreover, when you learn, they are full of wisdom which is not at all hard to gain if you take on the responsibility, you can gain a lifetime of knowledge.

There is an old proverb that says, “Youth is wasted on the young?” I believe that saying to be so true and I wish I’d hadn’t wasted my youth on things that were petty and not worth my time or worrying about, with my heartaches that gave me regrets and pain I should have put them behind me move forward and lived. After all, we all have to follow our own individual path, perceive there aren’t new lessons and there no distinctive method to learn them in life.

However, as I aged and develop wisdom and maturity, I realize my mistake to not put my talents to good use, when I was young, I allow opportunities to pass me by wasting time pursuing a pointless chase. If only I had developed a growth mindset earlier, I could have accomplished more, but I wasted away time and fritter away my abilities in childish carelessness.

If I had the confidence, maturity and the self-awareness, I develop over the years I would have never allowed petty things to get the best of me. I would have focused on the important things in life. Though, when I think about it, I believe “life lessons” are called that for a reason. And we must know those reasons to truly learn and there are different ways to learn. You can learn from your experience or watching others that have learned.

Some life lessons come with powerful heartache that will awake even the most apathetic people that didn’t take the time to listen or follow the teaching of a parent who tried to give them skills that could be used throughout their lifetime.

It is imperative not to waste time nor wait until your way past the age of thirty to allow life lesson to teach you skills you should have learned while you’re still young. I learned from my life lessons the future belongs to those who take the time to learn skills and apply them to their life.

As people age, some miss the marks of maturity they should possess in life, so they don’t learn how to handle real-life situations. Artificial maturity comes with a devastating situation to teach some a major lesson, they should have learned at a young age. Besides, the most valuable lessons learned in life are learned from the people you come in contact with or issued from family and friends.


As we continue to live life, it comes with many lessons. Existence comes with schooling that will teach you to find your own way. Moreover, the world is shifting and evolving fast, therefore, it’s best to begin learning expertise while you are still young. Then utilize them in your everyday life. For the reason that if you don’t learn chance are you are not escalating. And it’s safe to say your life is decreasing since you fail to learn, and you are merely going backward.

If you want to spare yourself from learning life lessons the hard way, you should acquire life flairs early in life, skills like time management, money management, comparison shopping, meal prep, health, and hygiene, cleaning, laundry, and most important decision-making skills.

Some of the most valuable abilities that any person will use in their lives are learned during high school and through college years. Although it teaches many aspects necessary for succeeding and prospering in life, it does not prepare you for all life lessons. The reason is that the academic curriculum doesn’t teach, nor prepare you for life occurrence, you have to experience life, learn from it and apply it in your everyday life.

High school and college fail to teach skills like thinking and decision making, money management, dating, getting married, and starting a family, learning how to build and maintain good credit, and starting a career, finding a job, interviews and the benefit of supporting oneself and family. All the things which are valuable in life.

Five life lessons I wished I took the time to learn at a younger age

1. I wish I’d known to live life, meaning. I wish I hadn’t wasted my youth chasing things I thought I want, instead of going after what’s beneficial for me. I should have enjoyed life with that one person that completes me. Live life now, don’t do like some who waste time and their life waiting for an opportunity to come that will never arrive. I learned from my experience that the world is my oyster, so I start living like it’s my last day on the earth.

2. I wish I’d known to develop self-awareness: to develop self-awareness, I had to acquire a deep understanding of my past and current self. I explored by asking myself how well do you know yourself? How thoroughly do you understand your history? In order to be the best version of myself and to know myself, I had to develop a daily practice of self-reflection to understand my history

Becoming self-aware didn’t happen overnight, nor in a day, yet, after focus my attention on understanding what shaped me into the person I am today, and appreciating both my current actions and comprehending future goals, I ultimately develop “Self-awareness.”


3. I wish I’d known that I can’t rush the desires of my heart, impatience does nothing more than makes everything take longer. All my life I spent it planning and rushing my desires. After planning, I’ve wanted my desire to come on like finishing college, getting my degree, finding a job, become successful, marrying my knight in shining armor, having a family, purchasing the home of my dream, and driving the ideal car.

I was obsessed with my heart desires, I was determined to move forward and doing it fast. I had to come to the realization and “awakened” to all the many disappointments to learn that impatience turns my life upside down and turn the clock backward to make everything longer.

4. I wish I’d known the “easy” road would end up being the hardest one, there an old adage that says, ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ this saying goes with “easy” roads and just because something sounds great, doesn’t mean it is. Everything isn’t always as it seems. I learned the only person that can make things happen for me is me, so I don’t wait for handouts.

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That’s What Friends Are For!

Screenshot from That's What Friends Are For A friend is someone who knows your innermost secret, understands your every desire, knows your past and believes, support you in your future. Furthermore, a friend accepts you just for who you are.

Besides, there will be times when you feel defeated, broken, alone, and hopelessness may even consume you, and if any of these moods describes you, know that you are not alone… that’s what friend are for

They will always be there to give you a pick me up when you feel down, discouraged or depressed during the worst of times.

If you want to bring about a change, you must put forth the effort and have the courage to turn things around. It is so easy to get separated from a well-defined journey. The view ahead for a rover may shift at any moment, leaving the evolving mission a difficult path to reach.

In fact, when a person attempts to bring about a change, it can be so difficult to do, even planning can bring about all types of inaction that aren’t that easy, but in these types of trials and tribulation, that’s what friends are for.

As a person begins to live the life of their aspirations, barriers will rise. The truth is we all will face obstacles in this world. Whether we have nothing or have it all, we are all confronted with the same challenges.

And while going through these barriers, never allow the obstacle of failure to make you give up. Hindrances are like a big bully, they are cowards that will bluff you if they sense fear and you allow it.

As you continue to live life, challenges are liable to spring upon you; but a person with the proper support from a friend will look those hindrances in the face and not feel worried or afraid, but they will conquer those fears.

Life is so much easier with a friend, they bring about a smile, someone who encourages, makes a difference in your life, uplift, comfort, support, assists with all life’s pains, and you are so very thankful to have them in your life.


Friends bring about many things, there is power in having a real friend. One person alone, when faced with challenges, can overcome a hard obstacle, but the power of two true friends is unstoppable.

We all will face obstacles in life, but while going through them, never allow yourself to believe you can’t win. Obstacles are like a crutch, they can be lean upon as support, but can also be reckless if not used properly.

Moreover, we all have the potential to defeat obstacles, but it, even more, possible when you don’t have to face it alone. A person who learns to take control of their barriers can focus on different things and bring about progress, but two friends who work together can command many things and create the level of success they desire.

A person who desires to overcome all heartache and pain can manage obstacles. Furthermore, a strong-minded person will rise above the misery by realizing that it is okay to feel hurt and to overcome, they have to allow themselves to be sad, and angry to deal with their emotions. Without appropriate treatment, complications and grief will be your constant friends, it only lifts if you allow yourself to deal with your hurt.

Furthermore, a true friend is there to comfort, support and give you the strength to overcome the challenges you are facing. They will help you to understand it’s okay to be angry with your circumstance so, you can take control and overcome the ache and get past your grief.

A friend will help you to stand tall and rise above any obstacles, although you might still feel some of those struggles, you will understand life will continue to give you the same recitation until you deal with it.

The Power of a True Friend: We all begin making and developing a friend in elementary school. And as we get older, we come in contact with different people. People will come into our lives for many reasons, but the one who will lift and support you when you down, one who brings out the best in you and can bring new energy to your soul when your spirit is low. A person who will stand with you and fight to prevent too much darkness in your life to put out your light is a true friend.

True friendship doesn’t happen overnight, nor did it come about without challenges. Moreover. it can come about like a seed placed in the ground that spring up in slow growth that undergo and withstand the weather and the storm and it involves many things, but, above all, the end result is so worthwhile and the intensity of friendship will soon blossom into the power to make and shape many wonderful moments.

There’s a saying that says, “A best friend is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have.” That also goes with saying, a person who afraid to look ahead, shouldn’t look backward but can look beside them and their best friend will be there, that’s what friends are for.

Five Defining Quality of a True Friend

1. Telepathy: A true and best friend knows you as well as you know yourself. They have the ability to know when the other person hurt or what they are thinking sometimes before they share with them.

2. Trust: A true and best friend is someone you can lean on, share anything with and trust with your innermost secret and it kept like food in the refrigerator. Nobody knows your inner thoughts, but you and your best friends.

3. Philanthropy: A true friend is always beneficial, give from the heart with boundaries, never take advantage of the other. When one person down or in need, the other picks up the slack.

4. Integrity: A best friend has strong moral principles, they are honest with each other. You tell each other the truth, even if it’s not what the others want to hear. You both love and trust each other enough to share what needs to be said.

5. Support: Friends are always supportive of each other. When one is weak, they lend each other strength. Together they can overcome the impossible.

A friend is irreplaceable, what will happen or who would we be without one? From the moment we come in contact with a true friend, they assist in many ways. Friendship means something and the significance of it is announced July 30th as International Friendship Day.

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The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and Desire Can Turn to Success


Maybe everybody doesn’t know it, but there is power in being broke, just like there is misery in doing without. I learned both lessons first-hand from my experience of being broke, and from that overwhelming encounter, I discovered that when you don’t have money, you’ll invent ways to find resources others don’t see as income.

There was a time in my life where I lost everything, I was so devastated that I knew I had to dig into my creativity and aggressively pursue the strength to change and turn things around.

During that crushing and very overwhelming experience, I was forced to create a new mindset. I begin asking myself questions that could assist me to get to the next level and receive stuff that helps me to learn the power of being broke.

In my experience, enduring being broke changes a person’s mindset and allows them to see where they went wrong. And through the desire to change the situation, they receive the control that the power of broke play where it will show them how having no money can be turned into an advantage.

When you have goals sometimes you have to go on a tight budget. When you are forced to take a tight budget, the idea of obtaining a new savings goal may seem hard to next to impossible.

While it’s nice to have paychecks coming, some of us are living one paycheck to the next so we feel short of money. When you live so close to the edge that you feel like you’re falling apart because you can’t pay your bills until you receive your next check, It’s time to discover the power of broke.

How to Begin

The very first thing you need to do is create a lifetime personal commitment to knowing where every dime goes after it comes in. Then plan a tight budget to stop spending on things that are not a necessity. That method can serve to change your daily spending habits. Below are ways to assist you to begin the first six months.

For the first six months, you must begin by committing to keeping up with how much income comes in and only using your money to pay for the following expenses:

  • Grocery Expense
  • Car Note/Gas Expense
  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Telephone
  • Utilities

The expenses listed above are the standard-of-living necessities that must be fulfilled daily. Boost your savings goal by choosing lower-cost choices for your usual spending habits.

While your bills are something you have to pay, you do have a choice to lower the cost of them monthly. I recommend people do what I did when I made the decision to change my spending habits for the most effective results.


In other words, if you want to be able to ensure you get the best of your savings goals, you need to begin by checking and making sure you have the lowest-cost options, if not immediately change your usual spending habits.

Here are a few examples:

Do you have a home phone and a cell phone? If the answer is “Yes” let go of the home phone and only keep the cell phone. Next, check with your cell phone provider to make sure you have the lowest cost. If you have extras with your plan take them off and only pay for the basic.

Do you eat out for lunch at work and eat out once or twice a week for dinner? If the answer is “Yes,” stop eating out altogether. Bring your lunch, and plan meals, cook and eat at home.

Do you have cable (most people do)? Downgrade the channels and eliminate the extras like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime or Starz, and the extra sports channels.

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you need two or more cups of coffee each day? Maybe you depend on a cup of coffee to start your day. If you do start by cutting back on the total number of cups of coffee you drink. Next, drink the free coffee at work and check on lowering the cost of your coffee. Maybe check for sales or purchasing in bulks to get a better bargain.

Maybe you love going out or enjoy different activities. Well, it’s time to save on the gas by going only to the places you need to go, like work, doctors appointment, or church, and stop some activities altogether as you are now committing to a tight budget.

You put together a goal and set up a budget: now let’s visualize the progress. In order for any goal to be put into effect, you must not only create but visualize the perception to stay motivated throughout your challenge.

You are turning into a smart saver and now you need to set a target of what you want to save each week, bi-weekly or monthly. Create a spreadsheet to keep up with your goal. Make sure you faithfully balance and keep up with your progress to motivate yourself.

Open up a saving account to store your funds, there are many accounts you can choose from but bear in mind that the best account is one that has a high annual percentage yield.

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“You are Bigger than Your Circumstances or Life Situation.”

You are bigger than your situationsLately, I have talked to a surprisingly high number of peoples about different challenges affecting their everyday life in some way. As I listen to various individuals speak on the disappointments, sadness, and heartache they are experiencing, I observed many are seeking a ‘Peaceful Resolution’ to their problems. Also, to look into the eyes of those I love, and in their eyes are sadness, tells me there is an urgent need to find an effective and timely solution. However, speaking from experience, if people even stand a chance at unity on this earth, this nation is in need of real revision from God.

To begin with a solution, I feel compelled to reach out and respond by writing an article sharing I can relate to the different situations and understand what it is that so many are going through. Also, to God’s children, I know it gets hard, and you want the rain to stop and the sun to shine. Hear me when I express God wishes His children to be at peace, and He will take the initiative to give it to them if they allow Him. Moreover, know that your purpose in life is more significant than what you are struggling with meaning,“ Nothing and no-one can ever break you, know that if no one encouraged you today, “You are bigger than your circumstance or life situation.”

Furthermore, just in case you are questioning what makes you more significant than your circumstance or life situation. Well, the answer lies with the vital purpose place in your life that is bigger than any of your struggles. And you are a part of something far more significant than all your circumstance and that connection is being a member of a family with the living God. Many of us struggle with highly stressful life events in our everyday life. In fact, some of us have trials coming at us back to back until we don’t have the time to fully breathe from one tragedy before the next hit us in the face. Take heed to this relevant quote, “If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.”― H.G. Wells.

Often we allow the challenges we struggle with to sidetrack us from what our significant purpose. Because most of us are overcome with situations that we think are intended to harm us, we fail to realize the difficult times we are going through is meant to prepare us for our purpose. But if we want to fulfill our mission, we must not allow our struggles to blindside us from what God calls us to do. To achieve our purpose, we must rely on the strength that we have through Jesus and realize that he is with us. Also, the hurt from hard trials makes it easy to believe that God isn’t in the midst of our difficult situation and He left us alone without comfort.

Know that It might seem that way when there are so many tough challenges happening to you all at once. You are only in the midst of learning how to fulfill your significant purpose in life and let me be the one to share with you during the most challenging times I experience. It seems as if God so distant, so far away it is through the most challenging time that He is so in tune and a hand on Father that will be there for His children. There will be times when your problem seems to increase and make God look small, but in those types of times, remember God is bigger than all our problems. Moreover, God said there would be many trials and troubles in our life, but we could have peace in him because he will assist us in overcoming all these hard times. God can be there for us if we let him as his word said in Revelation 3:20 King James Version (KJV) Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

A lot of us are facing a tough time right now, what challenging situation are you facing in your life right now? Maybe it’s a loss of a job, and you may be wondering if you will keep a roof over your head. Perhaps, it’s a toxic relationship that is draining all the life out of you, and you are desperate to find peace and gain air to breathe. Or it could be that the one person you love so much with all your heart and soul has died to leave you feeling lonely and wondering how you will continue living life without them. Possibly it’s a financial situation where you spend your last dime and are left wondering where the next dollar is coming from. Regardless of your tough situation, I am here to share with you from my hard conditions; No hard times could overcome our God and remember “You are bigger than your circumstance or life situation.”

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Develop These 7 Habits to Unlock Your Greatness

greatnessYou might wonder what makes some people superior achievers and what separates the normal from the great? However, if you are wondering if everyone created equal, and if some people are better at some things than others, most will answer the question, “yes”. However, three questions you must ask yourself to make sure you rank among-st the elite and consciously change your habits.

1. First, ask and learn what makes big achievers great.
2. Second, ask and learn what drives great achievers to challenge the odds and become legends in their own right.
3. Last, ask and know how you can unlock your greatness.

We are all born with the same potential for greatness, and carry the same capacity to become successful. The potential for greatness lives within each of us and greatness is an asset you must willfully invest in, it does not just show up with time or because you desire it. To unlock your greatness, the mindset is necessary, and you must be clear on your values. Habits determine 95% of your achievements and successful people be where they are today because of these practices.

A powerful greatness quote, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” To strive for greatness, you must be willing to step out of the box and be well-rounded. Also, you must be obligated to constant learning and be prepared to step out of your own way. We were put on this earth to achieve our most magnificent self, and when we change the rules and the elements that are keeping us from greatness, we can live out our purpose, and discover habits that will lead us to greatness.

Have you ever wondered how some people live a happy and prosperous life? Now think about it, wouldn’t it be nice to live a successful life. It all begins with believing you are destined for greatness as success comes from the inside out. Greatness is not a skill you have, nor a goal you achieve. It is an inner game that is defined by your rules, and only you can claim your victory. Also, it’s a state of mind, which elevate all your thoughts in the direction of excellence and it’s the habits you develop. All left to do is pull all the weeds out of your life so you can live a better life.

There are things and peoples in your life who can keep you from achieving your true potential? Are you ready to pick out the ‘weeds’ in your life that are holding you back, smothering you and limiting you from living a happy life? These ‘weeds’ in your life that are holding you back are referred to as ‘limiting beliefs, ‘ and they hide as obstacles which allow you to make excuses, and help you believe lies that are not true. It is time to remove all ‘limiting beliefs’ that are in your life to derail you, freeze you in the past and keep you stuck to prevent you from moving forward to what you want to achieve. It is time to go ahead toward your desired outcome and live a better life.

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The Lazy But Effective Way to Clean Your House!

lazy way to

Everybody wants to live in a beautiful clean place — whether it’s big, small, apartment or a house — it gets dirty. And while we all don’t want to live in an unfurnished house to keep it flawlessly clean all the time, there is a smarter way to get the job done. If you are a person, who want your house to stay clean — like the tidy type, their homes are always impeccably clean; let me give you some house cleaning tips you’ll wish you knew earlier.

Sometimes keeping your house clean can seem like an endless task. Especially since cleaning is a horrible, boring, thankless job as we all have other things we’d like to be doing, stuff like investing time in a beneficial relationship, work to socializing or relaxing. If you are regularly cleaning your house, it helps to know a few quick and easy tricks that can make the entire process easier.

There’s now a faster way to clean your house, and if you want to learn them, it’s best to get the tips from a person who knows the right way to tidy up a home. First, you need a plan, the plan that involves planning in advance: then start from the top and move to the bottom, go left and then to the right. I learn the greatest mistake most people make is “zone cleaning.” “Zone cleaning,” is much too slow and involve hard work. It’s best to simplify and organize each room efficiently, but begin each task at the messiest location and move from left to right in each room.

When you move from left to right, you get things done and don’t miss anything, and you won’t unexpectedly pat the dust onto already cleaned areas. Moreover, overhaul your cleaning kit is necessary. A pro cleaner doesn’t need to carry around too many products just the right must have products. Although keeping up with the daily housekeeping can be very annoying, it doesn’t have to take up all your time.

I found myself cleaning most of the time because my house is filthy. But because I want to open up some of my time, I found myself thinking what a woman to do when she loves a beautiful, clean home but tired of cleaning behind two messy children? After all the annoying part is that after cleaning my house, with the children help it just gets dirty all over again. Yes, there were days that things got crazy and I found myself consistently follow through with the daily cleaning, but, for the most part, I was getting very frustrated to keep a nice clean house.

After, research and many studies I like to use what one would call a lazy woman guide to a tidy home: tips for individuals who hate cleaning. I’m not proud to say this, but I dislike cleaning, although I love a beautiful, clean home. Because I want my house to stay neat, I made great use of my search for a faster way to clean my house, a lazy person’s guide, so I don’t want to go crazy keeping my home neat and clean. With that in mind, here are five tips and the best methods for keeping a clean house without working long and hard.

1. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. I learn to stop sweating over small, petty stuff, things like the children dropping crackers or things on the floor. I train them to pick up behind themselves and throw it in the trash. When you dread cleaning (like me) even those little spots that are overlooked seem bigger than they are because I want everything to be SUPER clean.

2. Make Cleaning Fun. This is an insight that I learn from years of frustration; it helps to make the cleaning fun. I taught my children a cleaning song, “Clean Up.” put your things away. They dance and love picking up behind themselves, after teaching them this song, chores that had before been a difficult task was abruptly somewhat enjoyable, and it was the beginning of me feeling completely relaxed at the end of the day.

Clean Up Song | Kids Song for Tidying Up | Super Simple Songs

3. Place the toy in the toy box and clothes in drawers. If you are tired of the clutter and looking for the secret to busting it, the secret is organization The children had lots of toys, so, the house stays full of them laying around. Things on the living room floor, coffee table and sometimes on the counter top. I allowed them to play, but teaching them to put their toys away in the toy box and the clothes away in the drawers was the best way to keep the house clean.

4. Declutter; remove what we don’t need. It’s a simple theory — but it’s hard to get rid of stuff. Especially, things that have sentimental value even when we not using it. However, with less clutter, it is a lazy woman’s dream, less cleaning.

5. Get the Entire Family Involved in Cleaning. This is one that I had to work on the most because I often do the job myself, but I was left drain and with limited time to do other things. However, getting the children involved to do age appropriate jobs was better for them and me. I was amazed at how much of a difference it made in the overall tidiness of the house to have them do the simple things.

Whether you love to clean — or don’t know what it is, — it helps to save time and frustration, along with some money on cleaning products. Moreover, for the person who is on the hunt for little tips and tricks to make the cleaning process easier; here are nine simple house cleaning tips to use for simple household pointers that anyone can use.

1. How to remove lipstick stains: A touch of lipstick can make you look your greatest, but not when it gets on your clothes. If you have a lipstick stain on your garments, don’t waste your time scrubbing at it, just spray hairspray on the stain, wait ten minutes, and then wash. It will come right out with hairspray and a good clean wash.

2. Sofa/Fabric Stains: when face with fabric stains start utilizing the removable of it by sprinkling on baking soda, let it set, vacuum it up, and you’re done. Baking soda is a fabulous and safe way to get stains and odors out of hard-to-clean fabric items. Whether you want to lose that funky manufacturing smell, fight a nasty stain or just refresh your couch, baking soda is the way to go. Also, use baking soda to remove stains from clothes by pouring a cup of baking soda in the washing machine with the wash, and your clothes will turn out even brighter and cleaner.

Learning to Love Yourself!


It is a wonderful feeling to be loved by someone else

However, the best sense of happiness and love is when you learn to love yourself

Always remember the journey to self-love begins when you work on finding out who you truly are, to love yourself

If you want to feel love from others, you hold the high power when you love yourself.

Moreover, “Love” is something that is traditionally represented as blind that is lacking sight

Furthermore, “Love” is holding hands and hugging hard, even when you fight over stupid things, you still love one another with all your might

I would say, “I Love you” are three of the most powerful words.

And hearing your partner says, “I love you” is something even better to be heard.

I recommend you don’t listen to people who can con you by saying, “I love you” with words

Judge them by their actions, not words, so that your emotional flow are not stirred

Love’s a word few know the true meaning of,

“Love” is a four letter word that can be found anywhere in the world

So keep these memories to “Love yourself.”

Because some people who lips, they love you, “Love” can be like the book that they keep on turning the pages, and you won’t be the last book placed on the shelf.

“Love yourself.” means your choice to continue to live your life to say yes to the possibilities even though other people may not approve of your decisions

To truly love yourself — inside and out, you must learn to love the skin you in, accept and take advantage of the limitless opportunities available to you and believe in your vision.

“Love” is a potent drug. When you feel it, it can hit you really hard. It can give you the feeling it is delaying time, making it seem like the entire world is still except for you two.

If you heard of this self-help proverb: We need to love ourselves before we can love anyone else. Consequently, the first step to loving yourself is to let yourself become disconnected from the world and know what you deserve and like what you do.

On my journey to learning about myself and work on my self-love, I realized I am a constant work in progress and several major truths that still resonate with me and support my particular effort.

To assist you to gain more perspective and have a territory on which to begin your journey of self-love, here are five truths to remember:

1. Never compare yourself to another person. People gain success and fail at different rates.

2. It’s okay to spend time alone. Sometimes it’s better to be alone well worth time spent to learn to love yourself

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