Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls; Please Stick to the Rivers and the Lakes that You’re Used to!

chasing waterfalls

“Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” are words of advice from a TLC song that indicate that one should not randomly chase dreams by moving forward recklessly and impulsively taking a risk without first considering how things will end. The words to the songs are indicating that people shouldn’t go chasing after what may seem good, but in reality, they know it is impossible to catch.

In other words, one should work hard, stop trying to take the easy route out like selling drugs for the money which is chasing waterfalls. Learn to be appreciative of your career, although every assignment may not be your dream job. It’s all about finding what you like and appreciating it. You should focus on the interests that will bring about happiness and don’t chase after unrealistic “better” things.

I agree with the expression, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls”, but I disagree with the words, “Please stick to the river and the lakes that you’re used to.” Reason being these words is applying that one should be content with whatever they have, be afraid to branch out; don’t strive to better yourself. Life is all about taking a risk, sometimes you have to take a chance to get out of life what you deserve. The wealthy became rich from taking risks.

Although I agree with the expression, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls” research shows some people disagree, they feel it’s okay to chase waterfalls because it’s what makes life such an adventure.

I will admit there’s nothing wrong with experiencing life’s adventures, in fact, I say it can be like running a marathon, but don’t blindly compete; make sure you know where you are starting. Be familiar with the starting line, and take pleasure in running through life, enjoying the adventure one day at a time.

If you are a person who knows what it’s like to be broke and struggling when an opening presents itself to you as an opportunity will you know whether to open the door or allow it to remain closed?

Just because a situation is present to you as an opportunity, and it looks appealing, doesn’t necessarily mean it is the chance of a lifetime. How would you know if it’s an opportunity or if you are chasing a waterfall?

From my experience when an opportunity is presented if you have the feeling it too good to be true it normally is. I learned from several mistakes, it’s essential to listen to your heart and feelings as your deepest intuitions know best.

And in a situation where it can be an opportunity worth opening the door and pursuing. Although you know what you want after you create your goals, fulfilling a dream isn’t easy because generating a plan isn’t exactly a guaranteed way how you’ll pursue your purpose. When you begin walking the path to fulfilling your purpose chances are conflicts will arrive.


While trying to complete a vision time is a very costly resource. That’s why it is absolutely essential you don’t waste your time chasing waterfalls. When you are presented with a clear path toward a goal in most cases, conflict arrives when you are so close to living in alignment with your vision, reaching your highest values and meeting the deadline.

Since time isn’t your greatest source the more precise you must be with your time. You have to take into consideration that to waste any of your time when you are vision-driven, is such a waste of time and is like chasing waterfalls. From the waste of energy and time, it can leave you feeling hurt and in much pain.

An example of how conflict can unexpectedly arrive, a couple of years ago, I was offered a high-paying position to write Lesson plans for school students. I accept, but, my motivation for taking it was all wrong. I was mainly interested in doing it for the money. Not because I start off believed in writing content that could really help children and what I believe in toward education, and what I was writing.

For that reason, everything started off wrong, it took me a week of conflicts, for me to come to the conclusion if I was going to do it. I need to consider it for the opportunity it was and believe in the purpose, put forward the effort to not only write the lesson plans, simply make sure it assists the students using it. After all, it was a “great” opportunity, why waste it.

So often in life, many spend countless time chasing things and people that defeat their purpose without considering the consequences. The purpose of life should be to seek the significance of each day, seek to find love, learning acceptance, when to let go, to have integrity and live a meaningful life. To prevent chasing waterfalls, you need to know which dreams to follow and what illusions to let go of.

Unfortunately, too many people chase financial success which can lead to a loss of self. As financial success is a persuasive motivator. And although every human life is motivated by something. Financial success has a way of dominating, controlling and destroying many lives. It comes with the unknown, taking a risk that can come with searching and chasing waterfalls.

To obtain wealth and fame, financial success will choose and control your professions and dictates all your time, eliminate your energy, and move you away from any sort of support. It will affect and run relationships, comes with busy schedules, and destroys families. To some, it even becomes an all-consuming passion that leaves the individual involved a broken person.

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