“You are Bigger than Your Circumstances or Life Situation.”

situationLately, I have talked to a surprisingly high number of peoples about different challenges affecting their everyday life in some way. As I listen to various individuals speak on the disappointments, sadness, and heartache they are experiencing, I observed many are seeking a ‘Peaceful Resolution’ to their problems. Also, to look into the eyes of those I love, and in their eyes are sadness, tells me there is an urgent need to find an effective and timely solution. However, speaking from experience, if people even stand a chance at unity on this earth, this nation is in need of real revision from God.

To begin with a solution, I feel compelled to reach out and respond by writing an article sharing I can relate to the different situations and understand what it is that so many are going through. Also, to God’s children, I know it gets hard, and you want the rain to stop and the sun to shine. Hear me when I express God wishes His children to be at peace, and He will take the initiative to give it to them if they allow Him. Moreover, know that your purpose in life is more significant than what you are struggling with meaning,“ Nothing and no-one can ever break you, know that if no one encouraged you today, “You are bigger than your circumstance or life situation.”

Furthermore, just in case you are questioning what makes you more significant than your circumstance or life situation. Well, the answer lies with the vital purpose place in your life that is bigger than any of your struggles. And you are a part of something far more significant than all your circumstance and that connection is being a member of a family with the living God. Many of us struggle with highly stressful life events in our everyday life. In fact, some of us have trials coming at us back to back until we don’t have the time to fully breathe from one tragedy before the next hit us in the face. Take heed to this relevant quote, “If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.”― H.G. Wells.


Often we allow the challenges we struggle with to sidetrack us from what our significant purpose. Because most of us are overcome with situations that we think are intended to harm us, we fail to realize the difficult times we are going through is meant to prepare us for our purpose. But if we want to fulfill our mission, we must not allow our struggles to blindside us from what God calls us to do. To achieve our purpose, we must rely on the strength that we have through Jesus and realize that he is with us. Also, the hurt from hard trials makes it easy to believe that God isn’t in the midst of our difficult situation and He left us alone without comfort.

Know that It might seem that way when there are so many tough challenges happening to you all at once. You are only in the midst of learning how to fulfill your significant purpose in life and let me be the one to share with you during the most challenging times I experience. It seems as if God so distant, so far away it is through the most challenging time that He is so in tune and a hand on Father that will be there for His children. There will be times when your problem seems to increase and make God look small, but in those types of times, remember God is bigger than all our problems. Moreover, God said there would be many trials and troubles in our life, but we could have peace in him because he will assist us in overcoming all these hard times. God can be there for us if we let him as his word said in Revelation 3:20 King James Version (KJV) Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

A lot of us are facing a tough time right now, what challenging situation are you facing in your life right now? Maybe it’s a loss of a job, and you may be wondering if you will keep a roof over your head. Perhaps, it’s a toxic relationship that is draining all the life out of you, and you are desperate to find peace and gain air to breathe. Or it could be that the one person you love so much with all your heart and soul has died to leave you feeling lonely and wondering how you will continue living life without them. Possibly it’s a financial situation where you spend your last dime and are left wondering where the next dollar is coming from. Regardless of your tough situation, I am here to share with you from my hard conditions; No hard times could overcome our God and remember “You are bigger than your circumstance or life situation.”

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I Am in Full Control of My Life & Enjoy Every Aspect of it!

enjoy-life-affirmationAll too often, some of us go through life feeling like we have NO control over our lives. But we don’t have to feel that way. There are ways to take back full control of your life and shape your existence. But perhaps what it took for me to take full control of my life may not work for you. Yet it can still happen. It took me making some significant changes, which were the process that took me from a stressed and sad mess to living a life that I fully control and I love it.

How I took full control of my life when I was represented with moments in life that shaped the outcome of my existence, some small and other large, I had to stop making excuses for my failures and start making better decisions which eliminated the obstacles that were holding me back. Most importantly, I begin standing on my own two feet, live my life for what’s best for me, not how someone else thought I should live, and stop deciding decision that made me pay the price and currently I am in full control of my life and I love it.

Before I took full control of my life, I was so young, so amateur everything seems so easy, simple and I thought I knew it all. For the reason that I wanted to live life on my own terms, I put myself in the middle of many situations without realizing a holistic approach to life is essential. I took the time to write down on paper the direction I want my life to go and, in my mind, I believed that was the beginning of knowing where I was going and I was head in the right direction. But little did I know that I was rushing to travel a journey that was leading me on a path of confusion, trouble and without knowing where I was going no clear goals or purpose.

Reminiscing back to my first job and the very first time I fell in love. I was a go-getter so; I had a pretty good job for a young person who went to college and receives a four-year degree but had no clear direction as a young lady who fell in love and blown away with a guy who would break her heart just to move on. Headed in the wrong direction which was the beginning of me losing my way. At that time, it was just a small dip of trouble, and I didn’t know it at that time, but now and then in life, we lose our way, and it prevents us from living life to the full potential.

Within ten years of losing my way, I’ve been defeated by life’s challenges more times than I can count… and I am very good at math as well as with numbers, and I can count very high. I have now gained some life experience, but still, I knew nothing. So, after that, it made me very determined to find my way, but no matter how horrible, dark or distressed those times was I wouldn’t exchange those experiences whatsoever.

Instead, I chose to apply them to my life to learn from them. And believe me when I say living your life is not easy when you’re drowning in the river that runs waist deep full of troubles. Nonetheless, I learn that my problems are blessings in disguise and that how I learn to count my blessing and the beginning of taking full control of my life.

Our itinerary is filled with many crossroads during our time here on this earth. And from my experience, some roads consist of little dirt paths, while other contains large puzzling intersections. Still, I learn to maintain the most significant things in life like putting God first in my life, knowing the source of my happiness, eating and drinking healthy, maintaining good health, taking care of financial obligations, and loving and caring for loved ones. When we fail to get these things done, life becomes a series of things that happen to us. A famous quote by Charles R. Swindoll says, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

The little things are often overlooked because people are searching and waiting for the big stuff. The truth is real life is happening around all of us while it passes some of us by as many expect and hopes the big thing will take place to give them some sort of joy. When the reality is it the small things that matter most. Most of us can agree with the quote by Kurt Vonnegut., “Enjoy the little things, because one day you’ll look back and realize these were the big things.” I believe the quote means life consists of many small moments that we can take advantage of but the big dramatic moments are few and long to come if they come, enjoy and live the small moments don’t wait on something “big,” it is often the “small” things that bring success.

‘I Look to You’

whitneyWhen I welcome you into my life, I had much pain, no plans, no dreams and no hope. Living life as I knew it back then consist of just moving through it and merely existing — not living — I wasn’t living my life chasing pleasure, in whatever shape or form that ended in pain. The truth is, I had no commitment and drifted aimlessly without a purpose. Moreover, as I look at the face of the broken woman in the mirror, I reflect back on my life growing up in the early 70’s; my memories reflect a simpler time, a woman maturing into an increasingly self-reliant woman, at least until a couple of years ago. However, what made the last couple of years different, was that the dark clouds float into my life that carries thunderstorm, mists that made me feel like the world is crashing around me, ‘I Look to You.’

Not only this, being raised in church instilled in me a deep trust that if I’m loyal and always there for my friends and loved ones, they will also be there for me, but that inculcation ends up being built on a big, fat lie and a false foundation. In my life were peoples who wanted me to believe that everything has been decided for me and I had no choice in what I did. However, I couldn’t just accept others as choosing for me, and I can’t afford to waste my time doing things that not best for me or won’t better my life.

Taking a trip down memory lane contemplating back to the last couple of years, I am so flabbergasted at how my life has turned out. My life is nothing like I had initially planned. However, the thing that brought a smile to my face is who I am, my values, and my interests today. 2017 was a challenging year. Although there were undoubtedly high points, moments when light peeked through the darkness, sudden parts have me moving into the next year feeling frustrated and very worn out. Unexpected moment knocked me off course – disappointment, and circumstances, filled with letdown – left me with required time to pause and recoup energy, ‘I look to you.’

Despite having to overcome things becoming so slender going into 2018, I have learned the way I respond to hardships can have a significant effect on me. I can decide on obeying the commandments of God, which lead to His plan of happiness or I can follow Satan’s plan of misery. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter the circumstances in my life; I can choose joy or sadness as I am presented with a choice. What is more, it’s up to me whether my trails become roadblocks in my life or I can make them expressways to learning and growth. It is absurd to look at the enormous amount of pain that flourishes everywhere in the world, as it serves no purpose at all. Besides, unhappiness and much suffering to come are the direct results of sin.

I look to Thee in every need, and never look in vain;


There have been long seasons in my life where I felt like nothing was going right, everything was out of whack, and regardless of what I decide to do things went from bad to worst. However, one thing I have learned in recent years is life is what I make of it, and if I want to take full control of my situation, my strength should always be stronger than my circumstances. Moreover, whatever my conditions, there are things I can control, and things I cannot. Though, my primary focus is to be about the things I can control. There is personal suffering that we all can come to understand and when things get hard that I find it very hard to take on the trials of this world, ‘I look to you.’

Being born into an evil world means it is full of trouble, different things drove me crazy to the point where I was not sure whether to scream or laugh at all I been through over the years. In spite of this, I have learned to remember in those challenging seasons of life that changed everything…it does not matter how high my ambitions and expectations for myself, or no matter where I am in life if I am not happy, something needs to change. What’s more, no matter how terrible life may seem at any single point if a change can be made than do it, but if it can’t, learn to cope. From everything that I experience in life, it has brought me to the last person to say life is easy. In every difficulty in my life, whether big or small, ‘I look to you.’

No matter what evil stuff life throws my way, even if it seems hard to make it through, with you, I can be strong, when I’m too weak to handle everything alone. On my own, I’m prone to fall, but to stand, ‘I look to you.’ On those days where I feel hopeless like there is no point in living. During the times when negative and disturbing thoughts consume my mind and it, seem as if there NO way out, ‘I look to you.’ I have experienced days where my mind is overwhelmed that I overanalyze the issue and keep repeating the problem in my mind. I desire a release from an overflow of a troubled mind. I even experience days where I wanted to float away quietly on a cloud or just drift off into a haze where I only think of uplifting things far from the reality of this overwhelming life.

When things get very hard that it just all feels a lot of thoughts from one mind to have to control. The pressure of extreme thinking given is unbearable to live with, and the weight of the world is too much, and my way of living doesn’t match up to my pressure and standards. I take ages to get ready every day on the days when I feel able to try, but I am not keen enough, I lose the ability to control my home or food, then I think I will have absolutely nothing for the rest of my life is so far gone. When I am in the presence of other I feel I have to put on an appearance of appearing respectable and ‘ok’…nonetheless, in reality, I sometimes cry, scream, like a toddler who can’t deal with adult life.

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I Didn’t Believe In Love Until I Found It With You

13837257As I reflect back upon the very first time, I met the guy of my dream. Before I even had the pleasure of facing Him and speaking to Him, I had this feeling that suggests the two of us have recently connected on a deeper level before. And when we did finally meet, and as…our eyes join, my heart raced, and somehow I knew…we would be instantly connected with a deep bond that compelled us spiritually forever. Although I did not know immediately, he felt the same way I did the entire time, when we spoke to each other at that moment it was the beginning of a beautiful journey and – ‘within minutes’ love transcended all then I knew we were in love.

He gave me a hug that felt like a dream come true, and as if we stayed in that embrace for what seemed like forever. As we begin to date each day continues to be full of joy, and life was full of new beginnings, He was my daylight when days seem dark and hard. We had such a connection until even when we said goodnight and went our separate ways it felt like we had never been apart. I felt like I could still feel Him near me. We shared strong unconditional love, and I am happy to say we got married and He is my husband.

Thinking back I can remember pondering before He entered my life, things were dreadful as there’s no joy in living your life alone with no trust in guys. I know I was not alone many women live alone by choice, and there’s no such thing as a “right” relationship, although it requires sincere at both ends. The way my life was going before He entered when I imagined my future, I visualize myself being alone, “Lonely” — with no one beside me. Although there are many females alone, when they envision their future, they picture it with someone alongside them. And there nothing wrong with that because if others were frank with themselves, they would admit that they prefer not to live their life alone.

I believe the reason many females envision their future as being alone because they dated different guys but there was no connection, and nothing blossomed into a real relationship. Some women might have thought they found love just to be disappointed to witness the guy happily settled down with someone else. Dating can be a very disappointing encounter, but if you want ever to find love, you can’t close your heart, and you must shake the nagging fear that you might end up alone.

My advice to any lady who fears being alone do not allow yourself to be consumed by loneliness, but instead, acutely be aware that the bulk of your time is spent alone and equate your self-worth with relationship status. When I felt as if I would spend my life alone, I did not know then that being single does not automatically strip a woman of her strength or doom her to closing her heart, love is still available and can be closer than she knows. But women you hold the key and the power to imagine your future, to picture it with the man of your dreams. It did not happen overnight with me, but I now understand and can share this advice from my experience with the man of my dreams.

Any female who is frustrated with her present life and want a relationship, she has to change her circumstances. Although finding love comes with heartaches, it can be a great adventure. When we open our heart to love it comes with risk, I took a chance, and it brought me more joy than I would have never imagined. Some women are alone because they are afraid to take a chance on love as they have been hurt from previous risks. Never give up on love, you will find it —I’m sure — it ’s closer than you think and it will be a different finish than expected.

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Coping with Grief in a ‘Get Over it’ and ‘Move On’ World

Coping with Grief

When someone loses something very precious to them like a spouse, friend, family member or a lover the grief can be extreme. While experiencing the pain, it seems the hurt will never go away. A person may even feel he or she will never be the same or whole again. However, after months or a year into the sadness, people look at how the survivor handles the grief, and their sentiment is ‘He or she needs to ‘Get over it’ and ‘Move on.’

“But in all of the sadness, when you’re feeling that your heart is empty, and lacking, you’ve got to remember that grief isn’t the absence of love. Grief is the proof that love is still there.” ~ Tessa Shaffer, Heaven Has No Regrets

Grief is a type of emotion that has a life of its own; you never know how or when it will raise its head and take a toll on you. And more, it conducts every feeling within you, and sometimes there’s no way to distinguish it. There may be a day as to where you cry unfathomably, and some days you feel so hurt and numb that you can’t sob, and in other moments you are so unhappy or filled with a lot of pain you just don’t know what you are experiencing or just what to do.

Reflecting back on a time when my emotion overpowers me with sadness, I can remember feeling extremely sad sitting in front of the window with the blind up, and the curtain open gazing up at the stars viewing the beautiful night sky. As I looked up at the twinkling stars, and the dark sky, I can remember being over-emotional and full of thoughts. That night in many ways, my heart felt as if it would break into thousands of pieces as it palpitates in my chest and the ache I felt was unbearable.

“The ‘gift’ of grief is that it presents us with the opportunity to heal and grow.” ~ Jewish Proverb

I guess what brought about the flow of emotions I was keeping down is I had just stopped looking at the News, listening at all going on in the world today and how life is bittersweet. I didn’t think hearing very unpleasant or disturbing information would trigger all sorts of unsettling, uncomfortable and alarming feelings inside. But it did, and it made me realize I was not in touch with my emotional state, not enough to grasp I had so much sadness and pain buried inside. When a person doesn’t deal with the source of His or her pain, it sometimes comes out when they least expect it.

Moreover, all the unkind things the News broadcast share different cruelty that exists in the world. I think the segment that got to me the most is viewing the grief and hurt of many family members. To watch the video of how this young nineteen-year-old male with violent behavior, walks into a school to start a mass shooting and take the life of seventeen and injury fourteen. To see many cries and mourn the loss of their loved one was just heartbreaking. No person of sound mind would do such a thing and what he did is unbelievable and unthinkable.

After viewing the video, my thoughts were as long as sinful people live, and they refuse to accept responsibility for their action things will never get better. Furthermore, this generation and the one to come will continue to be shackled in chains, linked by sin that imprisons the soul. Because so much violence is going on, some of us box ourselves into a closed crate that we have carefully designed, trying to protect ourselves from the things we fear. But we must not do this because what we are doing is closing ourselves off to the possibility and significance of life.

To grieve, does not mean closing yourself inside a box or a crate. You must be willing to think outside the box and know there is something external better and accept the resources that will help you deal with your monotony. Devastating heartbreak like sudden illness, unexpected death or a surprising break up can leave us all feeling quite vulnerable and lost. And no matter how strong we think we are, trying to keep from feeling helpless is almost impossible. For that reason, it’s significant to keep in mind that even though you may feel powerless — you’re not. To all who have ever felt shattered and lost, you can reclaim your life and start again.

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Creating an Inner Peace That Endures!


I am a typical woman with collective thoughts, and I’ve lived an extraordinary life. However, like many people, I haven’t honestly felt like I’ve been living my life. Up until a few years ago, I have been stuck in a world of darkness; I did not feel well, most of the time as I thought there’s no way of finding myself. The pain I felt often overcome me with sadness and made me longed not to feel. I often reflected upon all the things that weighed me down. Finally, I realize the hurt were NEVER mine to carry, to feel connected to everything made me feel responsible entirety.

However, after years of suffering, thank God, one morning as I found myself struggling to begin the day, I took the time to start listening to the cheerful and inspiring singing of sparrows. As I casually listen to their chirping, it echoed beautifully, and it was as if their happiness cheeping unintentionally transfers to me and I absorb their happiness. That very day, I can say I endured a unique kind of inner peace in my life that brought me a pleasing sort of joy, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have found this exceptional tranquility.

Dealing with negativity

That woman who’s been trying to change for years, but hasn’t been able to, was no longer around. I blossom into a stronger, more decisive person that rediscover herself and that became an incredible first step to inner peace. I transform into a person of my likeness – an awakening was evolving, and I felt like the fiend inside of me were released to begin living my dreams. Although it may sound a little strange, the person I was even one month ago, is an entirely different being than who I am today. Reason being there is never a time that we stop growing.

Living in this densely-populated world, there is a lot of negative energy, but if you set energetic boundaries one can deal with the rigors of life to find inner peace. Dealing with negativity can be quite a downer, mainly when you are absorbing other people’s negative energy. But before I realize the people around me brought negative energy and was just not the right individuals to be in my life, my days involved a tug of melancholy that torment me as I fought to ignore the veiled darkness. To release all negativity, I had to let go of the friends and acquaintances who dump their pessimism on me. It was not easy to learn to let go and say “no” to people who do not deserve my time. But when I found the strength to let go, to let be that was how I found this remarkable inner peace


Creating an Inner Peace That Endures!

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”

― Dalai Lama XIV

In fact, I discover and come to know I was so wrong to believe my destiny is bound with the destinies of others. However, in return that was how I learn to truly appreciate the daylight and I understood how it removes the darkness. Nonetheless, it is our light that frightens us, not our night. The truth be told, we are all meant to find the daylight and not fear it. Although, being terrified of the daytime isn’t being broken or concealing a dark secret. It’s when one can choose to go backward to feel safe instead of forward toward growth. In this sense, there are multiple sides to all of us. Yes, there are different sides of the various personalities that exist in all of us such as who we are – who we think we are, and who we might be if we build our goals and follow our dreams.

Everyone’s journey is compelled to be different and to find the right path that best works for you are an ongoing process. One thing, my own experience has taught me is striving to discover the right path is constant. Granting, in any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. Nonetheless, if you wait for the perfect moment when all is safe and assured it might never arrive. Despite everything, fear not, friends. We all discover things at different times.

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Develop These 7 Habits to Unlock Your Greatness

greatnessYou might wonder what makes some people superior achievers and what separates the normal from the great? However, if you are wondering if everyone created equal, and if some people are better at some things than others, most will answer the question, “yes”. However, three questions you must ask yourself to make sure you rank among-st the elite and consciously change your habits.

1. First, ask and learn what makes big achievers great.
2. Second, ask and learn what drives great achievers to challenge the odds and become legends in their own right.
3. Last, ask and know how you can unlock your greatness.

We are all born with the same potential for greatness, and carry the same capacity to become successful. The potential for greatness lives within each of us and greatness is an asset you must willfully invest in, it does not just show up with time or because you desire it. To unlock your greatness, the mindset is necessary, and you must be clear on your values. Habits determine 95% of your achievements and successful people be where they are today because of these practices.

A powerful greatness quote, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” To strive for greatness, you must be willing to step out of the box and be well-rounded. Also, you must be obligated to constant learning and be prepared to step out of your own way. We were put on this earth to achieve our most magnificent self, and when we change the rules and the elements that are keeping us from greatness, we can live out our purpose, and discover habits that will lead us to greatness.

Have you ever wondered how some people live a happy and prosperous life? Now think about it, wouldn’t it be nice to live a successful life. It all begins with believing you are destined for greatness as success comes from the inside out. Greatness is not a skill you have, nor a goal you achieve. It is an inner game that is defined by your rules, and only you can claim your victory. Also, it’s a state of mind, which elevate all your thoughts in the direction of excellence and it’s the habits you develop. All left to do is pull all the weeds out of your life so you can live a better life.

There are things and peoples in your life who can keep you from achieving your true potential? Are you ready to pick out the ‘weeds’ in your life that are holding you back, smothering you and limiting you from living a happy life? These ‘weeds’ in your life that are holding you back are referred to as ‘limiting beliefs, ‘ and they hide as obstacles which allow you to make excuses, and help you believe lies that are not true. It is time to remove all ‘limiting beliefs’ that are in your life to derail you, freeze you in the past and keep you stuck to prevent you from moving forward to what you want to achieve. It is time to go ahead toward your desired outcome and live a better life.

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Life’s Short. Spend it Happy

life short

Life is too short, and happiness is too rare. So, why waste valuable time or feeling on individuals or things that just don’t matter or worth it? Love yourself enough to set boundaries, and after all, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with life when you are juggling between work, family and your personal needs. However, that’s when you need to take a step back and not let your emotions get the best of you.

The number one question is what determines true Happiness? Happiness can come in so many various forms that it can be difficult to define. Also, happiness can sometimes be inquired in the wrong places, like wealth, in fact; a person would be unhappy with a lot of money because of the price it brings. The exclusive way to feel happy is to begin satisfying your unmet needs. If the underlying assumption of human purpose is to seek happiness, then why is it that some seem content to wallow in misery? Even when some people are given steps to find happiness, they prefer to continue being miserable.

Stop for a moment and take the time to think have you ever wondered how to know if you’re one of these people who live in a perpetual state of unhappiness? Well, to attempt to shed light, individuals who are addicted to sadness tend to sabotage themselves just as things are going well, they almost always seem down and see the world as gloom and doom as they allow life to rob them of their joy.

Does this sound like you? If the answer is yes, you are addicted to unhappiness. It is often said that “happiness is a choice” if that statement holds any truth then why aren’t more people happy? I am not a professional counselor, I do not treat disorders or behavior, but in my experience, the perspective a person has in life is what determines their happiness.

‘Happiness’ is more complicated than most might think. Some people strive to be happy, even when they have little and some are unhappy despite having it all. Understanding happiness requires more than just simply feeling happy; it’s the combination of pleasant experiences and the great suffering that teaches you much more about how to grow up into being a happier person.

For many of us, feeling happy and finding life meaningful are both necessary. Although, you may have to choose between a happy life and finding life meaningful because being happy and finding useful life overlap. There are three types of happiness we can experience, pleasure, passion, and purpose. Understanding each and their nature is excessively prominent. Each prototype has a different effect on our well-being.

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The Lazy But Effective Way to Clean Your House!

lazy way to

Everybody wants to live in a beautiful clean place — whether it’s big, small, apartment or a house — it gets dirty. And while we all don’t want to live in an unfurnished house to keep it flawlessly clean all the time, there is a smarter way to get the job done. If you are a person, who want your house to stay clean — like the tidy type, their homes are always impeccably clean; let me give you some house cleaning tips you’ll wish you knew earlier.

Sometimes keeping your house clean can seem like an endless task. Especially since cleaning is a horrible, boring, thankless job as we all have other things we’d like to be doing, stuff like investing time in a beneficial relationship, work to socializing or relaxing. If you are regularly cleaning your house, it helps to know a few quick and easy tricks that can make the entire process easier.

There’s now a faster way to clean your house, and if you want to learn them, it’s best to get the tips from a person who knows the right way to tidy up a home. First, you need a plan, the plan that involves planning in advance: then start from the top and move to the bottom, go left and then to the right. I learn the greatest mistake most people make is “zone cleaning.” “Zone cleaning,” is much too slow and involve hard work. It’s best to simplify and organize each room efficiently, but begin each task at the messiest location and move from left to right in each room.

When you move from left to right, you get things done and don’t miss anything, and you won’t unexpectedly pat the dust onto already cleaned areas. Moreover, overhaul your cleaning kit is necessary. A pro cleaner doesn’t need to carry around too many products just the right must have products. Although keeping up with the daily housekeeping can be very annoying, it doesn’t have to take up all your time.

I found myself cleaning most of the time because my house is filthy. But because I want to open up some of my time, I found myself thinking what a woman to do when she loves a beautiful, clean home but tired of cleaning behind two messy children? After all the annoying part is that after cleaning my house, with the children help it just gets dirty all over again. Yes, there were days that things got crazy and I found myself consistently follow through with the daily cleaning, but, for the most part, I was getting very frustrated to keep a nice clean house.

After, research and many studies I like to use what one would call a lazy woman guide to a tidy home: tips for individuals who hate cleaning. I’m not proud to say this, but I dislike cleaning, although I love a beautiful, clean home. Because I want my house to stay neat, I made great use of my search for a faster way to clean my house, a lazy person’s guide, so I don’t want to go crazy keeping my home neat and clean. With that in mind, here are five tips and the best methods for keeping a clean house without working long and hard.

1. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. I learn to stop sweating over small, petty stuff, things like the children dropping crackers or things on the floor. I train them to pick up behind themselves and throw it in the trash. When you dread cleaning (like me) even those little spots that are overlooked seem bigger than they are because I want everything to be SUPER clean.

2. Make Cleaning Fun. This is an insight that I learn from years of frustration; it helps to make the cleaning fun. I taught my children a cleaning song, “Clean Up.” put your things away. They dance and love picking up behind themselves, after teaching them this song, chores that had before been a difficult task was abruptly somewhat enjoyable, and it was the beginning of me feeling completely relaxed at the end of the day.

Clean Up Song | Kids Song for Tidying Up | Super Simple Songs

3. Place the toy in the toy box and clothes in drawers. If you are tired of the clutter and looking for the secret to busting it, the secret is organization The children had lots of toys, so, the house stays full of them laying around. Things on the living room floor, coffee table and sometimes on the counter top. I allowed them to play, but teaching them to put their toys away in the toy box and the clothes away in the drawers was the best way to keep the house clean.

4. Declutter; remove what we don’t need. It’s a simple theory — but it’s hard to get rid of stuff. Especially, things that have sentimental value even when we not using it. However, with less clutter, it is a lazy woman’s dream, less cleaning.

5. Get the Entire Family Involved in Cleaning. This is one that I had to work on the most because I often do the job myself, but I was left drain and with limited time to do other things. However, getting the children involved to do age appropriate jobs was better for them and me. I was amazed at how much of a difference it made in the overall tidiness of the house to have them do the simple things.

Whether you love to clean — or don’t know what it is, — it helps to save time and frustration, along with some money on cleaning products. Moreover, for the person who is on the hunt for little tips and tricks to make the cleaning process easier; here are nine simple house cleaning tips to use for simple household pointers that anyone can use.

1. How to remove lipstick stains: A touch of lipstick can make you look your greatest, but not when it gets on your clothes. If you have a lipstick stain on your garments, don’t waste your time scrubbing at it, just spray hairspray on the stain, wait ten minutes, and then wash. It will come right out with hairspray and a good clean wash.

2. Sofa/Fabric Stains: when face with fabric stains start utilizing the removable of it by sprinkling on baking soda, let it set, vacuum it up, and you’re done. Baking soda is a fabulous and safe way to get stains and odors out of hard-to-clean fabric items. Whether you want to lose that funky manufacturing smell, fight a nasty stain or just refresh your couch, baking soda is the way to go. Also, use baking soda to remove stains from clothes by pouring a cup of baking soda in the washing machine with the wash, and your clothes will turn out even brighter and cleaner.