Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 9

till death do us part 9Mama Xin answers a telephone call sharing with her that her son and his girlfriend is at the hospital. As she rushes out the house, she’s nervous, shaking, barely able to maintain and drive. She tells herself she didn’t want to end up in the hospital herself.

As Mama Xin drives on her way to the hospital, she tells herself if something happens to Leroy, she might find herself on deathbed joining her husband. She’s concerned about Laura as she was almost nine months pregnant with twin by Leroy.

Mama Xin can’t put the car in park fast enough, and she walks into the hospital in a hurry. She walks up to the nurse’s desk asking what room her son Leroy Xin and Laura Mills are in. The nurse tells her to have a seat and she’ll find out if Laura out of surgery and tells her Leroy in the waiting room on the 3rd floor.

Mama Xin couldn’t sit down, she rushes over to the elevator push the button to the third floor, quickly get off it and walk over to the waiting room and hugs Leroy. He’s pacing back and forward and looks a mess. His clothes are torn and have mud and stain all over them.

He runs and embraces his mother as a tear rolls down both of his cheeks. He tells Mama Xin he was afraid for Laura and wasn’t sure if the babies would make it. He had a big bruise on his forehead that shines and an ugly cut on his lower lip.


Leroy shared with his mother how devastated he was when he witnesses, one of the kidnappers throw Laura in the water. And when her body flowed under he told Mama Xin he felt as if he would breathe his last breath, and he could see an image of his daddy with his arms held out to him welcoming him away from this world.

He told Mama Xin He’s not sure how nor does he remember how he received the strength, but he overpowered the guy holding him and dive in after Laura after her body floats to the bottom of the water. Within minutes of dragging her body to safety Mark and his guy was standing there with their gun on the kidnappers.

“I ministered CPR to Laura,” said Leroy and it seems as if it took the paramedic forever to come. Although it wasn’t a long time, she coughed up lots of water and the doctors said they are not sure how much water flowed down to the babies nor have I heard the news as far as how they are doing.

The doctor came to the waiting room and talked to Leroy and Mama Xin. He shared with them, he had to do a C-section (Cesarean Delivery) to deliver the babies. The doctor shared that one baby is doing okay, but the second child inhales more of the water and on a machine to breathe and under heat to warm as he went into a shaking shock from the cold water and they hope he pulls through.

The doctor explains, Laura being thrown into to the icy water and the too cold water alters her blood flow to the uterus which leads her to go into an early labor. Therefore, both babies were delivered at 36 and a half weeks of the pregnancy.


Leroy asked, how Laura is doing? The doctor shared she is not in the best of health at this moment, but she should be okay. She came through the Cesarean Delivery just fine and they expect her to pull through, but they need to keep her a couple of days to monitor her and ensure all well from the delivery.

That was the best news to Mama Xin’s ears. Leroy can finally breathe again, as he felt the severe pain in his chest from the pain he encounters from his bruised ribs as he inhales in a deep breath.

Leroy needed to see his babies and baby mama. Can I see them ask Leroy? The doctor shared He can see Laura and one of the babies, but he would need to wait an hour or two before he could visit the second baby.

As Leroy and Mama Xin walk off to see Laura they did not know that Laura ex-husband’s baby mama ends up in adjacent hospital rooms. Also, she gave birth to a son and a daughter. A funny interaction results between the doctors and the two sets of twins.

Jeannette was very ill upon delivery her babies. After delivery, one of Laura’s baby is taken away because he needs immediate medical attention. As the doctors oversee the complication the set of twins are mixed up and the parents are not sure which sets of “twins” is their babies.

Jeannette dies a day after giving birth, Laura, ex-husband is in jail and no family member is concerned or cares enough to take care of the twins Jeannette gave birth to. Laura, ex-husband sign away his rights as the father.

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Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 8

till-deathMama Xin sits reminiscing about losing her husband to a stroke years ago which left her to raise two children alone. She sacrificed a lot to raise a teenage daughter and an adolescence, son to ensure they both had food to eat, shelter and that they could have some form of happiness.

Although she tried and desired to do more she just wasn’t able to give them the clothes or the things other children in school received. Sometimes things were very hard and children at school would laugh at them for not being as fortunate as them.

But one thing she did manage to do is make sure they didn’t lose out on their education or become losers in gangs or hooked on drugs like some children in the neighborhood that are being raised in a single parent home.

Leroy and Liz were brought up in the poorest part of Chicago, Illinois and Mama Xin did everything within her power to protect them both from the gangs, drugs and all the awful things that were going on in the streets that go together with the inconvenience things.

Liz was the kind that loved feeling dominant and the boss of everything and for that reason, she fought with Leroy a lot. Leroy was the type who loved being loyal and helping others, even if they did have a bad character and always tried to make peace with his sister.

Although Mama Xin raised them in the worse underprivileged part of Chicago, she was always available for them. Striving to raise two children alone, she watched them grow into two little individuals with different personalities. She knew they both would grow up to make her proud one day because they had one thing in common to lead them in the right direction. They had her to guide and look after them.

Mama Xin reminisces about Leroy’s best friend, Morgan. He had met him on the school playground and she knew he was nothing but trouble and had warned Leroy about playing on the devil’s territory. He liked feeling privileged to have a friend, even if he did have a bad reputation. It was wanting an acquaintance that mattered to him, rather than listen to the warning his mother gave him or the way that other people saw him.


As Mama Xin was reminiscing she gets interrupted by the phone ringing. She answers the phone to be excited to hear the voice of her daughter Liz. “Hello Mother,” “how are you. “I received a message from Leroy to call home for a family emergency, what’s going on?” said Liz.

Mama Xin replied, “I am happy to hear your voice, Leroy probably was calling because I was held hostage by kidnappers for ransom.” “Oh my God, mother How could that happening?” – “I will keep in touch more,” said Liz.

“I am okay and I was praying for Laura when you called, I was freed, but she is still with the kidnappers and the abductors are money hungry so, I am praying she comes home safe,” said Mama Xin.

“Whose Laura?” said, Liz. “She’s Leroy girlfriend,” replied Mama Xin. “I hired her to redecorate my house while Leroy was in the hospital.” She also a Business Attorney.

What? Replied Liz, “Leroy was in the hospital, a lot has gone on since we last talk.”

“Yes,” replied Mama Xin. “A lot has happened and went wrong.” “I will never stop praying and trusting, that if I just keep praying, trusting God, that things will change and fortune will be on our side, one day.”

Mama Xin enjoyed talking with her daughter, but she had a kidnapping seminar to attend and she did not want to be late. This seminar has helped many victims to not live in fear, protect themselves and turn from a victim to less of a target.

The seminar was titled, “How not to be a victim giving the ordinary person the capabilities to defend themselves.” Mama Xin fit in perfectly and her desired were to NEVER feel helpless again, especially since she’s a widow being alone and some people love preying on the older individuals with no protector.


Mama Xin was ready to learn all the essential the seminar covered like how to avoid the most common mistakes when coming home at night in the dark or traveling alone to dangerous places. She really loved learning what body action to display, what to say or not to say, and what to do or not do and how not to present fear.

Mama Xin first couple of classes were very hard for her, the soreness she encountered. When she had to counter punch or flip her opponent and they do the same to her was not easy, but she was determined to know how to defend herself.

The class covered how to know if you’re being followed, preparation, planning, and emergency actions, escape the trap laid for you and it outlines all the stuff that made Mama Xin feel safe and not live in fear after her abduction.

Mama Xin main purpose of taking this seminar is to know what to do if she’s unarmed in worst-case situations. She even went and purchase a gun and became certified to carry a weapon. It’s best to be prepared as one will never know if they find themselves in a bad situation and It’s nothing like being prepared and able to defend yourself.

After returning home Mama Xin soaked her aching body in the tub. It is tiresome for Mama Xin waiting to hear words from Leroy with news on freeing Laura. She lay down to relax and fell asleep from a long exasperating day.

The phone woke her up ringing, she reached over and answered it, it was Louise, Mama Xin sister. She was so happy to hear from her. It’s good to talk with you, I was so worried when I learned you were kidnapped, said, Louise.


Twenty minutes after Mama Xin hung up the new break caught her attention on the television. The only thing Mama Xin could think of was what if the News was about Leroy and Laura, and what they could be going through in their terrible situation.

The News covered the kidnapping story of Laura being held hostage from her ex-husband, she married him when they were fresh out of high school. He was her high school sweetheart, but the married didn’t last, it went sour a little over a year after they married.

The news explains how the kidnapper held his ex-wife hostage for ransom. He needs money and felt he was not going to allow his ex-wife to live it up in richness while he lives in poverty.

He was unable to get spousal support from her after the divorce. Plus the guy the ex-wife now dating, the ex-husband read in fortune 500 he’s a billionaire, so he kidnapped her and the mother for ransom.

The mother was fortunate enough to be freed a couple days ago, but the Ex-husband the kidnapper was still holding the ex-wife for money as he’s a junkie on crack/cocaine who need money that just got out of jail. He has now been caught but his guy still at large with the ex-wife and boyfriend, He’s now in custody and is headed right back to lock down.

The kidnapping took a wrong turn after the briefcase shown to the abductor was filled with money, but in that one brief moment, the kidnapper was distracted it was switched with one filled with Newspapers.

Before they could leave the driveway the kidnapper held up the bundles of torn up paper asked: “What’s this?” That moment things got a little out of control and the ex-wife and boyfriend drove off afraid the kidnappers would take their life.

Out of the excitement, Mark shouted at his men “You know what the kidnappers will do if they get the money.” The car drove down the driveway toward a dock where there was a lake filled with water.

The car pulled to a halt at the edge of the wharf where Leroy was forced to bring it to a stop. The kidnapper immediately ran to grab the car door open and take hold of him and Laura beginning to drag them toward the water’s edge.

Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 7

tillIt’s been three days since Leroy received a call for the ransom on behalf of his Mother and girlfriend. For Leroy, life has been full of darkness where every day seems to be a night with no light involved toward bringing the daylights.

It’s hard for Leroy to imagine life without his mother and the love of his life, Laura. Without them both, He feels as if someone is holding a plastic bag over his head determine to smugger him. Feeling as if he had limited air, Leroy pulls open the curtain and window. He sits and waits for the kidnapper to call as his imagination run wild.

Determined not to allow his mind to get the best of him Leroy begin to looks out the window at the neighbor, Ms. Lord. She sits on her front porch. She notices Leroy near the window and waves, but Leroy did not signal back. Wondering if he’s okay, Ms. Lord walked over, across the street rang the doorbell to check on Leroy. Leroy slowly gets up from his seat to walk to the door and answered it.

Ms. Lord is a widow, her husband died a little over a year ago, and she has been waiting for an opportunity to spin Leroy up in her web since she read in Fortune 500, He was a Billionaire.

Ms. Lord keeps her eyes on the house at all times so; she knows Mama Xin is not home, Leroy is alone. She intends to take advantage of Leroy stage of mind. She can tell something is going on, he’s not his self, and she hopes to be the shoulder he can lean on.

Can I come in, said, Ms. Lord? This is not a good time replied Leroy. However, Ms. Lord was not hearing him she steps pass Leroy and sit down on the couch. Leroy closes the door and asks how I may help you.


Ms. Lord grabs Leroy and sits him close to her. She immediately starts kissing him on his neck. Leroy pushed free of her. She stands up and hops on his lap, pinning him down and ripping his shirt off. The phone rang and Leroy never in his life was so happy to hear a ring that possibly was the worse News of the kidnapping.

Pulling himself free of Ms. Lord, excuse me said, Leroy. He walks over to the end table pick up his phone to answer it. Please, I need to take this call, it’s the important call I have been waiting for. Ms. Lord leaves, Leroy hoped it was the kidnapper telling him where to meet him. But It was Aunt Louise, she asks if it were any words on her sister.

Leroy was so happy to hear from his aunt. Most of all he felt it was the call that saved him from the neighbor who attacks him unexpectedly. Leroy replied I am still waiting for the News. Leroy was so in need of someone to talk to and took advantage of his Aunt being on the phone; she gave him encouraging words. Aunt Louise told Leroy, you are your mama son and you can handle the worse of any situation.

She went on to say, although it may seem as if you don’t know what to do and I am sure this is one of the hardest situations you ever had to endure, you can withstand. When you were a child, I used to tell your mother; you were a child trapped inside an old man’s body because you were so much more mature than your sister Liz, although she is three years older than you.

Leroy shared with Aunt Louise he has not heard from Liz in a little over a year. She married a wealthy movie director and moved away. Liz husband travels a lot producing movie all over the world and Liz goes with him. She even an actress in most of the films he produces.


Leroy tells Aunt Louise the last he heard Liz and Curtis were in Japan doing a drama that many felt would be a multimillion seller base on the film, King Kong taking over Japan. Curtis is famous for drama and horror movies. Leroy went on to say, and I feel my life consist of drama, maybe one day I can sit down with my brother-in-law and write a movie of my life for him to produce I’m sure all I been through it would be a sellout.

Leroy and Aunt Louise laugh as he shared with her it would be nice to have his sister around to be supportive in one of the worse of time. I believe Liz would want to be around for mother if she knew. Aunt Louise urges Leroy to call Liz and tell her.


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Mystery Unraveled; A Honeymoon That Never Was Part 2

Mystery_Unraveled_wide_t_nv1This mystery surrounds one woman who has spent seven years mourning and longing to be with the love of her life, Henry. It tells the ups and downs she endured. Furthermore, when she gives up hopes, he’s alive, she finally receives information from a case she working on that is evidence that He might still be alive.

Although Pasty wants to feel grateful for the information and pray it turns out to be a reality; in a way, she can’t help but feel like life is ruthless, and as if Henry is calling out to her, wanting her to search and find him. Read on.

Seven years have passed since Henry disappeared and Pasty is tired of waiting and hoping He would walk through the door. In truth, she starts to feel if the last six years had been any indication he returns, she holds on to hope and find a way to maintain her faith.

She even takes another look at the clock, but the time is winding down, and Pasty refuses to continue living her life on the edge. Nor does she wish to keep lying to her son he’s away in the military. She feels its time for her to pick up the pieces of what’s left of her life and start living.

Pasty refuses to continue feeling down, depressed, lonely and self-pitying herself. She already wasted too much of her time. She needs something to do; she starts job searching and shortly after she accepted a job as a journalist.

Pasty begins writing ads in the Mystery home Journal assisting people in need of mystery clues, uncovering evidence. She enjoyed spending a lot of her time putting out facts and picking up on the signs that reveal the guilty. She was good at pointing the finger at the right criminal, and people looked to her as the next Nancy Drew.

Writings were Pasty passion, her major, and she holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology. Although, she loves writing about mystery and revealing the clues and sticking it to the criminal she wanted to help people who heart is aching.

Wanting to do more, Pasty quit her job and begin her own advice column. Pasty enjoyed giving guidance that put a smile on others face and hopes in their heart. Though now and then people would still turn to her when they needed a mystery revealed.

honemoon mystery
Moreover, Pasty dreamed of the perfect honeymoon her and Henry would of experience if he returned. Nothing she had foreseen, nothing she could have ever imagined could have brought forth the hurt and pain she experiences when Henry vanishes without a trace.

Also, trying to prevent herself from daydreaming hopeless fantasies of her and Henry she works long hours helping others.

One guy in particular contact Pasty in need of her help. Larry Neal, an airplane pilot who was married but spend a lot of time with one of the flight attendants, has placed himself in the worse position that he doesn’t want to be in. Now, Larry’s life is unraveling. His wife knows he is lying to her. His deception has torn his entire family apart. The flight attendant he has been meeting at the hotel twice a week has vanished and reported missing. Larry is the last person to see her alive, so her family thinks.

And as the police look into Patricia disappearance, suspicion points to Larry. The officers feel in a heated argument Larry killed Patricia and did away with her body. Larry is desperate to clear his name and save his marriage. He contacts Pasty to help him prove he is innocent.

The investigation reveals Patricia the (flight attendant) was blackmailing Larry to continue a relationship with her. He realizes to start sleeping with her was one of the biggest mistakes he could have ever made and He tried to end it.

Pasty so desires to help Larry and at the same time felt it might help her to move on with her life or prevail what happens to Henry. She spends endless time searching and looking for clues as to what happened to Patricia.

Patricia parent was pushing for the death sentencing for Larry and was not pleased that he was out of jail on parole, but without a body and more evidence they were unable to hold Larry.

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Mystery Unraveled; a Honeymoon that Never Was!

mystery 2People usually say that being newlyweds is very enjoying, and the honeymoon that comes into the picture is a sweet and memorable experience of a lifetime. Newlyweds often look forward to their honeymoon since it would be the time for them to experience the highest level of affection. The couple, Patsy, and Henry thought that a honeymoon trip to Mauritius was one of the best things they could ever experience in their life. This is something they had both been planning for a long time.

Henry was a sailor by passion, and he always loved exploring new places. His last voyage before their grand wedding was to prepare for their dream honeymoon destination. This was a year before their marriage. Henry wanted to find the best tourist spots they would visit during their honeymoon trip. However, everything did not happen according to plan. Imagine how it would have felt for your loved one to disappear suddenly despite all the preparations and plans. I can feel the pain and hopelessness that will always be over your head like a dark cloud.

This is a story of a young couple who were about to get married, Henry and Patsy. Getting married is something they had both been looking forward to, and their dream honeymoon destination was Mauritius. Just a year before their grand wedding, Henry decided to sail ahead to the beautiful island of Mauritius to prepare for their dream honeymoon trip to the island. However, until the present, Patsy, despite all hopelessness, is still waiting to see and be with the love of her life, Henry. Where could Henry be? No news or phone calls. The search for Henry by the government resulted in no information regarding his whereabouts or condition, and Patsy is profoundly depressed. Is there any end in sight to this mystery? Read on.

The five years that have passed without Henry has been excruciatingly painful and unacceptable to Pasty. Every day, she wakes up to pray and seeks solace from close friends, families, and relatives, but no news has ever informed her regarding the whereabouts of Henry. Pasty and Henry had been planning their marriage since their college days. They both knew; nothing in this world would make them feel so complete, happy and satisfied in achieving their goals together.

For Patsy, it has been lonely and endless moments of pain, but she still waited for each new day to see or hear from her loved one again. Agony and intolerability have been the result of each passing day since the day Henry sailed forth to Mauritius. The thought of Henry would always remind her of the sweet memories they had spent together and especially during their college days. “I do not know where to start, but the search for my husband has been a painful experience and especially now that, his son and only child John is old enough to start going to school said, Patsy. She wishes she could hit the reset button and start over.

On that fateful day when Henry left for Mauritius, they made love, “I am always scared, I spend my days crying, hoping and wishing to see him again “narrates Patsy.” The only thing I do not want to think is the possibility of never seeing him again “she asserts. Henry and Patsy began dating back in college. According to many, they were naturally meant for each other. They complemented each other in many ways and were destined to get married and live a happy life together.

To this day, Henry body was nowhere to be found, and self-destruction seemed unlikely. Pasty waits, hoping to uncover the mystery in the disappearance of her love, as it aches her heart every day. “It has been five years since I bid him goodbye with a hug, assuming he would return soon for our wedding,” says Patsy amid sobs. This is probably the worst experience anyone sincerely in love can go through. They had been talking on the phone until the time Henry wished her goodnight. That was the last word she ever heard from her man. She wanted to settle down and have beautiful children together, but life can be ruthless and ruin a beautiful dream that was blossoming into a full flare of happiness and love.

There have been mind-boggling stories of mysterious disappearances of planes, ships, sailors, and even divers with no trace of their whereabouts. While some have been found kidnapped or killed, however, for Patsy, it has been years of agony and a story that still doesn’t have an ending. The government had deployed its navy to search for the lost citizen in the raging waters of the Indian Ocean but still no trace. He never drowned in the vast waters of the Ocean. His boat was found docked along the Beach of Mauritius Island, and this finding has complicated the search for Henry.

This sounded more perplexing than fiction and perhaps a complicated situation with no sensible approach. According to the authorities, families, friend, and relatives, Henry anchored safely on the coastline of Mauritius but what remains a mystery is his whereabouts for over five years with no trace. Records indicate that he had checked into one of the hotels on the day of his arrival but what had happened after that? No one knows where he could have gone the following day when he woke up. He loved sailing and fishing a lot. Being a sailor always means to be on the go too far lands and islands. It is always about discovering new places.

While the search for a missing sailor continues, for Patsy, it is a wait and watches the scenario. Patsy believes that Henry is still in the woods of Mauritius, or perhaps towards the south where he had been stuck in a place with no network to enable him to communicate with the people back home. It is hard to guess mainly because sailors love to do many things, like fishing. Discovery is always a top priority, and just like the ones who sailed many centuries ago and came back with the news of new finds and artifacts.

Back home, Henry had sired a baby boy whom Patsy named John. Five years is a long time, and John has reached the age of attending kindergarten. He began asking his mom about the whereabouts of his dad. It is probably one of the most difficult things to explain and especially to a boy of John’s age. At the age of five to ten, children tend to be curious and inquisitive. This is something Patsy finds challenging to cope with and sometimes get furious about. The only thing she tells John is that his father has gone on a long journey and would soon be back. Sometimes it forces her to hide herself in agony as the wait is too agonizing, and she does not want her only child to know about it. The memories of Henry keep lingering in Patsy’s mind, and the presence of a son they have together reminded her so much of her loved one.

Patsy expected that Henry would be away for only four months. However, it took longer, and Patsy began to worry. He had not sent her an email, and the only phone call she received was on the fateful day Henry left. In the fifth month, Patsy, could not bear it anymore. There was no news about Henry. The story about Henry being gone went viral. A search was organized with the assistance of the government. While some claimed he could have probably never sailed, others said he crossed over to Mauritius. Every day for about one year, print and broadcast media ran the story and pictures of Henry. They even published the sufferings of the lonely wife waiting for him. It was the talk of the town. It was a tense year for both the families of Henry’s and Patsy’s. Hopes of ever finding Henry dwindled among many, including the government until the search was closed after one and a half years. The press interviewed Patsy, and each media house, both broadcast, and print had their own account, analysis, and approach of the story.

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Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 6

till death do us

Mama Xin visits her husband’s grave. She always goes to see Him and talks with him when she feels stressed and has to make decisions. She still gets insight when she speaks to Him; she talks to Him about Leroy is in the hospital fighting for his life.

Mama Xin expresses how Leroy did what he always set out to do from a little boy, and that becomes rich. And most of all how he would be so proud of Him for his hard worked, and he so deserves it.

Our son was put in the hospital, and nobody knows what happened or who did it, but I am almost sure it was a greedy person in chase of His money. I want to make sure they don’t succeed in their plans. Everything rests on my shoulder, and I must admit I feel a little over my head in the chaos.

Roy was Mama Xin dead husband, He was an FBI agent who was good at cracking any case, and he always brought his work home and shared his insight with Mama Xin. They would sit and talk for hours at a time. Mama Xin would help him solve the case. He died of a stroke from dedication and working too many long hours. Not knowing when to stop and take care of himself, He spends thirty-three years as an agent.

When Mama Xin speaks to Him in the grave, it’s the same similar situation to her. In her mind, she can hear him replying to her, and they talk over a critical condition and finds a solution.

It’s as if Mama Xin can hear her husband saying to her, “Baby go home, relax and do something to settle your mind the person meant to help you will come to you and will be concerned about our son.” You will know them when they come, and you will know how to ask and accept their help.

You have always been someone who can go beyond preconceived ideas to meet a great challenge. You help me solve the worst of crimes, and you will succeed in helping Leroy. You already know what you have to do, and you know how to do it, don’t worry, but support and revenge our son.

After leaving the grave, Mama Xin didn’t feel so torn. By the time she made it home, she felt better and had insight as far as what she wanted to do. Although Roy is gone, Mama Xin still feels he knows how to lift her spirit from the grave.

She decided she wants a fresh start and she wants to begin by redecorating different rooms in her home. Mama Xin wishes to start with Leroy’s room. She searched and read reviews; then she calls a decorator from the yellow pages. Laura Baldwin was the young lady Mama Xin choose to redecorate her home. When Laura agreed to accept the job, she had no idea whatsoever she was decorating the guy’s mother’s house; she had the hots for since high school


The next day as Laura enters the room to begin decorating, she notices a picture on the dresser that caught her attention. She asks Mama Xin who is this on this picture? She replied that’s my son. Leroy. Laura’s mouth flew open. She said, ma’am, I heard and seen on the news your son in the hospital fighting for his life, I am sorry, how is he doing? Mama Xin replied, “He strong and a fighter like his mother and I know he will get better.” We have been friends since High School, and He’s in my prayers, said, Laura.

Laura also shared with Mama Xin she used to work as a business attorney because it’s what her mother’s desire for her life, but decorating was her passion. She wanted to fill her desire so, she quit as an attorney and started her own decorating company.

Mama Xin knew immediately after speaking with Laura her prayers were answered. She asks her could she get her legal opinion on a business matter Laura was more than happy to help.

Mama Xin shares with Laura that the company stands a chance of a hostile takeover. Laura talked to Mama Xin about the staggered board of directors, a supermajority, Dual-class stock, and the golden parachute and She explains each one to her. Laura asks Mama Xin, who’s the company owners? Mama Xin replied, “My son,” but I need to make decisions on his behalf while he is unable to do so. Mama Xin shared as to why she needed help. Laura said, “We have work to do.” They begin putting together a plan on how to save the company.


Laura knew they had to make the best and wise decision to place the company back into good standing. The first thing she did was check out the attorney over the business because money changes the most loyal person if they, not a right doing person and no one checking behind them. Laura also took the time to do a background check on the buyer to determine if it’s in the company best interest to allow Him to invest in the company by purchasing Lloyd and Evan shares.

Laura even hires a new producer to develop all the content necessary to carry out successful shows. Things were beginning to fall back into place. Laura and Mama Xin were becoming closer; she loves spending time with her. They would visit Leroy together and make sure he had whatever he needs.

Although the attorney was doing his job for the company, Mama Xin fired him and hired Laura to work as the attorney until Leroy well enough to make others plan. Laura did not know who Cliff was so he slips through the peephole and purchase Lloyd and Evan shares of the company through his buddy, Norman. He represented Cliff so well.

When Leroy was stable and better, Mama Xin shares with Him all Laura did to assist her. Leroy was so grateful and thank Laura for all her help. He talked to Mama Xin about His ex-buddy and told her as conniving as Morgan was, I used to think He genuinely appreciated me as a friend, but I found out he saw the potential in me for what it was, ‘his meal ticket to the big times.’ Had I seen Morgan for the con he was then and only then would I have seen the betrayal before it took place.

Leroy did not know at that time that Morgan was only half of his problem, He had an additional issue waiting to happen. Cliff was already working toward making sure one thing happens. They take over the company by making Leroy look dishonest. Cliff felt it would work to his advantage if he can make Leroy look the same way his other three business associates was which is dishonest.

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Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 5

till death doOften life has taught us that the best of friends is those that we have grown with and have shared a lifetime of countless memories with us. It may be true, but in some cases, some of these ‘Best friends’ turn out to be mere opportunists walking in our shadows for if the devil keeps them there until an angel decides to pity us and dawn light on these fake, leech-like friends.

One such tale is that of Leroy and Morgan. In a nutshell, Leroy was the emulation of a good friend and Morgan a specimen of the complete opposite. They met when they were young and grew up together, bonding with every chance, but their background was the most reliable adhesive in their relationship. Like everyone else, children often have a desire to be around mates that identify with whom they are and where they are from and a shared background of poverty was the ideal foundation that kept these two going despite their differences in character.

For most of their life, Leroy and Morgan were good friends who held on to a pinky swear that someday they shall pursue their dreams of becoming rich together. The positives in Leroy did attract the negatives in Morgan just as the old saying, opposites attract.

Leroy genuinely cherished Morgan, and for some time Morgan managed to fool him, he showed the same affection to him, he held on for a while until their childhood days were over and the weight of maturity as adults kicked in. They turned out to be exactly what their characters predicted; Leroy an educated geek and Morgan, a prevalent con artist. As adults, Leroy was first in to be graced by the world of employment, and after some time, Morgan shared ideas of an entrepreneurial spirit.

businessAfter Leroy and Morgan start their own business, their years of activities together were successful, and it was a celebrated day for Leroy after that they had employees of their own and as the company reached the multimillion ranks it soon turned into Billions. And what seemed like a happy ever after, ‘dreams come true’ tale, was scattered and short-lived when Leroy discovers all the schemes that Morgan has been pulling on him.

This revelation is a defining moment in their friendship, but it’s no secret that things won’t help but get sour and complicated between them. Although growing up Leroy and Morgan were not so wealthy with richness, but they shared something so much better, an extraordinary friendship. Their bond was unique, and it practically glued them together like Siamese twins, from early childhood until one unfortunate day when…one friend decides to allow jealousy and greed to fill his heart.

Moreover, it was Leroy, who put in the hard labor to fulfill the promise the two friends agreed upon a pinky swear. Although they were two children who grew up in poverty as adults, they save their life from spiraling down the abyss and took the right path towards finding and fulfilling a long life promise to become millionaire business partners together that grew to Billions.

Friendship, Faith, Trust, Honesty, Virtue. What do these values mean? I am quite sure that most of you, the reading populace is familiar with or at least slightly aware of the age-old adages that; ‘opposites attract,’ ‘it takes two to tango,’ ‘you shouldn’t judge the book by its cover,’ to scream out just a few. Oh yeah, I almost left out this dozy, ‘Sharper than a Double-Edged Sword.’ Humph, I guess we could go on and on but let’s drop the hook, line, and sinker right here so I can wiggle some sweet and salty lure to tease your imagination about the venture you are about to slide into. If by chance things get a little ‘icky-icky, pause a moment and ask yourself how could he possibly let that get by him or what in the world made him do that.

Diverse-Mystery-Blog-PostThank you for riding along with me this far, and I pray that some of the anecdotes you come across while reading the other part of this thrilling mystery and intrigue story will open your eyes and provide solutions to your own or maybe even a friend of your life situation(s). I hope you enjoyed reading these different sections of stories, I certainly have had the pleasure of providing them. Now, back to where I left off. Mama Xin, Leroy’s mother, is sitting in the waiting room in sincere prayer, praying that her son pulls through surgery as she hasn’t heard any news since they rolled him away an hour in a half ago.

No one entirely sure what happened, but from the scene where he was found, they think Leroy was drinking heavily and someone saw Him sitting in his office and hit him from behind and He fell to the floor injuring himself more. The doctor said the hard-hit over the head and the fall Leroy sustained are brutal, and they are taking a very power toll on him. Dr. Lawrence hopes to repair the brain damage Leroy endured, so he has a chance to recover. Lloyd and Evan arrived hugged mama Xin brought flowers a ‘get well soon’ card and ask any news on Leroy.

Mama Xin told them she still waiting for the doctor to come with the result of the surgery and how Leroy is doing. Lloyd and Evan shared with mama Xin that Morgan has the company in chaos and they are in the mid of striving to put everything back into perspective, and with Leroy being in the hospital makes matters seem worse than it is.
thriller-elements-chartMama Xin spoke as if she was holding up well and stable. You couldn’t tell by looking at her, but she was frail apparently too unwell to be walking around, but she knew better than to show it to Leroy’s friend and business partner, so they worry. “And she asks are one of these bundles of flowers for me?” “Yes ma’am,” Lloyd replied. She took them and mumbled a silent thank you.

Lloyd told mama Xin that the attorney was working on stopping a $10 million head start advance money Morgan was attempting to pull out of the company and his 30 % share in the business. We were hoping you could step up and help us by using Leroy 40% to assist up to finalize removing Morgan and changing his 30 percent share over as Leroy had already started the process. He was injured before he completed the deal.

Lloyd and Evan hoped mama Xin was an old lady with no brain that would trust them and she would go along with whatever they told her so the 30% share stripped from Morgan would be divided between them and Leroy when originally it was supposed to go to Leroy.

Although Leroy made it through surgery and was placed in his own private room, he was in no shape to make a business deal, so mama Xin was the person to make all the decision concerning the business. She was not the empty head lady Lloyd, and Evan thought she was, and learning they were trying to lead her to divide shares that goes back to her son made her suspicious of Lloyd and Evan but she never showed them she suspects them of being the one to hit her son over the head three days ago.

In fact, she was intelligent enough to lead them to believe she was leaning on them for advice and trust them to guide us concerning the company. Who would ever guess mama Xin would be the key to learning Lloyd and Evan were the ones who hit her son over the head.

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Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 4

till deathIt is graduation day for Morgan and Leroy. Leroy is a hugely successful student in the classroom and came very close to winning top honors in the graduating class. Deep in his soul, he knew he could’ve gotten straight A’s if he hadn’t spent time being supportive and comforting Morgan when his girlfriend Renee got killed in a deal that went south from a plan He put into effect. Leroy wasn’t complaining; it was a small matter to him because he felt that Morgan was his best friend in the entire world. He was a little concern as to what happened to the criminal that fled the scene with their five hundred dollars Morgan place on top of Newspaper. Life, as they both knew it changed in a way neither, could imagine and He hopes he never has to come encounter with such a high-profile thief ever again, although deep down, he knew that someday when they least expect it, that part of their life would return to bite them both in the behind.

Leroy looked across the assembly hall at, in his mind the only real friend he’d ever had, Morgan, who was beaming brightly in his cap and gown. He lowered his eyes and gingerly shook his head, mentally patting himself on the back, proud of his marvelous accomplishment for pulling Morgan up by the drawstrings, so he was able to complete his high school education finally. When they’d first met, it wasn’t long before Leroy found out that Morgan was three years older than him and had failed classes repeatedly over the years. When Morgan first met Renee, He never told her his real age. It was because he was ashamed of being in the 11th grade at nineteen, he allowed her to believe he was sixteen. She died believing he was seventeen when he was really twenty years old.


Leroy had taken the Morgan nonchalant attitude towards education like he’d accepted everything else about Him, like a grain of salt. The mere fact that he viewed him as being a problem student and slow to learn was enough for him to devote a lot of his time to making Morgan a better student. But in actuality, Morgan just didn’t care about school or anything else other than conning folk out of whatever he deemed valuable. Moreover, Morgan, whose crazy ideas often held him back from surging forward, even though he was confident that they would work. It indeed wasn’t Morgan’s desire to do the right thing more so than the evil spirit in him that was only satisfied when he was taking advantage of an opportunity that fit in the realm of his nature to con someone. After losing what he thought would take him to big times, He’d decided that Leroy would be his meal ticket to the big times.

As the time passes, Leroy was a young man destined to succeed. If only he could see the weight holding him down from the guy he considers his best friend. He is attending a North Central College in the suburbs of Chicago in his junior year, but knew he needed to take advantage of his business savvy as soon as possible, knowing he had to get his plan started and build it from the ground up. Leroy was a much more a practical person than Morgan and instead of just thinking things he was equally driven in making them happen. After, a couple of frustrating weeks of looking for employment, he finally found something that caught his interest. Leroy keenly reads through the help wanted ad that said ‘Are you hardworking, motivated and energetic? If your answer is yes to all three questions, why not work for a local TV Station that reaches 50 million households nationally? Do you want to learn to be one of the best of the best? If so, WKNG-TV Channel 19 has the internship for you!’ Interest applicant sends applications to Mary Williams. Internship Application Deadline: Autumn Internship – Application deadline is October 15, 2018. The applicant selected will go through training during November and part of December. The applicant chosen will start working on January 5, 2019.


The requirements: This is a highly competitive paid job for an internship program. What We Want: Someone who can tell stories with creative words, pictures, and sound? This internship is a highly demanding position that can lead to an immersive career. Our production company is looking to hire a full-time Intern. WKNG-TV Channel 19 is searching for a person who can have a hand in, theatrical documentary films that will bring stimulating stories to international audiences. You must be available to work on all scheduled days. You will be exposed to all shifts in the broadcast day. To be considered for a WKNG-TV Channel 19 paid internship, each applicant must: Be currently attending college as an undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a degree in broadcasting/ journalism or a related field. Have achieved at least a two-year status. You must have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Be willing and able to train all scheduled days during the 9-week internship. To apply: Submit a cover letter introducing yourself and providing your personal contact information. Submit a resume. Write a one-page essay summarizing your interests and knowledge and experience that match the internship and why you should be chosen for this position.

Leroy immediately fell in love with what he read, and within no time his mind was wandering, trying to figure out how he will get his application on board. It took him two days to get his documents ready, and on the third, he sent his application. Morgan as a friend gave him the heartfelt encouragement that he needed, and when the waiting period was over, and it was confirmed that Leroy would be joining the TV station as an intern, they were both overjoyed. For a young man with Leroy’s background, landing this internship was like a dream come true, and he dove into the opportunity head first determined to succeed at all levels. He lost count of the endless hours he spent working on any, and everything asked of him involving the business during which he learned many exciting things about the company, digested and absorbed all the ins and outs like a desperate sponge in no time at all.

The entire staff was amazed at how prudent and diligent he was at every task asked of him. “Although Leroy worked as an intern, He was not guaranteed a full-time job, but He does have a good shot at getting a full-time position at the company if He performs well.” Leroy felt in his heart accepting the Internship was the beginning of a Business Deal. After the internship period, the WKNG-TV Channel 19 production team saw it fit to retain Leroy and with full-time employment. Working at a WKNG-TV station pleased him, and he took full advantage of the opportunity. Morgan was still doing his usual penny-ante con hustling for chump change and steadily contributing to their nest egg. Morgan didn’t care how many people or who he left penniless, he only wanted to add to his checking account.


Moreover, he had to hustle a little harder to contribute to the account as he lost the income doing lawn service when Renee died and her mother Patricia took over, she fired him. She felt Morgan was the reason her daughter was in that Park to get killed. Morgan is still beating himself up over that enormous mistake and makes it a point to be aware of how fast Leroy is advancing as an intern at WKNG-TV Channel 19. He just bided his time for his opportunity to get snuck into its ranks. Morgan didn’t have to wait long because a mere three months later his friend was promoted to an executive management position. Morgan focused on Leroy’s promotion and knew precisely how he was going to orchestrate his move, he silently whispered to Leroy. “Hey man, don’t you think it’s a waste of your time cashing in for another company when you can make money in your own business? You earned a commendable promotion in no time, and that alone shows you how good you are at what you do. You ready to operate your own company and I’m like 100% prepared to run the full course with you. The vote of confidence gave Leroy the antsy pants, and he went for it. Leroy resigned from his job to begin a business career with his longtime friend. They both had savings, and use it, and they took out a big loan and started investigating avenues to get their own TV station started. It took Leroy only a couple of weeks to put all the necessary pieces together and put all the people (his crew) together and links in the industry to get everything started and bring Morgan in as his business partner. Leroy still didn’t have an inkling of how devious and self-centered his buddy was and opened every tidbit of knowledge he’d devoured and the step by step maneuvers they would undertake. Morgan was still a simpleton when it came to studious things, but he didn’t miss an iota of a beat when it came to taking advantage of making crooked money.

Leroy thought their relationship exemplified the old adage that two minds, two heads, two completely different lifestyles, and two souls can blend for the betterment of both when dedicated to one another. That even though they may be of a different mindset, together they can accomplish any goal they aim towards. The blending and unity of their separate, unique talents into a successful team working for the good of all will eventually balance their individual flaws or shortcomings of the team as a whole. WHANL TV Channel 21 was established, and Morgan dived into their partnership with the soul idea and purpose of doing whatever it took to take over and running every asset the company acquired when the timing was right. How it was going to affect Leroy in the business world and life period wasn’t even given a second thought, deceive and conquer that was his only motive. Two years flared on like the melting wax on a heating candlestick; the WHANL TV Channel 21 and the Morgan/Leroy business association are now in its second anniversary. Leroy took over and made it his duty to promote inspirational and motivator documentary films which made viewers think, believe what they watched, happy and satisfied. The rating was very high.

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Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 3

MurderMystery-buttonMorgan and Leroy are having lunch together when a stranger walks over to the table. He was the type of guy that had been raised in the hood and even admired some of the hoodlums they had grown up with because at times He practiced the all so familiar Robin Hood antics, robbing the rich to give to the poor and needy. So, it wasn’t hard for Him to see that Morgan loved living his life on the edge. It disgusted Morgan because unlike the Robin Hoods; he did not have the heart to care for whatever happened to or even come to the assistance of other people around him that didn’t have enough money to live life to the fullest. The stranger asks Morgan, Are you interested in the news about your partner in crime.” “Excuse me, I am not sure I understand what you mean,” replied Morgan. Well, let me help you to grasp what I mean. Your friend, Jim, I have your partner in crime locked up in my basement. “Who are You,” yelled Morgan. I am your worst nightmare said the man, so, you can call me “Nightmare.” Morgan, “What’s going on,” said Leroy. “Yes,” tell him what’s going on, said the stranger. “I don’t know,” replied Morgan. Keep playing these games, and I will go right to that attractive, rich girlfriend of yours and tell her maybe she interested in knowing what’s going on.

Morgan replied, “NO” that won’t be necessary, but tell me how you know Jim. I don’t know him, but I overheard the two of you a little over a week ago planning at Back of The Yards Coffeehouse & Roastery at 2059 W 47th St. Let me tell you something genius never speak out in the open when you are planning something so private as you NEVER know who’s listening. You are a rookie, and that will cause you dearly. I know that coffee shop is a relatively new spot, and I’m sure you thought you could use it to discuss your business, and it would be between you and your buddy only, but you were so wrong, and this mistake will grow you up from an amateur kid to a very sorry man.


Morgan was speechless, and Leroy was confused. Leroy wondered what has Morgan got himself into? Leroy felt as if he wore his fooled face while dealing with Morgan who hardly knew what was cooking for him next with this stranger. Leroy replied, “I am not sure what’s going on but from what I am hearing Morgan, you have bitten off more than you can chew and we need to find a solution for this devastating situation as it does not need to get worse.” Desiring to help Morgan, Leroy introduced himself as Morgan’s friend and shared he wanted to do whatever He can do to salvage such an appalling situation. He explained an elderly lady is in the hospital fighting for her life and that too much and there’s no need to add to such a dreadful situation. Usually, I would tell a guy that not involved with the situation to mind his business, but I think you are someone worth talking to, said the strange guy. On the stranger’s phone was a recording of Renee’s 911 call she places to get help for her grandmother.

He played the record, and before Leroy could stop Him, Morgan sprung up from out of his chair and punch the stranger in the face. Leroy, grab Morgan sit him down and tell the stranger, “You’d have to excuse my friend and account for the fact that He been drinking so heavily so from now on you can talk to me.” Before you react to his poor decision to hit you, let me remind you He was sitting in a coffee house speaking openly with a buddy on something should have been private in a relatively new spot a place where the peoples in that neighborhood are often in the media spotlight. And that’s not a good thing, and that alone should tell you he makes poor choices. Let me assist you in correcting a wrong. Leroy is the brain of the two and is always cleaning up Morgan’s mess. He’s the person with the level head, and they have been in many crazy situations, but this circumstance has Leroy sliding to the edge of His seat, scraping his head with worries. Leroy can’t help but think he saw this guy face somewhere before, but he just can’t place his face. Leroy finally convinces the stranger to tell his name which was Cliff Mogilevich one of American most prominent crime mobsters. After hearing the strange name, Leroy remembered where he saw his face, and that’s on a segment of the top five most dangerous crime mobster. He a guy nobody wants to cross or get on his bad side.


Leroy immediately begins thinking how do I address an issue with a guy who been to jail and in more dangerous situations than I lived. This guy has been involved in crimes since the age of nine and been back and forward to jail more than eighty-one times how is an intelligent teen to correct such a severe situation. The only way Leroy can think to stop Cliff was to outsmart him to prove he’s the criminal who walked out of the house invasion and gets Him arrested where he goes to prison for a very long time. But he has to figure out how doing it to the point that Morgan doesn’t go down with Him.

Morgan, on the other hand, feels the need to get even closer to Renee and begin his con to get money to move forward with his plan to become rich. He goes to the hospital to learn great news or is its big news for Morgan. Renee’s grandmother awakes from her coma, except one thing concern the family and that is she does not remember anything about her life. The people who are visiting are strangers to her. Renee is heartbroken and cries on Morgan’s shoulders. Morgan uses her sadness to talk her into going home with him as the person to escort her. He tells her, “Let me take you home to get a hot shower and a change of clothes.” Renee replied, “NO” “I can’t leave my grandmother.” Morgan tells her, “You are no good to her or yourself if you do not care for yourself.” “Let me take care of you and make sure you okay,” said Morgan. She hesitates, but Renee finally decides to go home for a hot shower and a change of clothes.

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Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 2

death do us partIt’s the early hours of the morning, and Morgan wakes to a phone call from his devastated girlfriend, Renee. He answers the telephone and can barely understand what she is saying. Renee is trying to tell him her grandmother’s house was burglarized, and she was at the hospital with her, and it’s doesn’t look good. Morgan’s heart stopped for a second, and He is furious to the point that it feels like his blood is boiling as He thinks Jim moved forward with the plan without him. He tries to call Jim, no answer, so He calls his closest friend in the world, Leroy and tells him his girlfriend call and shared with him she just encounters an incident that something like a disturbance out of an unfamiliar sci-fi movie. Please man, I need you, please come and take me to the hospital, said Morgan. Leroy immediately jumps out of bed, stomping his foot on the side of it as he quickly gets dressed. He rushed and picked Morgan up, and they arrive at the hospital an hour after receiving the call.

As Morgan and Leroy arrive at the hospital Dr. Grady is coming to the visiting room to speak to Renee and Patricia about Ms. Warnack, Patricia is Renee’s mother. He said, “I’m sorry you have to hear this,” “but Candace slipped into a coma thirty minutes ago, and I need to be honest with you all, it’s doesn’t look good.” If she has any chance of surviving she needs to show some form of improvement in the next 24 hours and it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon. Dr. Grady explains, “I witness patients been in a coma for a few days and they ‘wake up’ to full recovery.” He also shared, “I have seen some pass in the mid of the night, so it is hard to say what will be the outcome.”


Morgan asked Renee what happened? Renee replied by saying, “my grandmother and me, awakened by the alarm sounding and three armed men invading the house.” “I jump out of bed to ensure my grandmother was alright. My grandmother lives in a massive two-story mansion, so, how did they manage to get inside. I was running down the stairs when I heard footsteps. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I witness three guys with different masks on. One had a cover on like Freddie, one like Jason and the last guy wore a mask like Dougherty’s 2007 fright flick, Trick ‘r Treat. Oh God was all I could think, and I think I wet my pants. I believe I passed out temporary because when I came to the guy with the burlap sack for a mask had his hands around my throat and told my grandmother if she did give Him all the cash in the house He would pop my neck.” My grandmother is 91 years old, and I know her well enough to tell from her facial expression that she felt my granddaughter had not had a chance to live her life, I am old and essentially standing in my own grave anyway. So, what He does to me doesn’t matter, I ’ve lived my life and got nothing to lose. She wanted me to have a chance to live my life.

The guy with the burlap sack for a mask said to my grandmother. Trick ‘r Treat, we are here to collect expensive goodies or inflicts pain on those who not generous enough to satisfy us in our need. My grandmother told him she was willing to give them whatever and ask the guy to take his hand away from around my throat. The guy that had his hand around my throat said I need you to open the safe; I know there a safe with a lot of money in it here. My grandmother replied okay, I’d show you the safe and open it. But you have to agree to my terms or you can kill us both and risk your life as I’ll already set the storm door to lock when you and your crew attempt to leave, and there’s no way you can get out as the alarm will sound, and multiple police cars will be here within three minutes. And each of you will be arrested for armed robbery. The man who appears to be the leader refuses to honor my grandmother’s request. Within a second of his refusal, the door lock clicks and lock loudly. The robber with the Freddie mask panics and shot the guy wearing the Jason mask. My grandmother gave me a look that I understood, so I duck, and she threw a fingernail file into the forehead of the man wearing a burlap sack, He was dead when He hit the floor. Unfortunately, the Freddie impersonator shot her. If something happens to her what will I do she can lose her life trying to save me.

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