Finding The Right Hairstyle To Suit Your Face Shape

Finding best hair stye for face shapeAlthough many do not take into consideration, face shape is one of the most significant determining factors in finding the right hairstyle. An excellent hairstyle can make a powerful statement— it can enhance your ‘positive’ features and relax the ‘negative’ ones. Also, it can help you look and feel your best.

So, when searching for the ideal hairstyle for your face shape, it can be like going on a blind date if you do not know your face shape. You do not know what to expect or what’s you will receive. Even if you see a picture of what you are getting; it may even make your heart flutter, but as soon as you receive the style, and it does not flatter your face, you quickly understand why not every hairstyle is flattering for every face.

For a woman who love being as daring or as classic as she’d like and ready to update her look with the most flattering hairstyle. First, venture before choosing a style that fit your face. Start by learning your face shape. Then you are ready to have the freedom to change your looks by getting the hairstyle of your desire. The first ruling of discovering a flattering hairstyle for your face shape is not ever head to the salon for a new ‘do’ before establishing the shape of your face.

It is vital to know your facial shape because face preferences do not only affect hairstyle it has an impact on a diverse range of significant public outcome. It can affect mate choices, hiring decisions and the decision concerning a sociable relationship. Whether we know it or not the facial characteristics that influence attractiveness carries a powerful effect on each person because we are all judged by our faces.

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How to Maximize your Space for Big Living in a Tiny House

TinyHouseCostTitleIn the wake of the United States’ economic crisis, many are trying to find a solution to a world of uncertainty; downsizing seems to be the best way to finding any form of a solution. More and more people are enchanted with the idea of building tiny homes, as others are moving into apartments, condominium or town homes with small rooms. Living in a tiny home, townhouse, an apartment, or a condominium can sometimes mean having to fit many items into rooms too small to hold them all, at first glance.

When placing furniture in a living room most people chose dark furniture because it is design-friendly, but most dark furniture needs much leg room as they often seem to block passages and take up more floor space than is desirable. When choosing furniture for small space, it is best to choose light colors such as cream, white and light blues that make the room seem larger. When choosing furniture with limited space, we have to pay close attention to the weight and the size of the objects.

The question of how many pieces have legs and how many have a box shape is also an important factor in finding the right furniture. Believe it or not, how many pieces and the color of the furniture makes a difference: furniture in lighter colors goes further in making your small space feel larger than those in darker colors can.

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A Journey From Doubt to Faith; Trusting God No Matter What

A journey from doubt to faithWhen God gives a Promise…regardless of the circumstances we should fight for it. The Bible states that “Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.” 2 Peter 1: 4. (KJV). There are times when it is entirely easy to trust in God’s word. Then there are times when we are overwhelmed with doubt because it seems like all life have to offer is different kinds of suffering.

However, despite the arguments of logic and the reason doubt enter our mind we can still trust in the faithfulness of God…and His promises in spite of the circumstances. God has provided us a guide to our journey of faith; titled the Bible. It will assist us in taking the correct path to the journey of faith through fasting, praying and trusting God no matter what through His word.

Walking the Journey from Doubt to Faith; Trusting God No Matter What

Thinking back on the journey I’ve traveled to overcome doubt to faith; it started at an early age in my life. However, being a curious child, I thought that I was only exploring life. A journey is taking single steps to begin recovery to overcome any issue. My journey from doubt to faith start when I found myself loving to read and write at an early age of seven; that when I found myself remarkably impressed after reading so many examples of doubt in the Bible.

I remember thinking for the bible to include so many examples of double in it, that must be evident that God has more tolerance of doubt than most people in churches. By the age of twelve, I was a committed Christian. But despite my personal commitment to God and my involvement in the church, I still began to have doubts about my faith walk with God.

Now, I believed 1 Thessalonians 5:10 that Jesus died that we might live through him, but I was still haunted by questions like, Am I living for God? Does God love me? Did God give his son that I might live? Moreover, did Jesus really die for my sins? Alternatively, did someone make this all up? Being a young babe in Christ, I did not understand how I allowed doubt to enter my faith walk with Christ. Especially, since doubt was not an acceptable part of being a Christian in my church.

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Five Ways to Become a Well-Respected Basketball Player like the NBA Greats

basketball-quotes-sayings-love-playing-heartTo become a respectable basketball player one must be a sensational player and have a love for the game. Basketball is a fast growing sport that is very popular, and it is every little boy and almost every little girl’s dream to become an NBA player. Many people have the ability to play basketball with the necessary skills, but everyone does not know how to go about being one who make it to the NBA.

It takes a spectacular player to play well; understand every aspect of the game and become an NBA player. Players like Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Tim Duncan, Ray Allen, Shaquille O’Neal, Mike Conley, the great chosen one LeBron James, and my personal favorite Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are a few of the well-known NBA basketball champions.

To become a skillful basketball player, it involves a lot more than just aiming and shooting the ball. The game of basketball requires the players to be focus, have good health, great abilities – like the capability to make smart decisions, fearless–not afraid of failure, work well with a team, accept uncertainty, know your role and study the game.

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To love is nothing…to be loved is something…to love and be loved in return is everything!

To love and be loveDid you know what it takes to makes a man feel a strong connection with a woman – is also the kind of relationship that makes him fall in love with her? Also, it is so easy to get lost on the way to a relationship you desire. For that reason, it is important to learn the right way to connect truly with a man in such a way that he can relate and feels compelled to devote himself to you. Every woman or man at one time or another has taken the wrong road in an attempts to get close to the person they love. I’ve surprised to learn there are many ways to manipulate love. However, to hear the main way to manipulate love are through counterfeits, which is when a female impress a man and make him enjoy her company in a way to get him to meet her needs. However, to love is nothing…to be loved is something…to love and be loved in return is everything.

Nonetheless, this type of relationship never quite gets off the ground, because one person has taken the wrong road to the path of love. When a person cannot purely love another like they need to be loved because they more value theirs needs it not always done consciously, it comes from their own brokenness. If a woman or man want to discover finally how to create the kind of loving relationship that will lead to a husband or wife, it starts with taking the right road to the path of love. That means he or she has to get off the wrong path which begins with changing of the mind, your way of thinking. Come to know with any relationship a person will not love another for what they can do for them; they have chosen to love the other freely because that whom they want to love and share their life with. Nonetheless, to love is nothing…to be loved is something…to love and be loved in return is everything.

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Mystery Unraveled; a Honeymoon that Never Was!

mauritius-islandPeople usually say that being newlyweds is very enjoying and the honeymoon that comes into the picture is a sweet and memorable experience of a lifetime. Newlyweds often look forward to their honeymoon since it would be the time for them to experience the highest level of affection. The couple, Patsy, and Henry thought that a honeymoon trip in Mauritius was one of the best things they could ever experience in their life. This is something they had both been planning for a long time. Henry was a sailor by passion and he always loved exploring new places. His last voyage before their grand wedding was to prepare for their dream honeymoon destination. This was a year before their wedding. Henry wanted to find the best tourist spots they would visit during their honeymoon trip. However, everything did not happen according to plan. Imagine how it would have felt for your loved one to suddenly disappear in spite of all the preparations and plans. I can literally feel the pain and hopelessness that will always be over your head like a dark cloud. This is a story of a young couple who were about to get married, Henry and Patsy. Getting married is something they had both been looking forward to, and their dream honeymoon destination was Mauritius. Just a year before their grand wedding, Henry decided to sail forth to the beautiful island of Mauritius perhaps to make preparations for their dream honeymoon trip to the island. However, until the present, Patsy, despite all hopelessness, is still waiting to see and be with her loved one, Henry. Where could Henry be? No news or phone calls. The search for Henry by the government resulted in no information regarding his whereabouts or condition, and Patsy is heavily depressed. Is there any end in sight to this mystery? Read on.

The five years that has passed without Henry has been excruciatingly painful and unacceptable to Pasty. Every day, she wakes up to pray and seeks solace from close friends, families, and relatives, but no news has ever informed her regarding the whereabouts of Henry. Pasty and Henry had been planning their marriage since their college days. They both knew; nothing in this world would make them feel so complete, happy and satisfied in achieving their goals together. For Patsy, it has been lonely and endless moments of pain but she still waited each new day to see here love again. Agony and intolerability have been the result of each passing day since the day Henry sailed forth to Mauritius. The thought of Henry would always remind her of the sweet memories they had spent together and especially during their college days. “I don’t know where to start from but the search for my husband has been a painful experience and especially now that, his son and only kid John is old enough to start going to school stating Patsy. On that fateful day when Henry left for Mauritius they made love, “I am always scared, I spend my days crying, hoping and wishing to see him again “narrates Patsy.” The only thing I don’t want to think is the possibility of never seeing him again “she asserts.

Henry and Patsy started dating back in college. According to many, they were naturally meant for each other. They complemented each other in many ways, and everyone said they were destined to get married and live a happy life together. To date, Patsy has not yet discovered the mystery in the disappearance of her love and which aches her heart every single day. “It has been five years since I bid him goodbye with a hug, hoping he would return soon for our wedding,” says Patsy amid sobs. This is probably the worst experience anyone deeply in love can go through. They had been talking on the phone until the time Henry wished her goodnight. That was the last word she ever heard from her man. She actually wished to settle down and have beautiful children together, but life can be very cruel and ruin a beautiful dream that was blossoming into a full flare of happiness and love.

There have been mind-boggling stories of mysterious disappearances of planes, ships, sailors, and even divers with no trace of their whereabouts. While some have been found kidnaped or killed, however, for Patsy, it has been years of agony and a story that still doesn’t have an ending. The government had deployed its navy to search for the lost citizen in the raging waters of the Indian Ocean but with no trace. He never drowned in the vast waters of the Ocean. His boat was found docked along the Beach of Mauritius Island, and this finding has complicated the search for Henry. This sounded more perplexing than fiction and perhaps a complicated situation with no concrete approach. According to the authorities, families, friend and relatives, Henry anchored safely on the coastline of Mauritius but what remains a mystery is his whereabouts for over five years with no trace. Records indicate that he had checked into one of the hotels on the day of his arrival but what had happened after that? No one knows where he could have gone the following day when he woke up. He loved sailing and fishing a lot. Being a sailor means always being on the go too far lands and islands. It is always about discovering new places. While the search for a missing sailor continues, for Patsy, it is a wait and watch the scenario. Patsy believes that Henry is still in the woods of the Mauritius, or perhaps towards the south where he had been stuck in a place with no network to enable him to communicate to the people back home. It is hard to guess especially because sailors love to do many things, like fishing. Discovery is always a top priority, and just like the ones who sailed many centuries ago and came back with the news of new finds and artifacts.

Back home, Henry had sired a baby boy whom Patsy named John. Five years is a long time, and John has reached the age of attending kindergarten. He began asking his mom about the whereabouts of his dad. It is probably one of the most difficult things to explain and especially to a boy of John’s age. At the age of five to ten, children tend to be curious and inquisitive. This is something Patsy finds difficult to cope with and sometimes get furious about. The only thing she tells John is that his father has gone on a long journey and would soon be back. Sometimes it forces her to hide herself in agony as the wait is too agonizing, and she doesn’t want her only child to know about it. The memories of Henry keep lingering in Patsy’s mind and the presence of a son they have together reminded her so much of her loved one.

Patsy expected that Henry would be away for only four months. However, it took longer and Patsy began to worry. He had not sent her an email, and the only phone call they had was on the fateful day Henry left. In the fifth month, Patsy, could not bear it anymore. There was no news about Henry. The news about Henry being gone went viral. A search was organized with the assistance of the government. While some claimed he could have probably never sailed, others said he crossed over to Mauritius. Every day for about one year, print and broadcast media ran the story and pictures of Henry. They even published the sufferings of the lonely wife waiting for him. It was the talk of the town. It was a tense year for both the families of Henry’s and of Patsy’s. Hopes of ever finding Henry dwindled among many, including the government until the search was closed after one and a half years. The press interviewed Patsy, and each media house, both broadcast and print, had their own account, analysis, and approach of the story.

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Looking for the Perfect Pair of Jeans; How to choose the Perfect Pair of Jeans

1-How-to-Choose-the-Perfect-Pair-of-JeansAre you looking for a pair of jeans that you simply can’t do without? Is it that you are not ready to get rid of your old jeans, no matter how old or torn they are? Then fit is probably the most crucial factor while purchasing a new pair of jeans, and you should opt for jeans with a perfect fit. Here is a guide to finding the perfect pair of jeans. This guide will help you in figuring out the jeans that has been designed especially for you.

Simple tips to choose the right sort of jeans for women

The tall, slender women with a narrow waist should purchase a pair of jeans that has a lower waist with a little flare at the bottom. It helps accentuate a female with long legs

A short woman with broad hips should purchase jeans that are meant for short women and is called “Jo.” The hip portion of these jeans are spacious for the hips and make a short female look taller. Also, purchase jeans with a longer waist because they make short women look taller.

Skinny jeans are the perfect choice for slim women. Skinny jeans are very popular jeans, high in demand, and the best part is that they will go with almost anything.

When purchasing jeans I recommend that females of all sizes buy at least one pair of dark jeans because they are more versatile.

Useful tips to choose the perfect jeans for men

Men do not care as much for fashion as they mainly stress more on comfort when selecting their pair of jeans. To make sure you stay comfortable, look at the wash of the jeans. So wash of the jeans matter a lot to males as comfort is their priority. So they should look for jeans that will hold up to many different washes, and that will last a long time. Dark shades are for winter and fall while light colors are for summer.

Four factors to examine when choosing the perfect pair of jeans:

Factor #1 Price & Manufacturer

The price typically indicates the quality of jeans and the manufacturer means a lot to people who pay great attention to detail and care about style above everything else.

Factor #2Purpose to wear (Occasions)

It is extremely important to know when and where to wear jeans while selecting the perfect pair of jeans. One should also keep in mind jeans with a darker wash are more suitable at posh restaurants, workplace or trendy nightclubs, whereas lighter fades are worn more during the day and early evening.

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