How to Maximize your Space for Big Living in a Tiny House

TinyHouseCostTitleIn the wake of the United States’ economic crisis, many are trying to find a solution to a world of uncertainty; downsizing seems to be the best way to finding any form of a solution. More and more people are enchanted with the idea of building tiny homes, as others are moving into apartments, condominium or town homes with small rooms. Living in a tiny home, townhouse, an apartment, or a condominium can sometimes mean having to fit many items into rooms too small to hold them all, at first glance.

When placing furniture in a living room most people chose dark furniture because it is design-friendly, but most dark furniture needs much leg room as they often seem to block passages and take up more floor space than is desirable. When choosing furniture for small space, it is best to choose light colors such as cream, white and light blues that make the room seem larger. When choosing furniture with limited space, we have to pay close attention to the weight and the size of the objects.

The question of how many pieces have legs and how many have a box shape is also an important factor in finding the right furniture. Believe it or not, how many pieces and the color of the furniture makes a difference: furniture in lighter colors goes further in making your small space feel larger than those in darker colors can.

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