When this world no longer feel like home!


What do many do when this world no longer feels like home? Where do they turn when America, a place many have call home for a long time no longer feels like home? How can they find peace in a nation, the place that once brought joy and warmth to many hearts? How can a nation turn from a warm, loving, peaceful place to just feels cold and alienated? These are questions many are struggling with today.

Many American citizens may still hold an American passport. However, they no longer feel like an American. They don’t believe in their heart America is home and it certainly not in their mind to call America home. Because so many no longer feel as if this world is a place they can call home the only question is: where do they go from here? As many are currently searching for answers. Here is my response: many needs to go to God.

If we as people, no longer feel like America is home we should be willing to do what is necessary to bring healing to this nation. 2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV) say, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

With all the turmoil going on in America today some feel like what is there to look forward to? Some want to go somewhere new away from America overseas but all American people need to do is turn to God, seek forgiveness, and pray, God will be available for us. He is faithful and just and will forgive us. Also, he will restore this world from evil things that are making us miserable, and even the danger that is hunting those we love.

I know the idea of the necessity of God may sound like a myth, but God is the answer. For the Americans who no longer feel this world is home because of the many evil things that are entering the head of a human being as man. And to the ones who want to get away from it all as they don’t have an answer as to what to do to find peace, I offer a solution. Yes, God is the answer to all who are seeking peace. In Him is where the rest is, He always available and he never gets tired of hearing his children prayers or helping us.

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How to Find Flattering Jeans that fit your body type

Braxton VS Basketball Wives in JeansIf you are looking for the perfect pair of jeans that is hard to find that will flatter your body type; that will make you look and feel great no matter what size or shape you are, allow me to assist you. Also, if you are seeking to fit your body with a pair of jeans that you simply just can’t do without, you are reading the right article. Now if you are ready to get rid of your old jeans that are a perfect fit, that you wear quite often because they fit your curve and are both slimming and comfortable, read on.

Most people want to show off their trim waist while the jeans provide a comfortable fit. Since fit is probably the most crucial factor while searching to purchase a new pair of jeans, and you should opt for jeans with a perfect fit. Here is a guide to finding the perfect pair of jeans. This guide will help you in figuring out the jeans that have been designed especially for you.

Useful tips to choose the perfect jeans for long legs woman

Since most jeans can be too short on long legs women, making it difficult to find the right length and an elegant pair of jeans. The tall, slender women with a narrow waist should purchase a pair of jeans that has a lower waist with a little flare at the bottom. It helps accentuate a female with long legs.

Solution: Purchase INC International Concepts Curvy-Fit Boot cut jeans that come in various lengths.

What to look for in a jean:

  • select a curvy-fit boot cut jean called INC International Concepts, which often flatters longer legs. They can be found at Macy

Useful tips to choose the perfect jeans for short legs women

For a short woman with broad hips and pair shape should purchase jeans that are meant for short women and is called “Jo.” The hip portion of these jeans are spacious for the hips and make a short feminine look taller. Also, purchase jeans with a longer waist because they make short women look much taller.

Solution: Purchase jeans with a longer waist, which often make short women look much taller

What to look for:

  • Choose a pair jean with a longer waist because they make short women look much taller
  • Look for jeans called “Jo” these jeans are spacious for the hips and make a short feminine look taller

Skinny jeans are the perfect choice for slim women. Skinny jeans are very popular jeans, high in demand, and the best part is that they will go with almost anything.

When purchasing jeans, I recommend that females of all sizes buy at least one pair of dark jeans because they are more versatile.

Men do not care as much for fashion as they mainly stress more on comfort when selecting their pair of jeans. To make sure you stay comfortable, look at the wash of the jeans. So wash of the jeans matters a lot to males as comfort is their priority. So they should find jeans that will hold up to many different washes, and that will last a long time. Dark shades are for winter and fall while light colors are for summer. Also, the fact that they do not need to have more than three or four pairs of jeans, as long as they can be dressed up or down depending on what they like in a jean. What they like in a jean make an ideal choice for a guy who doesn’t want to spend much time thinking about investing in styles.

Useful tips to find the perfect jeans for men

Men stress more on comfort than fashion while they select their pair of jeans. So wash of the jeans matter a lot to them as comfort is their priority. So they should ideally opt for jeans that can undergo numerous washed and don’t get faded that easily. Durability should be the ultimate point.

Men should opt for dark shades during winter and fall and light shades for summer

Solution: Purchase a jean most men can trust, especially when it comes to denim. Go with a jean like Hudson jeans.

What to look for: A jean that can stand up to many washes and 80% to 100% cotton. The Hudson jean is up for the wash and isn’t just an American ideal anymore, it going everywhere and it fresh out of the UK. Hudson is a relax boot fit jeans and all about casual in which why men will love them. It is the Jean that proves that it can be a slightly banged-up denim and yet be classy.

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Women’s Reproductive Health; How to Understand the Greater Woman in You: by Lady Alexandria

Lady Alexander women book.jpg

It is my desire to see each woman uplifted, informed and confidence about her body because I am confident that my book on Reproductive Health & how to understand the greater woman in you is the knowledge and the key to a fruitful and active life. A woman only gets one body and one opportunity to make it do things she wants in this lifetime. A woman’s general health relies heavily on her reproductive health, and this makes every aspect of her life a crucial one. If you are a woman, who want to ensure that you keep your body in optimal reproductive shape purchase and read, my book, “Women’s Reproductive Health; How to Understand the Greater Woman in You.






To love is nothing…to be loved is something…to love and be loved in return is everything!

To love and be loveDid you know what it takes to makes a man feel a strong connection with a woman – is also the kind of relationship that makes him fall in love with her? Also, it is so easy to get lost on the way to a relationship you desire. For that reason, it is important to learn the right way to connect truly with a man in such a way that he can relate and feels compelled to devote himself to you. Every woman or man at one time or another has taken the wrong road in an attempts to get close to the person they love. I’ve surprised to learn there are many ways to manipulate love. However, to hear the main way to manipulate love are through counterfeits, which is when a female impress a man and make him enjoy her company in a way to get him to meet her needs. However, to love is nothing…to be loved is something…to love and be loved in return is everything.

Nonetheless, this type of relationship never quite gets off the ground, because one person has taken the wrong road to the path of love. When a person cannot purely love another like they need to be loved because they more value theirs needs it not always done consciously, it comes from their own brokenness. If a woman or man want to discover finally how to create the kind of loving relationship that will lead to a husband or wife, it starts with taking the right road to the path of love. That means he or she has to get off the wrong path which begins with changing of the mind, your way of thinking. Come to know with any relationship a person will not love another for what they can do for them; they have chosen to love the other freely because that whom they want to love and share their life with. Nonetheless, to love is nothing…to be loved is something…to love and be loved in return is everything.

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The top five destinations where you can find love this Christmas & enjoy vacation with your love ones

christmasOne of the best ways to recognize that the season of love is upon us is by carrying out your creativity to enjoy the holidays a lot better. With Christmas approaching us rapidly, wouldn’t it be enjoyable to make plans with the most important people in your life. Begin by thinking of various Christmas vacation ideas. If you are a family thinking about planning a family vacation, a couple preparing for your first honeymoon vacation or a romantic getaway, a group of acquaintances planning a fabulous trip, Christmas and New Years has increasingly remained one of the most popular holidays for such vacations.

One of the best ways to recognize that the season of love is upon us is by carrying out your creativity to enjoy the holidays a lot better. With Christmas approaching us rapidly, wouldn’t it be enjoyable to make plans with the most important people in your life. Begin by thinking of various Christmas vacation ideas. If you are a family thinking about planning a family vacation, a couple preparing for your first honeymoon vacation or a romantic getaway, a group of acquaintances planning a fabulous trip, Christmas and New Years has increasingly remained one of the most popular holidays for such vacations.

However, if you are a couple who been in a relationship long-term and things have gone a little sour where you could stand to pep up your love life this holiday season. We all know trying to find the perfect romantic pick me upper is not always easy, but it is of the essence that you reconnect to a profound and passionate love. So instead of spending your holiday at home where it hard to be happy and enjoy the holidays season. Why not desire to be with your soulmate on a romantic vacation that will bring about smiling and laughing as well as make your mate attractive to you again.

 Nonetheless, if you are alone before Christmas, why not take the time to find true love this holiday season. It hard to be happy and enjoy the holidays when you desire to be with your soulmate because you see happy couples in pairs. Let’s keep in mind love does not happen automatically. If you want to find true love just in time for Christmas you have to make yourself available to find love. You need to stop being too involved in your work and give yourselves time to find that special person to enjoy life with this holiday season. Without that special person, You are just like a skeleton, without the soul.
 Therefore, Instead of spending your holiday at home and make it a familiar one, being bored, it time to enjoy the holidays, why not select a fantastic deal from the list of top five Christmas destinations below?

1. Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive Vacation Package:

This package includes an expense to be paid of $249 for four days and three night’s all-inclusive vacation. Room type: Studio, transportation: free round-trip shuttle, also includes meals, snacks, a la carte dinners. You can upgrades to 1 or 2 bedrooms for the additional fee. If your family is interested in this package, it can be booked at 1 (877) 682-5527 or http://www.marivalmembers.com/Limited-Deal

2. Bruges Christmas Day Trip:

This is a day trip to London. Explore London for a day as this is the most favorite time of the year to visit such an amazing destination. A lot to do and see there during this season, taste the famous Belgium chocolate, skate around London man-made ice rink, view beautiful Christmas decorations, eat delicious foods & drinks, shop excellent fashionable stuff, explore the galleries & churches, relax in the café of your choice. This trip starts from the end of November and continues till December every year, and it ranges from $65 to $85 in the US only. Day-trip departing from London by luxury coach. For more information visit the website: http://www.expatexplore.com/bruges/index.html

 3. Cabin Rental:

For an excellent Christmas getaway for a couple, cabin rental is the best choice. Rent pure heaven, one bedroom & loft cabin in Bluff Mountain. A beautiful mountain view, kindling burning fireplace, completely equipped kitchen, coffee maker, microwave, charcoal cooking grill, microwave and queen-size bed, a vast hot tub available on the deck to relax in, pool table, indoor swimming pool, outdoor reaction center with a fire pit. Enjoy the nearness to the area attractions like Dollywood, the Christmas place, and Dixie Stampede Place. Available to sleep up to 4 people, value: $120 per night, regular: $130 per night, peak season: $150 per night. For more information visit the website: http://www.firesidechalets.com/306.html or call 1 877 774 4121

4. Golf & Spa Vacation:

Friends can enjoy a great golf & spa getaway. At the Williamsburg Lodge, male and female can exchange the fun, choose a day with a round of golf and relax the next day enjoying a luxurious spa. For a 3 days/ 2 nights vacation $189 per person/night. This offer is valid Nov. 25th – Jan. 2, 2016. More details call: 1-800-447-8679

Select from the following Spa services:

• 60-minutes Massage

• 60-minutes Facial

• Apothecary Pedicure

• Nourishing Scalp Massage with Shampoo & Style

Select from the following Golf services:

• Free of charge PING golf club rental

• Free of charge (one per person) Golden Horseshoe Yardage Book

• Free of charge ranges balls

• Free of charge replay round (bookable upon completion of the first round,)

• (one per player) Golden Horseshoe logo ball marker and PING valuables pouch

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How much Fat do the body need? Five foods to avoid that reduce body fat

A nice healthy body needs a healthy diet and nutrition. After spending years adjusting to the body you were born with, it is important to begin learning how the body can intake both negative and positive body fat. We should also know our health and strive to maintain a healthy body. Since women and men are indifferent to body types, they carry different absorption of body fat. A woman can give more body fat and be less affected than men. The female body needs more fat than males mainly because of ovulation. That leaves me with the question – how much body fat does a human body need daily? Although male and female bodies are different, and they intake different amounts of fat, majority of human bodies are recommended a 20 to 30 percent fat intake. This article outlines five foods to avoid, to reduce body fat and maintain a healthy body

Food low in fat

If you want to reduce belly fat, which is the area of the body most people have a problem in reducing, it is best to avoid low-fat foods. Some might think because the food is low in fat it is good to eat and brings little body fat to the body. That is not the case. Just because a food is low in fat does not mean it is low in calories. The body only needs a certain amount of body fat; therefore, it is important to take precautions regarding the amount of fat entering the body. Keep in mind that food labeled low-fat are the main food you need to be careful about. To ensure your body doesn’t intake too much fat per day here are a few tips to assist eliminating confusion.

Try to avoid taking a lot of foods like salad dressings, fat-free cream cheese, mayonnaise, cottage cheese, milk and margarine. These foods are not really considered low-fat because they do not meet the 30% cutoff number of calories to be considered low-fat. To understand the quantity of fat one must also understand the type of fat that is also important. Certain fats which the body intakes from whole food like sunflower seeds, nuts and fish mixed with oil are essential for a healthy diet.

Fat-releasing food


Everybody has heard the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Not only does an apple keep the doctor away it also helps the body reduce fat. The apple’s skin supports the body with weight reduction because it has pectin that helps the body absorb fat. When the apple assists the body to release fat, the fat is the binding property that is deposited after absorption of fat cells.


Hard boiled eggs have fatty acids and proteins mixed together that burns off fat. The inside of the hard-boiled egg called yolk is high in cholesterol but it not something to be stressed about

Salty foods and Fast Food

Food that is high in sodium like potato chips, curd cold cut, canned soup, pretzels, pasta and frozen pizza can influence body fat ratio because they are foods from salty sources which consist of high sodium and calories. Foods high in sodium are risk factors that drive up the blood pressure.

If you are a person who loves to eat out you never know how much salt and sodium is in the food you order. The best thing to do when eating out to reduce salt risk is to order low-sodium food. Another helpful tip is to ask the waiter/waitress to recommend items from the menu that has low sodium. Even if an item is listed as low sodium does not mean it is low in salt. Be aware that the item may be low sodium but may be very high in salt.

Refined Grains

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Lessons From Renting a Car in Germany

For many years, I thought renting a car in a foreign land is something as quick as swiping a credit card to pay your bills. However, the trip I made to Germany was a hectic one, especially when I needed a car to take me around to the places I wanted to visit. I realized I was always mistaken to think that renting a car in Germany is something that only takes a few minutes just by paying the rental fees to get going. Further, the mentality I had that being a foreigner will warrant me special treatment was a big disappointment. It was a nasty experience, and below are four important lessons learned while visiting Germany.

You must have a map, passport/visa, official translation of the license and US driving license

Well, back at home, I don’t need any map to go around the country or to visit any town or city; I know my way around, and I don’t need a passport either. However, driving in the city of Germany was a shocker. Being a foreigner, having a passport was not enough. It was a requirement that I have detailed map of the city and an official translation of the license with the license itself. At some point, it became so difficult to drive myself since it was not easy with the traffic rules.

The manual Transmission vehicle was a shocker.

Rental Car 1Being used to driving automatic transmission cars can be your biggest undoing when you rent a car in foreign countries like Germany. In fact, you must always be able to show that you are able to drive a manual transmission car. This is the ultimate driving test I had to go through in order to be allowed to rent a car.

The New Traffic rules

Back at home, I am always told to keep left while driving while pedestrians keep the right on the pedestrian walk. However, my stay in Germany was quite a shocker. I had to keep left all the time and this meant being extra vigilant and conscious regarding the new traffic rules was as necessary as the driving test itself.

High occupancy lanes

Using the high occupancy lanes was something peculiar. In fact, my inability to use them for the first time having crossed the buffer pavement almost landed me a fine suit for breaching traffic rules. Worse still, since rules regarding high occupancy lanes are different from the general traffic rules, it was hectic learning the same.