A Rude Awakening, a Massive Effect; the Day the World Stops Turning, Part 1

Eliza Windsor, a rich princess brat that grew up believing the world is hers to live, think, and do as she, please. She was the only girl born with two brothers who were very overprotective of her. Growing up, Eliza was the most fortunate little girl; she could have everything she wants, and “NO” was a word she did not hear. And please, thank you, and you’re welcome was three words, not in her vocabulary.

She grew up with everybody around her doing all they can to make her happy — she likes making people speak what she desires to hear and do as she says. Eliza did not play with dolls; jump ropes and all the stuff the other little girl grew up doing. She played games that involved the similarity with Cinderella character where everybody listens to her give out orders and wait on her hands and feet.

At the age of sixteen, Eliza laid eyes on a handsome basketball player by the name of Monty James. She was so attractive to him, except “Love” was something Eliza had no experience in so, she didn’t know how to handle the pleasant feeling she was experiencing.

After going out her way to come face to face with Monty, Eliza approached him with an advance that was of no interest to him, after all, a relationship is voluntary, and if a man is not committed, he will say, ” No thanks in advance.” And that’s pretty much what Monty said, and that very day, Eliza was up for a rude awakening, she thought about little else, and it took a considerable amount of effect, and it was the day the world stops turning, and she experiences her very first panic attack.

The Windsor family consist of a mother, two boys, and one girl. The two boys’ names are Henry VI and Harry VII. The girl name is Eliza. The mother’s name is Elizabeth and the daddy’s name Henry V. He’s no longer lives in the home, the Windsor live in a gorgeous nine-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion. It comes with a private pool, nail salon and spa, movie theatre, fitness center, a game room, bowling alley, and basketball court.

Eliza great grandfather, Henry III, is considered the Prince of Denmark and the Queen’s eldest son. He is the first in line to the throne when the Queen dies. After he passes away, Eliza’s dad, Henry the V will inherit the throne as the eldest son of the Prince, Henry IV is dead. Princess Eliza is the younger daughter of Prince Henry V and Elizabeth. Her full title is Her Royal Highness, but she has no official surname yet. When she marries, she will retain her royal title, but will more than likely have the option of taking the husband’s surname.

Eliza is the only girl and the youngest born with two brothers, which allowed her to be spoiled and get her way in every way. She got her way to not go to a private only school. But oh, how she long and sometimes wishes she could escape the confines of a life where servant does everything, and she never gets to travel alone.

In some cases, the dynamics reveal that money predictably influences the way one goes on to think about their way of life, work, passions, and other people. That underlying influence must be right in the case of Eliza; she was raised to believe she should be worship in every way necessary and accustomed to being honored as a divine being as she enjoys life.

One might wonder how Eliza could think the world is her oyster? Perhaps it’s because she is like most people who have a lot of money, they believe they can have anything they want.

Eliza’s mother and dad divorced when she was thirteen years old; he traded her in for a younger model. She is an adolescent who loves taking the fate of others into her own hands. Her family is wealthy, so she feels that money is freedom, help her to live a good life, and it gives her the ability to pursue her passion, in fact, money allows her to do whatever she pleases.

“Awakening is not changing who you are but discarding who you are not.” Deepak Chopra

Eliza has a history of playing with guys emotion and making them feel as if she has them on a string jigging them up and down like a puppet. She also has a history of making other females feel low and as if they are living in a low-morality world.

Monty is a seventeen-year-old handsome young man that is adored by many females. He’s well respected because he’s socially and physically dominant. He was raised and influence of a well-rounded assertive father. Some men have ‘lopsided power,’ they strong in unforeseen situations and weak in the next, but not Monty, he’s a young man that knows how to be very powerful in almost every way.

He was raised in a vigorous home; his family is not wealthy but middle class. Monty mother raised him always to respect and treat a woman as he would treat her, and he’s done his best always to honor what he was taught.

Eliza and Monty have attended the same school for a year. Monty is a senior in high school, and Eliza is a junior. The two have never met face to face until recently. Monty is the captain of the basketball team and the most dominant players in the lineup.

He has managed to establish himself as one of the most popular Small forward (SF) at Denmark High. He can play as a Power forward as well. It’s been predicted that Monty abilities are so good that he will be able to skip college and go play pro basketball in the NBA after graduating high school if he chooses to.

Monty is also on the debate team and is the head writer (journalist) of the school student newspaper. He’s part of the music, and drama team in which he feels it open his mind to so many things. Because he is involved in so much, he has very little time to attend school parties or have a personal life. For this reason, Monty has not met Eliza until a couple of days ago.

Upon meeting, Monty, Eliza was so taken with him. She thought of him often; she had to learn his name. Since the seven grades, Eliza has been going through boyfriends as an addicted smoker goes through cigarettes.

Eliza is a rich, snobbish girl; head cheerleader and she was crowned Ms. Denmark Junior High of the school, and she plans on becoming prom queen this year at the prom. Everybody knows she paid her way to be Ms. Denmark Junior High because she’s not popular with her classmate and Linda was in the lead by a huge margin that was not possible to overcome the day of the decision. Only when the decision was made, Eliza was announced as the winner.

Eliza laid eyes on Monty, and she wants him as her boy toy. She does not know what “Love” is, nor does she know how to show it, so she wants Monty as something she can have around, show off and treat the way she pleases. Eliza begins asking questions and doing her homework on Monty before approaching him.

Eliza is a person who is used to getting what she wants and most times after she receives it, she’s bored in no times and makes the decision it’s not what I thought so she disposed of it. And if it’s a person, she messes over him and sends him packing in the worst way.

Monty is a modest and well-respected young man with a bulk of intelligence. He surrounds his life around been involved with many activities helping others; he delivers meals to the seniors from a company he co-founded with his dad named Senior Forages.

It was Monty ideal to found and name the company Senior Forages. He wanted the name to stand for what he desires to do, and that provides food assistance to seniors.

As an astute businessman, Monty hired some of the best marketing team to assist him in ensuring the company gets donations to have enough funds and food. He engages and ensures it’s a delivery team to distribute the food to seniors on a daily. Monty even does delivery himself when times allows him.

Eliza has her heart set on Monty being her escort to the dance, and she has spent three days weaving her a big web to catch him in. She even paid particular attention to her appearance, she went on a shopping spree, regular beauty appointment, and had various pedicure and manicure done. The next day, she felt the time right; she went on a search for Monty. Continue Reading: https://letterpile.com/serializations/A-Rude-Awakening-A-Massive-Effect-the-Day-the-World-Stops-Turning-Part-1

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