The Power of Forgiveness Will Set You Free


As a nation, that needs reform, America needs a leader with a loud voice to build the country and to combat hate. Instead, it is being led by a white nationalist, racialist, resentful person who promotes violence.

It’s beyond me why the leader of America or any person living in America would choose to encourage hatred toward thy neighbor, condemn another person, promote violence based on culture, color, or a person resources.

My prayer is we learn how to “Overcome Hate,” and be transformed to let go of grudges, forgive the one who hurt us. Embrace forgiveness and shut up the people, that says a change in different race can’t be done, and allow reason to move us forward.

I believe in what Martin Luther King Jr. spoke on, repent to right racial wrongs and something Malcolm X talked about, invite a nation of sinners in a spiritual walk. If we the American people would hear Martin and Malcolm evolution, we could see a new kind of improvement and salvation.

The question, what is forgiveness? Forgiveness signifies various things to separate people. Ordinarily, it means a choice to let go of hate and get over the feelings of retaliation.

Forgiveness is something that is hard for many to do after being hurt. Nonetheless, a person should forgive another as it is the best way to heal. Forgiveness purifies the soul and eliminates the anxieties; this is why it is such a dominant weapon, and it is more compelling because the person is in control of a much-needed recovery.


Forgiveness is the way to establish freedom, all you have to do is decide to release the hurt and put the misfortune behind you. By choosing to forgive, it will separate you from all adverse outcome experienced in the past and give you a gift to overlook the person who hurt you.

Some view the step to forgive as a resolution of weakness, but in reality, it entails courage and strength. Forgiveness is a means to move away from the victim role and view everything amidst another aspect of victory.

Learning to forgive – even when it feels impossible

First, a person needs to understand that everyone is responsible for their own life journey. To learn can mean they will need to travel to various paths, and it can be complicated and slippery before you discover your capabilities.

Also, a person needs to understand they are responsible for their attitudes regarding a situation. To forgive means, you have discovered how to release the hurt from all who have angered and injured you, not for them, but for yourself.

To forgive a person who hurt you doesn’t mean you have to forget what happens and continue to keep them in your life. It says you are willing to work on yourself to develop a better relationship with others in your life.

forgiveness-key-740x552Although you are willing to forgive doesn’t mean you are someone’s fool. Through forgiving, you are taking on the responsibility and accepting the reality of what transpired and discovered a way to live and be set free.

Being able to forgive is a continuous process, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to keep in touch with the person you are forgiving. When you learn to forgive, it doesn’t indicate you are doing it for the person who mistreated you; it means you are taking on the responsibility to free yourself from the hostage stage that not forgiving once held on you.

Something to think about since forgiveness is a way to heal and be set free, why is it so hard for many to do. There are various reasons, but most people main purpose is seeking retaliation to punish in revenge.

Attempting to forgive the person who hurt you before you release the anger is impossible. Forgiveness involves the mentality and the willingness to forgive.

Most times it is hard to forgive a person that hurt you, or the individual who expresses no concern or regrets that they abused you. It is best to discharge your anger to forgive. Therefore, you can reconnect with who you are and resolved any ill feeling.

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