Creating an Inner Peace That Endures!


I am a typical woman with collective thoughts, and I’ve lived an extraordinary life. However, like many people, I haven’t honestly felt like I’ve been living my life. Up until a few years ago, I have been stuck in a world of darkness; I did not feel well, most of the time as I thought there’s no way of finding myself. The pain I felt often overcome me with sadness and made me longed not to feel. I often reflected upon all the things that weighed me down. Finally, I realize the hurt were NEVER mine to carry, to feel connected to everything made me feel responsible entirety.

However, after years of suffering, thank God, one morning as I found myself struggling to begin the day, I took the time to start listening to the cheerful and inspiring singing of sparrows. As I casually listen to their chirping, it echoed beautifully, and it was as if their happiness cheeping unintentionally transfers to me and I absorb their happiness. That very day, I can say I endured a unique kind of inner peace in my life that brought me a pleasing sort of joy, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have found this exceptional tranquility.

Dealing with negativity

That woman who’s been trying to change for years, but hasn’t been able to, was no longer around. I blossom into a stronger, more decisive person that rediscover herself and that became an incredible first step to inner peace. I transform into a person of my likeness – an awakening was evolving, and I felt like the fiend inside of me were released to begin living my dreams. Although it may sound a little strange, the person I was even one month ago, is an entirely different being than who I am today. Reason being there is never a time that we stop growing.

Living in this densely-populated world, there is a lot of negative energy, but if you set energetic boundaries one can deal with the rigors of life to find inner peace. Dealing with negativity can be quite a downer, mainly when you are absorbing other people’s negative energy. But before I realize the people around me brought negative energy and was just not the right individuals to be in my life, my days involved a tug of melancholy that torment me as I fought to ignore the veiled darkness. To release all negativity, I had to let go of the friends and acquaintances who dump their pessimism on me. It was not easy to learn to let go and say “no” to people who do not deserve my time. But when I found the strength to let go, to let be that was how I found this remarkable inner peace


Creating an Inner Peace That Endures!

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”

― Dalai Lama XIV

In fact, I discover and come to know I was so wrong to believe my destiny is bound with the destinies of others. However, in return that was how I learn to truly appreciate the daylight and I understood how it removes the darkness. Nonetheless, it is our light that frightens us, not our night. The truth be told, we are all meant to find the daylight and not fear it. Although, being terrified of the daytime isn’t being broken or concealing a dark secret. It’s when one can choose to go backward to feel safe instead of forward toward growth. In this sense, there are multiple sides to all of us. Yes, there are different sides of the various personalities that exist in all of us such as who we are – who we think we are, and who we might be if we build our goals and follow our dreams.

Everyone’s journey is compelled to be different and to find the right path that best works for you are an ongoing process. One thing, my own experience has taught me is striving to discover the right path is constant. Granting, in any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. Nonetheless, if you wait for the perfect moment when all is safe and assured it might never arrive. Despite everything, fear not, friends. We all discover things at different times.

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