Life’s Short. Spend it Happy

life short

Life is too short, and happiness is too rare. So, why waste valuable time or feeling on individuals or things that just don’t matter or worth it? Love yourself enough to set boundaries, and after all, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with life when you are juggling between work, family and your personal needs. However, that’s when you need to take a step back and not let your emotions get the best of you.

The number one question is what determines true Happiness? Happiness can come in so many various forms that it can be difficult to define. Also, happiness can sometimes be inquired in the wrong places, like wealth, in fact; a person would be unhappy with a lot of money because of the price it brings. The exclusive way to feel happy is to begin satisfying your unmet needs. If the underlying assumption of human purpose is to seek happiness, then why is it that some seem content to wallow in misery? Even when some people are given steps to find happiness, they prefer to continue being miserable.

Stop for a moment and take the time to think have you ever wondered how to know if you’re one of these people who live in a perpetual state of unhappiness? Well, to attempt to shed light, individuals who are addicted to sadness tend to sabotage themselves just as things are going well, they almost always seem down and see the world as gloom and doom as they allow life to rob them of their joy.

Does this sound like you? If the answer is yes, you are addicted to unhappiness. It is often said that “happiness is a choice” if that statement holds any truth then why aren’t more people happy? I am not a professional counselor, I do not treat disorders or behavior, but in my experience, the perspective a person has in life is what determines their happiness.

‘Happiness’ is more complicated than most might think. Some people strive to be happy, even when they have little and some are unhappy despite having it all. Understanding happiness requires more than just simply feeling happy; it’s the combination of pleasant experiences and the great suffering that teaches you much more about how to grow up into being a happier person.

For many of us, feeling happy and finding life meaningful are both necessary. Although, you may have to choose between a happy life and finding life meaningful because being happy and finding useful life overlap. There are three types of happiness we can experience, pleasure, passion, and purpose. Understanding each and their nature is excessively prominent. Each prototype has a different effect on our well-being.

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