Guide to Shoe Boutiques in Atlanta Georgia

Shoe botique

For the person who lives in Atlanta or is planning to visit and are looking for the right shoes for not only comfort but for potentially achy feet, shop at shoe stores that understand that shoes are not only worn to apply support but protection to the feet. People wear them to help add elegance and style. So, if you need to spoil yourself with a marvelous pedicure or a new pair of dazzling shoes, you can find great deals on the latest shoe styles from bargains to designer for guys and girls at four of Atlanta top shoe stores.

We are all in the market for a new pair of footwear for the summer. Whether you’re in the market for athletic shoes from independent designers, name brand shoes or has options for the ultimate shoe hunt; I will provide you with the most exclusive shoe boutiques in Atlanta, Georgia that is well-established and excellent to shop at.

Shoe Boutique #1: Happy Feet Boutique

705 Town Boulevard, Suite 430,

Atlanta, Georgia, 30319


Hours of Operation

Monday – Wednesday: 11am-8pm

Thursday and Friday: 11am-9pm

Saturday: 10am-9pm

Sunday: 12pm-6pm

At Happy Feet Boutique, the staff comes with the highest quality, and they offer pedicures as well as an incredible selection of shoes to purchase. The staffs at Happy Feet give the best luxurious healing pedicures that will put every person’s foot at ease because they know their feet are in the best hands. Also, they offer an excellent collection of astonishing shoes, heel, sandals, slippers that are fashionable and with the proper guidance do not affect the health of the feet.

Happy Feet open the door each day with one thing in mind; they must focus on customer experience, whether they are selling shoes or giving a pedicure, customers are the number one priority. There are other shoe boutiques in the Atlanta, Georgia area that sells the same types of shoes, but most shoe stores do not seek styles that complement the trends of today nor do they have knowledgeable employees that are well-informed about shoe sizes and makes sure that consumers obtain quality like Happy Feet.

Also, this is the shop for the serious shoe lover because Happy Feet staff care about their customer’s feet, they offer their guests deluxe pedicures with a unique cinnamon milk foot soak. To schedule your pedicure, please call 404-846-2777 for an appointment on Wednesday through Saturday.

How to Make Home Decor Do-It-Yourself Easter Crafts

Easy Easter DIFIf you are one of those who loves making Easter perfect for the little one, know Easter will be here before you know it. Moreover, if you are tired of buying commercially-made Easter crafts and need help, read on to learn how to do it yourself. I will share beautiful Easter craft ideas that will make your house look amazing.

First, let’s touch base on how to begin the Easter craft, and what you will need to make a beautiful Easter tree. You will have an array of fun, and I will equip you with everything you’ll need to make a home décor do-it-yourself Easter tree. First, you should find a dry, dead branch to start your tree. Also, you will need white paint especially for the wood; little birds need as a substitute for the Easter eggs. To make sure the birds are steady on the tree you will need glue or strings for the birds. To finish the decoration, you will need to use the glue to connect the small nest and container to the branches, the pipe cleaner, tissue paper in the shade of pastel are all need to complete the tree.

How to make Easter Tree

Once, you have collected all your items and place them at your workstation; you will start by painting the branches white. Make sure you allow the paint to dry before moving forward. Next, you should focus on how you want to arrange your birds on the branch. The little birds should be organized on the branches of the painted tree using the glue, strings, or pipe cleaner. Next, you should place the small nest somewhere on the tree, and add some eggs to it – you can buy from the stores or simply.

Improvise. Add the tissue paper on the tree to make it look beautiful. Finally, you should put the tree in a container, and you have your beautiful Easter tree home decor

Next, how to make an Easter egg wreath

When making an egg wreath, you will need Easter grass, such as cellophane. It is great when stuck on the Easter egg wreath. For those that are a knitter or are familiar with the use of a crochet, then you can knit, crochet or sew eggs.

Next, begin by cutting a wire to about 40 inches long, make the wire into a circle by joining it at both ends, you can also make it into a wreath. Cut a small wire to be placed at the top of hanging. You may now pass the hollow eggs through the wire, all you have to remove the content of the egg make the eggs hollow. If you are using two colored types of eggs such as brown and white, then you should alternate them. Lastly, you should add fill in on your Easter egg wreath to make it look more beautiful.

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Mending A Divided Nation!

Nation divided

One can’t help but wonder what’s happening in America? Eight years later, as President Obama prepares to leave office, the nation is divided by race and economics regardless of all the progress that we’ve made under his leaderships. Following the presidency of a black president, you would think the United States today would be the most color-blind society in history. Although the nation’s first black president, Barak Obama brought satisfaction and hope to the White House, he leaves with the stock market continuing to set records, unemployment at a nine-year low and on a policy record that could be remembered as “impressive” and “significant.”

More than eight years ago, the nation’s first African-American president took over at a tough moment, and he strived to use his first four years in office to get some very significant changes complete and yet the world is filled with uncertainty as race relations have gotten worse. After the departure of a black president, you would think the United States today would be the most color-blind society in history. Nonetheless, not so, today we’re a country that is led by a President that many believe to be racial and the differences go on and on. If the United States have any hope of avoiding further disaster and return the economy to growth, it’s time to begin searching for answers now.

President Trump won the election with a divided and conquered strategy, but when is that a positive strategy? To “divide and conquer” can be both a positive and negative approach, so what make it a strategy to support? I believe in using “divide and conquer” to give some privilege and not to give others the same opportunity only set up a division and can serve as a negative strategy as it can be used to weaken solidarity. If we have any hope of repairing these divisions — the president must grow a thicker skin to be able to deflect criticisms and honor his words to take America back or make it great again by focusing on the more important objectives, like bringing Americans closer.

There is the hope, however, what need to stop is building walls between people. President Trump insists on building a wall on the border between the US and Mexico; walls divides— a practice which separates, — and it is evident we need to repair these divisions by engaging in the process of dialogue and reconciliation. As he came into office, the United States was marked by boycotts and the world witnessed the most politically divided nation since the 1960s. Let us seek new avenues of peace as America’s future greatness won’t be the result of unilateral, partisan policy-making. It must be a product of beliefs that Americans accept as true, and trust is worth working toward. On the contrary, if the president wants to build something we urge building bridges that strengthen the Union and reinforce the principle of working together.

As a nation that is still divided and doesn’t know how to comes together with a new president and administration, my question is how did the nation get so divided and how can the president serve a deep bond of shared values and common interests? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked Americans to approach the president with an open mind. Americans can still reconnect, and it’s time for us to unite for the prospects of new ideas that could shrink the dividend. It is time for us all to face the reality that for many Americans, to be able to work and live around “diversity,” we need to be openly friends and form relationships with people of ethnicities and stop inviting into our lives and homes, only people who often look like we do.

The primary goal or conception for this world today is to eliminate racial discrimination, and my question is, are we ever going to reach true equality between races? Although it may seem as if to take forever, with the right approach it has the capability of eventually being reached. It’s a fact; we have a long way to go to achieve racial equality and the distant between where we are now, and true justice is finite. Bear in mind, if we keep approaching national and discrimination concerns, EVENTUALLY we will get there. Racial discrimination requires everyone to settle their differences between themselves and others and, most importantly, be happy with who they are and can live their life.

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