The Best Pumpkin Carving Tools to use for Carving Pumpkins


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Halloween will be here before you know it but what’s Halloween without the properly carved pumpkins? If you’re not sure what tool to use and how to carve your pumpkin to get the drabbest design — or even how to pick out the perfect pumpkin– this article will be your guide. This article will also help you with tips & decorating ideas for Halloween. So get your tools out and get ready for some action.

Over the years, people have carved a lot of pumpkins. To create your very own personalized pumpkin this Halloween, first look for the perfect pumpkin, then get some bright ideas for your own design, and finally get your tools and start carving.

Picking the pumpkin

First you want to pick a fresh pumpkin and how to know if it is fresh by looking at the stem. Look for a green stem, the greener the stem the fresher the pumpkin. Also make sure the stem is tight to the pumpkin and the bottom is not mushy because if the stem is loose in any way and the bottom is mushy when you squeeze it, it not fresh. Make sure there are no bruises on the stem, and the pumpkin has a flat bottom so it stands steady and won’t’ fall over and roll.

If you like designing a face on the pumpkin, choose a tall one. It best to choose a tall pumpkin because the more towering the pumpkin is, it gets a little wider and that will make it easier as well as better to shape a face.

Choosing the tools, tips & Decorating Ideas

It’s time to look beyond the knife drawer for implements intended for carving the pumpkin. There are several tools you can use to carve a pumpkin after picking a smooth, symmetrical pumpkin.

  • Choose a Sawzall if you want to behead the pumpkins. When beheading the pumpkin cut on an angle, not straight up and down. This is the best way to cut because it prevents the top from dropping inside the pumpkin.
  • To remove the seed choose an ice-cream scoop or a large metal spoon.
  • To carve the design choose a linoleum cutter. This tool is the best because it cuts details onto the surface of a pumpkin with high accuracy.
  • If you decide you rather have the head on the pumpkin, it best to choose toothpicks to reattach the head you cut off.
  • To create holes in the pumpkin pick a Hole Cutters by Kemper, this hole cutter supply the best hole in the pumpkin
  • A Jig Saw is the best tool to select to detail the cuts on the pumpkin.
  • The power drill and assorted drill bits is another tool to select to assist placing hole in the pumpkins
  • To preserve the pumpkin to prevent it from rotting fast, choose a bathroom cleaner or add a teaspoon of bleach per gallon water, place in a spray bottle and spray pumpkin. Spraying the pumpkin with the cleaner or bleach water will keep the bugs and mold away and prevent from drying out. To get the best result Spray the pumpkin daily.
  • To keep the pumpkin fresh as possible, the best thing to choose is petroleum jelly. Spread the petroleum jelly on every cut edge of the pumpkin to seal in the moisture. It will assist the pumpkin to last extra days.
  • If you want the inside of the pumpkin to smell like a pumpkin pie, sprinkle a little cinnamon inside after you scoop out all the seeds.

“All Too Often” – Three Little Words We Say Too Often!

3-little-words-we-say-too-oftenall-too-often-haveI find among our human race, too many people use phrases that are overused that are annoying to hear sometimes. However, most people number one pet peeve is how people overuse the phrase and continually allow it to happen too much. Among the phase is the word “All too often” or “Too often.” All too often are bad habits that we get used to doing the same way too much. If we all reduce the use of these words, it will become less and less frequent over time. Don’t let this happen to you; they can be broken if you work at them.

Many find themselves saying three little words: “All too often.” “All too often” is another way of saying “too often.” What is the definition of “All too often?” The dictionary defines it as a phase that used for saying that makes people sad, or upset because it happens more often than it should. Also, “All too often” is used to emphasize a negative point. It is not a phrase to use to effective communicate with others.

All too often…we underestimate the dominance of a hug, a generous word, a smile, a listening ear, a sincere compliment, or the tiniest act of caring, all the qualities of which have the power to transform lives. We all need to know someone cares, and we all need to be loved. Also, we need to love another. Moreover, we need friends who can be honest with us, tolerate us and even face with us the reality of our powerlessness. There is no doubt that without acquaintances, we too, would be like the infant who is left alone, we would cease to develop.

All too often…we speed along with life’s responsibilities and fail to take the time to meet the obligation because we are not equipped to manage everyday tasks. But what we do know is the future requires assistance because it does not take care of itself. Some people are busy trying to find beneficial ways of fulfilling duties that should not have to be done at all. Much depends on people knowing what requirements means as there is no progress in finding a valuable way to do a useless accountability. Never seek after the sages of the past as a person who doesn’t give life his everything does not become successful. A human who makes it a point to seek after what scholars work toward. Joy in abundance.

All too often…we forget that we have all the benefits of being a part of God’s family. Moreover, we are blessed beyond measurement. God’s resources are boundless. His prosperity is infinite. As God’s children, we are his heirs and all that God has belonged to us. For that reason, we hold the map that guides our two feet down the right path. We were blessed with two eyes to see our passageway, a mind to navigate, and when we encounter problems on the journey we can cast all of our fears in Gods care for He will always be there for us.

All too often…behind many smiles is a hurting heart as they smile like nothing is wrong. While behind their laughter’s are hurt and emptiness. Nonetheless, if you look closely, you will see they smile instead of crying trying to keep others from seeing them in the midst of falling apart. Know just because a person’s eyes don’t show tears, doesn’t mean his or her heart doesn’t hurt or feel. Moreover, just because an individual comes off strong, doesn’t mean that they don’t feel pain. When actually they are feeling an enormous amount of ache as they also feel so alone and that almost everything is going wrong.

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Should you wash new clothes before wearing them? Here’s the Verdict!

importance-washing-new-clothes-fbMost of us are guilty of purchasing a new dress, a pair of pants or a shirt from a retail store and wearing before washing them. This is a very shared, and typical reaction of most people as many fabrics appear pristine when they are brand new hanging on the rack. For that reason, many assume the clothes are clean, but some disturbing compounds are lurking on the fabric. Moreover, this is merely one important reason to consider washing before wearing.

First and foremost, just because a blouse looks faultless and a dress or pair pants look elegant and white hanging in the store, does that means you should not wash them before wearing? Could there be hidden toxic in new clothes? Are we making ourselves sick because we wear new clothes before washing them? I advise all to ensure everything is good and wash through with non-toxic laundry detergent and water before wearing.

The answer to each question is “Yes,” the saying “wash and wear” is an awareness that consumers should always take serious, and it is of significance for new clothing. Whether you take the saying accurate or not it best to take the time to think about who might have tried on the item of new clothing in the store before you purchase them. The answer also rests on how you feel about catching a rash, possible feeling itching or being put at risk of contracting a disease.

The saying “wash and wear” is a perception that shoppers should always consider as straight-talking, although people can’t listen to all proverb, in reality, the saying “wash and wear” is right for washing new clothing. Whether you take the saying as accurate or not it best to take time to wash new clothes before wearing them. For a reason the retail clerk return items, people wear with the tag on it and revert to the rack before you purchase them.

Although some may feel like they should wash new clothes “occasionally” or it only applies to certain items rather than risk the possible of hidden toxic sources in new clothes, an allergic reaction or getting an irritated rash take precaution by always washing new clothes before you wear them. Also, let’s keep in mind that the dressing rooms are a breeding ground for lice, bacteria, and fungus. Furthermore, just because a dress, blouse, skirt, shirt or pants look very nice hanging in a department store on a rack does not mean it clean and safe to wear the item before dry cleaning or washing it.

People purchase new clothes and automatic feel it is safe to wear them before washing them. They do not consider the germs and hidden toxic that are hiding out in the fabric. According to clothing industrial expert, Lana Hogue, “It is mandatory to wash new clothes before wearing them. Moreover, sometimes it best to wash clothes twice before wearing. Especially garments that are right next to the skin or appeal that you will perspire on. Did you know sweating open your pores? The perspiring allows the skin to absorb the hazard chemical from the clothes into your skin. Greenpeace chemicals expert Manfred Santen shared, “chemicals can be found in everything from exclusive luxury designs to budget fashion.”

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Bobby Brown Tell All Book ‘Every Little Step’ Pulls No Punches!

bobby_brown_04_as_160601_2x3_992For the past thirty years, Brown has been one of the most captivating artists who has crossed over numerous musical fields like hip-hop, R&B, and mainstream. During his run in the music industry, he hits on the Billboard top ten list, won soul train award, American Music Award as well as several Grammy awards. But when Brown married Houston he put his career on hold to attempt to love a woman who took control of the music industry.

But with the marriage being perhaps one of the most closely watched and stressful lived talked about marriage of the world—the married never stood a real chance, and the gossip industry makes all kinds of claims. The last couple of years have been ups and downs for Brown, so he is finally ready to set the record straight to the world and all the big gossipers. Now the world will be able to hear the entire story from the mouth of “bad boy” Bobby Brown himself.

Every Little Step, as the title proposes, is a memoir that will walk readers’ through the wild and immersed life of platinum-selling artists who have lived a life that was hard to tame as he had so much going on in his life. He made some good decisions, certain bad choices, and the selected ones will shock many as some are easy for most to believe. Brown is willing and ready for the first time to share a tell-all memoir that will be accompany by Nick Chiles as he will tell the full story of his life and the most influential people who surround him.

Bobby has spent his entire life being judged in the eyes of the public; now the platinum-selling artists will tell his side in a tell-all memoir that will respond to all the questions society had, and some they didn’t think of asking. Brown will be discussing the good and bad times, his past married life with legendary Whitney Houston, his childhood, Bobbi Kristina’s Death and so many more shocking stories. The book will even share testimonials from his former New Edition colleague Ralph Tresvant, family members and the producer of the memoir Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds.

Every Little Step, is a memoir that will share each and every step of Bobby Brown’s life beginning with his childhood, his time with the New Edition. Followed by him leaving the group to his solos days. Also, how he met his former wife Whitney Houston, their late married and the childhood of Bobbi Kristina. Her death and his married life with Alicia Etheredge-Brown. From the reviews of the memoir, the entire book will consist of many shocking stories and will be amusing to read.

This book will detail a lot of Brown bad boy behaviors, as well as a lot on his late former wife Whitney Houston’s shocking stories. Brown share details of his many sexual affairs, including a relationship with Janet Jackson and Madonna that many knew nothing about. He set the record straight about his drug problems, and his many run in with the law. Brown shared his primary focus for writing a tell-all book was to put a stop to the persistent gossip that he didn’t like about all the raw and powerful chatter that have been surfing about him and his late wife Whitney Houston for many years

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The Eyes are Useless When the Mind is Blind!

eyes-are-useless-whenWandering down a long avenue, passing many big fields with no one near me, searching for a big destination called life. I’m not quite sure how I wandered so far, but I hope my target is approaching soon. As I look around me I do not notice anything, and I don’t know if I can hear anything, yet I feel in my heart that my destination is very far. After wandering for so long not knowing my location, I’m frightened, and I feel vulnerable as I look for direction, yet I’m afraid to take the next step.

As a result, now I am searching and seeking as if my eyes are closed because now my mind is lost and my eyes are useless when the mind is blind. As I continue to move forward searching, seeking for my destination, I begin to talk to the Lord sharing with Him. Lord, I feel You are near me, I know Your hands are stretched out to help me, but You can’t assist me if I’m blindly reaching and seeing nothing.

In a moment of epiphany, with a temporarily resuscitated mind, I come to recognize that I cannot fight this war in fear. Now my mind is telling me I’m lost because I’ve traveled too far, I am frustrated and tired of wondering as I feel I want to fall asleep. My paralysis is the result of my despair, and the end of it will be no different from the beginning. Lord, I have allowed myself to sink.

Because I’ve never had the attitude, the ambition, or the willpower, I am sinking to the absence of my mind. I suddenly notice again that in all my wandering; I am very alone. I question my movements, my motives, my past, my decisions. Should I keep going? Will the safe place call home be worth it upon my arrival? Can I make a U-turn and change my course forever? I am ready to find my way finally; I am willing to allow the Lord to guide me. I ask Him to please forgive me and guide me in the right direction.

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