Life is Full of Disappointment, failures and setbacks – It’s How You Handle them that Count!



Throughout life, you will experience a series of disappointments, but you must not allow the obstacles to stop you. Your sole purpose in life should be to overcome anything that life throws at you. When you mess up, surround yourself with people who will support you in the ways that you can regroup and tackle what’s next. You have GREATNESS within you, and although failure can take a massive emotional toll on life, you are gaining the perspective that is so needed to handle the inevitable that will arise.

Disappointment, failure, and setbacks – everyone experiences these emotional obstacles from time to time, but you cannot lose the sight of you and your values. If you allow yourself to be hindered by these barriers, then it means you don’t have the perception needed to handle setbacks or disappointments. Moreover, when you bury your head in the sand and refuse to deal with an unpleasant situation, hoping that it will improve, that is what causes your ‘setback.’ In the end, all that matters is how you handle life’s disappointment as you travel life’s journey along the way.

Moving on from disappointment: focusing on the bigger picture of life

I have faced such phases of life wherein I got terribly hurt by people and life overall. But that never lead me to withdraw myself from the world. I have faced and accepted emotional pain as a challenge of life. Apparently, I have gone through loads of such emotional turmoil too. But all those hurts and unfortunate events have converted me into a more self-confident and self-sufficient woman, as I am today.

Once you are self-confident, you let go of all heartache and pain to realize yourself what you want from life. Nothing can then scare you or rule your life. You learn to pamper yourself and let the positive energy flow into your life which helps to transform you into a more confident and self-controlled human being.

Before I became a confident and self-sufficient woman as I am now, there was a phase when I experience many different disappointment, and it became the solid foundation, on which I had to restructure my life. By experiencing many different setbacks, I learned to face each of life’s challenges quite sportingly. Life’s challenges have taught me to let my strengths overshadow my weaknesses and to overcome and rebuild my life after failures. Sinking to my lowest self was the first eye opener for me that provided me the strength to find the energy I needed to restart my life. Falling to my most economical self helped me to let go of the feelings that were bothering me.

After letting go of the disappointments and hurt, that was affecting me; I finally was able to acknowledge my situation and started to practice the ways of self-realization. This made it so much easier for me to figure out what I was looking for from life in general. It felt as if life was placed to pause for a moment. I received that one lucky break I needed to start replenishing my life and I grab a hold told advantage of that opportunity and became my own boss once again. I transformed from a “victim mentality” to a “creator.” I am now connected to my inner self. I can now figure out things which normally I could not earlier, and I am also able to perform well. From now onward I have control over everything in my life even on things on which I had no control once.


It’s time to call LeBron James what he is: “the King” and the NBA’s greatest player ever!

king-james-23To start with, I was not a sports fan of any kind but the very first time I witness LeBron James play basketball he totally won me over as a fan. I was so taken with him that I search him on YouTube, and he was even more amazing in the video I viewed. I went back to the beginning of his career during his final year at St Vincent-St Mary High School. I remember thinking this guy is sensational, and I can understand why he is called “The Chosen On” and the greatest NBA player ever.

james-sports_illustrated_702980_20020218-001-250After viewing videos of his interviews and games I though he is, the same LeBron as of his beginning career at St Vincent-St Mary High School he just develops and matures from a boy to a man but not all that different in his skills. When I read an article that shared his brain was his greatest weapon during the competition I agreed and though, he can still rule the game to do whatever he please and their not no one like him. In short, It’s time to call LeBron James what he is: the NBA’s greatest ever player.

Love him or hate him, “King James” shows the qualities of a great leader. No guy on the basketball court is a threat to “King James” as no one has ever closed an NBA final like Him. While some basketball players are overrated in the sport, “King James” has proven he is the real deal, and he is capable of the unknown the greatest comeback in sports history to keeping a promise to his fan. For that reason, it is time to call LeBron James what he is: “the King” and the NBA’s greatest player ever.

“King James” vows to bring a championship to his hometown Cleveland, and he did just that. The city of Cleveland was on a 52-year sports jinx, but thanks to “King James” the curse is over.

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Life’s How You Live it – Because Happiness is a Choice!

e76106fb23bd61ec04d8774c6901f14dWe live in a world where people has the impression that self-image is everything. Although we are all more possessed with our appearance than we are willing to admit, as attractive people have a significant advantage in the world. Moreover, it is vital that you feel confidence about your appearance as no one has a way of knowing exactly what others think of his or her looks. Not knowing what others think sometimes leads to a feeling of insecurity. Moreover, other will build up a cohesive picture of the world from our consciousness to make us attentive to our appearance only to leave us feeling like a seamless story that is written wrong.

When we formed our sense of self from the reflections of others and centered our appearance on what society think of us, all that do is apply the pressures on us to “excel” or to “attain” a sudden look. It will make us forget the major principles that need to be involved to feel happy and fulfilled. Social media has a way of destroying what self-image is all about through determining how the world should look, act and be represented or how a person should carry themselves in their everyday life. Nonetheless, we have to know life is how you live it- because happiness is a choice.

02160b3d3e15ebacd5f6707ef8979259In reality, the “real social world” as people perceive it, is repeatedly wrong…so why take the opinion of others to be more important than your own? when we do, we can end up living our life in the past. Did you know if a person lives in the present and visualizes to improve the way he or she look at life as well as interact with others that is a vital part of being happy? Yes, visualization is the key to dictating how people learn about the potential that is lock up in every human being on Earth and that contribute to happiness.

To attain happiness all a person need to do is know how to free the confidence that makes him or her happier than they currently are. However, know it is not an easy path to travel. There will be many different obstacles to get in the way. A barrier like a peer pressure to destroy the self-image that many can no longer see that it is the real choice available to them which allow them to be happy. To maintain happiness people must understand there are different essentials which work, hand in hand to create the perfect balance and harmony. What they need in their lives is a balance.

The type that will set of balance scales the amount of negative and positive allow in their life to attain happy that are worthwhile. After all, life’ how you live it- because happiness is a choice.

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How Everyday Decisions We Make Shape Our Destiny

destiny.jpgbutterfly-effect-lifechoices_346183847The future we desire and want has yet to be shaped.As we often forget the power we possess in our everyday decisions that we make to shape our destiny. The decision we make will create the life we are living currently, so it becomes necessary for us to find out the meaningful answers to crucial questions for being able to make a wise decision. Decision-making requires an open approach that encompasses all aspects, an attitude that looks at every perspective and a broad vision that considers every possibility no matter how big or small it is. In short, there are neither shortcuts nor easy formulas for ethical decision-making

So what does decision-making means? When we have to do something, but we are not sure of how, and what to do, we stand at the crossroads of decision-making. The key to making a wise decision is the ability to select the right course of action and ask the right questions. Once we grow into adulthood everything in your life, business and personal exist so when it becomes a matter of our own lives; we need to gather up the courage to take decisions on our own.

When we walk on the straight path, it is possible to choice the best decision for us. However, if we place the decision-making process in the hands of others it becomes the outcome of a bad decision. Moreover, why put the right of decision-making in the hand of others, after all, for how long can we ask others to guide us through the right decision? Eventually, we have to learn to make decisions by our own selves as life is too long, and we cannot depend on others.

When it becomes a matter of our own lives, we need to gather up the courage to take decisions on our own. However, the big question is how do we shape a life, so it becomes alive and real for us. There are many ways we can shape our destiny, but our first step is to start by knowing what we want from life. Then visualize the life you want and spend much time developing your life’s path.

What to do when the path gets bumpy to make sure you use your power of choices wisely

Throughout our everyday lives, we are faced with countless choices and those choosing is shaped by the choices we make besides there may be times when we make choices that cause our life’s path to be like a series of hills. When we choose or when we are not sure if we want hills, valleys or the straight path the passageway becomes confusing, unbalance, and very bumpy. After making a decision like these, we should stop and examine the choices we made and identified new opportunities that will bring us back to the original path.

People often spend lots of time creating the picture-perfect path for themselves. However, they fail to remember three things. There is no such thing as a perfect path, the road we are creating can become bumpy and very uncomfortable if we make the wrong decision along the way. Third and most important remember you ultimately make the final choice regarding your values and how you balance your life’s path.

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