Change Your Thoughts,Change Your Words, Change Your Life!

thoughtsWords make an unbelievable amount of difference and for this reason children who have not yet learned the power of words should certainly learn from the words spoken by parents. Have you ever heard someone say, “You are going to eat those words?” To some, it may sound like a fabricated statement, but in reality, people do eat their words. If only we all knew the power of words. What you say not only hold power but it affects others and also affects you.

The power of words is incredible especially when used in an appropriate way they can change situations. Words can make a surprising amount of difference by encouraging, edify, and give confidence to the hearer. The right words can add color to black and white days. Moreover, using them and learning new ways, they can make your life amazing. Words will add substance to those pleasant moments, and they will make you the very best that you can be, and that is a powerful effect.

How Words Can Change Your Life

Words hold the power to shape a person to who they are, how people see them and how successful they end up. Words are powerful and amazing. They also have a way of making a person come out of their shell and perceive the world for what it offers. Try to remember the first words that you ever said? Chances are those words reassured that the child in you are growing up and learning. Do you remember the cruelest words someone ever said to you? The kind of word that cut into the depth like a knife. We all have experienced a harsh spoken word at some time in our lives.

Think back on the power of those words? Also, think of the impact of negative words over those which are positive. Positive words can change a person perception of life. They can encourage and help people through difficult times. Also, they can supply strengthen in times of weakness and assist a person to cope with all that life throws at them. Words can put a label on many. They articulate outcomes and also leave an impression. Thus all the words that you receive from people over the years build you into who you are today. Words bring about the beliefs that you have and enhance your character along with an outlook on life.

Thus, if negative words are frequently used within your life, you collect them. Destructive words are very powerful and will hurt who you are. By changing the display of words that affect your life, you can create a difference to your outlook and the way you live life.

Words, in general, can help a person to become intact and take responsibility for their thoughts. We must realize there is nothing that we can do to control the thoughts or words of other people. A person must be responsible for his or her own words. When we realize that, we will find our positivity to shine.

Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character. Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny. — Chinese proverb

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What It’s Like to Be a Stay at Home Mom – the Pro and the Con

Stay at home mom what they doSome have the impression stay-at-home moms have much time on their hand, no; they do not have a ton of time to kill and not only do they work but, being at home is not as easy as it looks. Taking care of the home and caring for a child all day is the most important thing a woman can do. However, also it is like being fresh out of cold hard cash and being in the gym for nine hours’ straight with no opportunity to snag a moment for yourself. Nonetheless, don’t take my word the best thing to do is get out there and learn from other moms you enjoy being around.

Indeed, stay-at-home moms have an extremely challenging, voluntary job that to some folks looks like a peaceful vacation full of getting well-deserved rest. Moreover, on some days the impression is right but on other days it consists of making calls, doing laundry, running errands, cleaning and taking care of little ones who ask too many questions. However, stay-at-home moms do everything including making the ultimate sacrifice to have a happy family.

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LeBron James AKA “King James” The Promise Keeper

Love him or hate him, “King James” exemplifies the qualities of a great leader. While some basketball players are overrated in the sport, “King James” has proven he is the real deal, and he is capable of keeping a promise to his fan. “King James” vows to bring a championship to his hometown Cleveland, and he did just that. The city of Cleveland was on a 52-year sports jinx, but thanks to “King James” the curse is over.

Cleveland fans can finally enjoy in one of the nation’s gloomiest sports cities by celebrating the best sports moment. James has three championships with two teams against three current or former MVP from three teams; Tim Duncan, Stephan Curry, and Kevin Durant. Moreover, James apparently has proven whatsoever he puts his mind to, he can do.

Fans hated when James left Cleveland for Miami in 2010; they even burned his jersey. James returns to Cleveland 2014-2015 season to bring home an NBA championship. However, fail in game 6 to the warrior 105 to 97, losing 4-2. James was disappointed and blamed himself. 2015-2016 NBA Final – things did not look good for Cleveland as they were down 3-1. It was tough, but Cleveland became the first team in the NBA history to come back successfully from a 3-1 deficit to win the championship 4-3.

More than 10,000 screaming fans took great pleasure in gathering at the IX Center waiting for their hero to emerge from a plane, Monday afternoon to bring home the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Early Life

Before being called “The Chosen One,” “King James” was raised on welfare by a young, single mother who were just 16 years old. She was desperate to establish a sound basis for her son.

LeBron Raymone James is a professional basketball player. He is an American player, playing for Cleveland Cavaliers. He was born in Akron, Ohio on the 30th day of December 1984. Despite his struggling earlier life, he was determined to do something in his future. He started playing basketball at the age of nine.

James’s came from humble beginnings; his life was transformed in the fourth grade when his unique athleticism opened the door to stability and after that, a rapid ascent to stardom. He had a drive and sense of appreciation early in life that made him the greatest basketball player of his generation. James even graced the cover of Sports Illustrated when he was a junior in high school.

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