Frugal Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

spring_edit.jpgWhen you find yourself face with mountains of problems and wondering how to go about dealing with all of the life’s issues; the big question is how to go about doing it? Let’s start with our working lives we have to decide to simplify it by reducing the work clutter. We can simplify our working lives by sweep away the many ‘little gigs’ to improve our states of mind mentality and concentrate on less but worthy projects. Afterwards, Sing the praises to the start of a new you with a slight makeover in all extents of your life

12998051_f260.jpgExcessive clutter is often a symptom that turns into stress and depression that is a disease that renders you to grow old fast. Nonetheless, whenever you take the time to spring clean and declutter your life, it marks the beginning of a life full of energy and vigor. I’d like to help you with some answers in hopes that you’ll be inspired to start decluttering immediately.

We all know that spring is the beginning of a season which is refreshing and pleasing. In the same fashion, if you spring clean your mind and soul, you will begin a life free of stress, worry, and depression. Life is the name of challenges that keep changing. However, you have to have a firm resolution to face such challenges and get over problems with rock solid determination and commitment. At the same time, you need to decide what is right, and what is wrong?

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Never burn a bridge you may need to cross again

bridgeReaching an intelligent decision in life is not always easy. The sudden encounter with a dilemmatic situation often forces us towards a tough decision of choosing between burning a bridge and trying to mend it. Meaning, you may avoid stepping onto a bridge and go for another one, which you feel may help you to reach your destination in the long run. Along the lane of the decision-making process, we often find our priorities misplaced. That when we must be distinct which bridge we must cross and which to burn. But, always keep building one and never lose your faith in life.

The distinction and the familiarity of the bridges we encounter in life often co-hearse our thoughts in the process. Nonetheless, it is of great importance that we learn not to burn an already built bridge having used it to cross over into life and forgetting that a coin has two sides; the head and tail. On the contrary, the lesson of life is, never to burn a bridge after crossing the same. Who knows you may need the same, on your way to return.

Never Burning Bridges – A Misconception

Who theorized the illegality of burning bridges? I thus present an opposition regarding not burn a bridge in life. Even so, I do not agree with the concept of never burning bridges. Yet, I do believe you need to know is which of the bridges are worth burning and while are meant to be kept while moving through the path of life. Moreover, it is of no use to hide yourself in any tunnel as then you may lose your way out ultimately. Thus best option is while you figure out that someone or something is not favoring you or may turn out to be poisonous, just remove that path which may move you towards the person or that situation.

Subsequently if ever you feel a bridge may result to hide you in a tunnel, from which you may never come out, better you, and burn the one then and there. Once you look at your life from the windshield instead of the rear-view mirror, you will get to know that which of the bridges you are supposed to walk over and cross and which are worthy enough to be burnt and destroyed. Through this travel of life, everyone needs to know and understand the bridges to keep and those to dispose of. The indication drives to create a wall between you and the perilous characters in your life and hence burning down or destroying the unnecessary bridges. In short, the bridges, which lead to the tunnel, need to do away with lest it becomes your funeral during its destruction.

The view of life should be through a windshield and not a rear view mirror because the true concept of the living is looking forward from the present and not backward. So if ever you feel a bridge may result to hide you in a tunnel, from which you may never come out, better you, and burn the one then and there. Once you look at your life from the windshield instead of the rear-view mirror, you will get to know that which of the bridges you are supposed to walk over and cross and which are worthy enough to be burnt and destroyed.

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Choices Have Consequences: You get to Make Your Own Choices, but you do not get to chose your consequences.

choices More often than not, it is said that choices have consequences. The big question is; does this assertion stand or hold any meaningful truth? Well, while we are free to make choices for our actions, we are not free to control the consequences of our actions. I honestly believe God created us as human beings not just to exist but also live happily by using all the necessities made available at our disposal for fulfillment and enjoyment

As humans, we have the discretion to choose the way we want to live our life. We were created with a mind free to choose. God created man and woman with the freedom to choose and also gave them the good ability to determine how such daily choices will shape their destiny. This reaffirms that choices have consequences; you get to make your own choices, but you do not get to chose your consequences.

Although so often in life people do not want to be responsible for the choices they make but on the contrary, we must remember we have to create our own experience. … If you do not want to admit that your decisions have real-life consequences; you will get crushed by a giant mischievous called paying the price of lacking to take on responsibility. One of my favorite quotes is “The price of greatness is responsibility” – Winston Churchill.

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Every Accomplishment Starts with the decision to try & the Refusal to Quit

So often in life, we find it difficult to tread the right path and the correct balance to assume to accomplish the impossible by overcoming failures, mistakes, and disappointments that come with it. Every time we put forth the effort, we give ourselves a chance; an opportunity to be successful. Once we try, we take a risk and open a door for opportunities to come in. There is no sure formula for success, you just have to believe that you can, once you try, there is a possibility to fail. However, that should not stop you because determination fuel us to take action and the key to success comes from being committed to your goal, the decision to try and the refusal to quit.

Although, it’s hard to find the correct balance, especially during hard times and when things seem impossible to overcome, there is always a way out. The question that we should always ask ourselves is – how do we turn a feeling of failure and defeat into victory? The answer lies in one’s resolve to succeed and by always living up to the decision to try and the refusal to quit.

Thus, believing in yourself and your goals works into delivering positive results, achievements, and accomplishments. I honestly think that anyone can overcome failure because deep down within each one of us there is a burning desire that reigns unbeatable. So, we must not quit but keep trying. However, the dilemma is; success is determined by money, race and gender or does it rely on our goals and dreams as vested upon by the fundamental beliefs, laws and secrets about success?

Goal setting is a process in which an individual thinks about their ideal future. But when a person knows precisely what they want to achieve in their life, it is easy to set goals and quickly spot the distractions that would lure them away from their course.

We can become anything and accomplish anything if we always prepare for success and never miss an opportunity due to unpreparedness. We must always set goals and make strategies for achieving them. If we want to achieve success, we must always have self-discipline. Also, we must understand the definition of perseverance: refusal to quit and to keep on trying.

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Words of Encouragement to anyone going through Life’s challenges and need a lift

encourageChallenges and difficulties are a part of life and words of encouragement can often help you get out of your rut. If anyone else have any additional words of encouragement, they can post with what already post, please post below. If you need to talk to someone and no one available to listen feel free to post your challenges below and I will reply to help pull you out of your rude. Three words of encouragement quotes are below, and an uplifting song

“You must make a decision that you are going to move on. It won’t happen automatically. You will have to rise up and say, ‘I don’t care how hard this is, I don’t care how disappointed I am, I’m not going to let this get the best of me. I’m moving on with my life.” – Joel Osteen

Tragedies do happen. We can discover the reason, blame others, imagine how different our lives would be had they not occurred. But none of that is important: they did occur, and so be it. From there onward we must put aside the fear that they awoke in us and begin to rebuild.” – Paulo Coelho
You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” ― Maya Angelou

How to Stop Second Guessing Yourself and Make Decisions With Confidence

stop second guessing.pngstop second guessing yourselfNo one can always make the right decision. As a matter of fact, it is hard to be sure the decision you are making is the right choice. However, it is of the essence not to question a decision once you make it. Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions.” ~Unknown. When we make a decision, it helps to know details before deciding on a conclusion.

Before you make a decision about something, gather all the information and details. Knowing all the information could mean the broader part of making a decision; especially if you are the type of person who over-think things and allows your mind to takes over. In the same way, that a pilot steers a plane from one place to the next, we must similarly develop by setting the same course of action.

For the ample reason that we should plan to stop entertaining the idea of making a wrong decision, for the interconnected reason that life is a hard hat zone; we are eternally under construction. When we come to that reality, we can rise above by corresponding in the same way when we struggle with making decisions and second guess our self.

Do you find yourself questioning your decisions on different occasions – Especially when it comes to life’s important decisions?

Do you sometimes wonder why am I changing my mind when I know that I am capable of making my own choices?

Do you find yourself feeling ‘I am sure’ in one moment and the very next moment you find yourself wondering ‘am I really sure’?

Do you know there are dual parts to each of us – who we really are, and who we are in our indistinct intentions?

Do you know second guessing comes when we allow the less significant part of us to lead—the one that affects everything—it is afraid of the greater segregate that is shaping a new way?

Do you know we will never know how our choices will affect us – we have no way of knowing how the aftermath of making a decision can affect us?

Do you know decision could mean the considerable part of you need the most help the minute you decide to make a decision to deal with what comes next?

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How to Find Flattering Jeans that fit your body type

Braxton VS Basketball Wives in JeansIf you are looking for the perfect pair of jeans that is hard to find that will flatter your body type; that will make you look and feel great no matter what size or shape you are, allow me to assist you. Also, if you are seeking to fit your body with a pair of jeans that you simply just can’t do without, you are reading the right article. Now if you are ready to get rid of your old jeans that are a perfect fit, that you wear quite often because they fit your curve and are both slimming and comfortable, read on.

Most people want to show off their trim waist while the jeans provide a comfortable fit. Since fit is probably the most crucial factor while searching to purchase a new pair of jeans, and you should opt for jeans with a perfect fit. Here is a guide to finding the perfect pair of jeans. This guide will help you in figuring out the jeans that have been designed especially for you.

Useful tips to choose the perfect jeans for long legs woman

Since most jeans can be too short on long legs women, making it difficult to find the right length and an elegant pair of jeans. The tall, slender women with a narrow waist should purchase a pair of jeans that has a lower waist with a little flare at the bottom. It helps accentuate a female with long legs.

Solution: Purchase INC International Concepts Curvy-Fit Boot cut jeans that come in various lengths.

What to look for in a jean:

  • select a curvy-fit boot cut jean called INC International Concepts, which often flatters longer legs. They can be found at Macy

Useful tips to choose the perfect jeans for short legs women

For a short woman with broad hips and pair shape should purchase jeans that are meant for short women and is called “Jo.” The hip portion of these jeans are spacious for the hips and make a short feminine look taller. Also, purchase jeans with a longer waist because they make short women look much taller.

Solution: Purchase jeans with a longer waist, which often make short women look much taller

What to look for:

  • Choose a pair jean with a longer waist because they make short women look much taller
  • Look for jeans called “Jo” these jeans are spacious for the hips and make a short feminine look taller

Skinny jeans are the perfect choice for slim women. Skinny jeans are very popular jeans, high in demand, and the best part is that they will go with almost anything.

When purchasing jeans, I recommend that females of all sizes buy at least one pair of dark jeans because they are more versatile.

Men do not care as much for fashion as they mainly stress more on comfort when selecting their pair of jeans. To make sure you stay comfortable, look at the wash of the jeans. So wash of the jeans matters a lot to males as comfort is their priority. So they should find jeans that will hold up to many different washes, and that will last a long time. Dark shades are for winter and fall while light colors are for summer. Also, the fact that they do not need to have more than three or four pairs of jeans, as long as they can be dressed up or down depending on what they like in a jean. What they like in a jean make an ideal choice for a guy who doesn’t want to spend much time thinking about investing in styles.

Useful tips to find the perfect jeans for men

Men stress more on comfort than fashion while they select their pair of jeans. So wash of the jeans matter a lot to them as comfort is their priority. So they should ideally opt for jeans that can undergo numerous washed and don’t get faded that easily. Durability should be the ultimate point.

Men should opt for dark shades during winter and fall and light shades for summer

Solution: Purchase a jean most men can trust, especially when it comes to denim. Go with a jean like Hudson jeans.

What to look for: A jean that can stand up to many washes and 80% to 100% cotton. The Hudson jean is up for the wash and isn’t just an American ideal anymore, it going everywhere and it fresh out of the UK. Hudson is a relax boot fit jeans and all about casual in which why men will love them. It is the Jean that proves that it can be a slightly banged-up denim and yet be classy.

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Finding your life purpose:in Life, You’ll Realize There is a purpose for Every Person You Meet

Life Purpose Image 2

Whether we care to believe it or not, we are all born with a purpose. Learning to connect with and live your purpose is a beautiful journey that typically grows into challenging and surprising roads. A Purpose is not something to be forced; it is unique, and it is like a treasure hunt. To successfully find your purpose in life all you have to do is open your life to an opportunity, and be willing to take the necessary steps that call to you. Although the call will consist of curiosity, maybe even certain help provided input and guidance; I believe only you can actually know it or figure it out. Therefore, you must accordingly strive to control the process.

There are several ways to discover your purpose in life but the fastest way to reveal your life’s purpose is through the art of introspection. Meditation will help you to dive right into the deeper essences of who you are so you can pull out all of the life’s purpose and connect the puzzles pieces to assemble them accordingly.

In life you’ll realize there is a purpose for every person you meet

Do you believe that everyone we meet was destined to be in our life? Well, there is a purpose for every person we meet. Some will come into our life to test us. Some will come into our life to have us available as their convenience, and so they can use us. Some will come in our life so smoothly, and they will be in our life to teach us life’s experiences. However, of all the people we meet, we are destined to meet someone special who knows how to bring out the best in us. Therefore, I do believe everyone we meet is intended to be in our life. There is a purpose for every person we meet

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Five Tips for Making Your Rental Property Stand Out from the Pack

property-stand-outA consistently occupied rental property can build up your bank account, but one that’s vacant for even a few months can rapidly wear down your savings. Besides setting a fair rental price, the solution to keeping your rental occupied and on the rise is differentiating it from competing properties. Masses of people contemplate over the idea of renting out their ownership in a down market. Especially when the plan becomes more trouble than it is worth when appropriate considerations are not made. Therefore, first, you must understand the responsibility involved; combined the benefits of renting are numerous. Quite a few of the advantage of renting is the ability to generate income that covers the bills, the ease of tax breaks and possibly even creates a profit.

If you are an owner of any property whether we are talking apartment buildings, summer homes or only a bedroom in your house, rental properties can be worthwhile investment but most of all you want to retain a substantial relationship with your tenants to maintain your investment’s value. While managing rental properties is undoubtedly a burdening task, it is sometimes made a bit easier by the type of tenants to whom you entrust your property. I once had a very reliable tenant who stayed in my condo for five years, and when the time came for him to leave, even my realtor was impressed by the way he had maintained the place. Over the years, I have learned that there are many ways to manage your rental properties favorably, and if these ways are well practiced, you can just sit back and watch your money grow. Here are five helpful tips that will ensure your rental property is thriving with the help of necessary upkeep on your investments.

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Who am I to judge another, when I walk imperfectly?

Who am I to judge anotherIf we want to live free from distraction and be able to enjoy a more peaceful life, then we need to refrain from judging others. Furthermore, each and every one of us should stop gossip and criticism because whenever someone – anyone – criticize they are making a judgment that involves others that will make them feel ashamed, or guilty because of being judged. We should not attempt to judge other’s faults while trying to conceal our own faults. President Monson said, “Refrain from judging others. … Gossip or criticism, are certainly akin to judgment.”

Everyone wants to feel loved, accepted, and to be treated with respect. No one deserves to feel bad about themselves or feel inferior to others. People want to be valued and have a feeling of usefulness. When we make a judgment against other, we give them a sense of dissatisfaction that is not supportive. The admonition “Judge not” are often used to speak up against wrong doing and People often use Jesus’ words “Judge not”, but they do not always fully consider what He is saying about judging. Jesus’ teachings still have the same balanced today that was meant thousands of years ago.

I have studied the passages from the King James Version (KJV) to interpret and to get a full understanding of the bible on the topic ‘Who Am I to Judge’ to get a more powerful idea of Jesus’ words “Passing Judgment.” The Bible will give us a proper understanding of the teachings, sharing Jesus’ commands regarding judgment using convincing Bible verses related to the phrase ‘Who Am I to Judge.’ We will be discussing the following: Should we judge others, why are we to judge, what guidance Jesus gave us in judging others, and why do we judge others.

Should we judge others? The Bible has commanded us, “Do not judge” Read:(Matthew 7:1). Judge not, that ye be not judged. However, did it really mean we should never judge others? Let’s take a look at several Scriptures that will shed light on whether we should judge others. The Bible will give us a proper understanding of the teachings using some convincing Bible verses related to the phrase ‘Who Am I to Judge.’ Some scriptures command us not to judge while others teach us how we should judge.

Read: Romans 14:4 “Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant? To his own master, he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be Holden up: for God can make him stand”. It is clear through this scripture that Paul taught Christians in Rome not to judge one another. Now let us compare this with 1 Corinthians 5:12-13 “For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? Do not ye judge them that are within? However, them that are without God judgeth. Therefore, put away from among yourselves that wicked person”. In these scriptures, Paul taught that it was all right to judge people who are unbelievers and to gently restore those who go astray.

Now to answer the question: Did the Bible really mean we should never judge others? – I would like to begin by saying issues become involved whenever someone judge another. Also, it is most likely that Christians must never judge others because if we wrongfully judge another, the way the Pharisees did, Jesus would be displeased. We must remember that if we hypocritically judge others as though we are beyond judgment like the Pharisees did on the Judgment day; we would be judged with the same severity.

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