How Visualizing Your Victory Can Make it Happen

vilualize your victory edit jpgAs we strive to benefit on this incredible journey called life, we will encounter many obstacles, but we must not be defeated. Although many might not know it, as we struggle to benefit from not getting what we want, we have to face a loss to receive the victory. Truth be told, if the journey you are always traveling is easy, you are likely to be proceeding the wrong way. Keep in mind, every defeat is not just a defeat; it is a necessary step toward victory.

In life when you go to great lengths to know who you are, what you can rise from and what is wrong in your life, you must put all your energy into accomplishing your dreams. Also, you must take the necessary step towards the ultimate path to happiness and success. Nonetheless, when we find ourselves growing tired and exhausted from life’s challenges remember to keep in mind, when things get rough, only tough people survive and life is not as hard as you think in this day and age, you are where you need to be at this very moment- it is a necessary step.

In the darkest moments when you cannot change a situation and if you do not take the responsibility needed to correct a setback, know that refusing to take responsibility is only creating a future mistake. To turn the darkness into the light, you have to face the reality that sometimes when you set goals and make plans, life will overturn your plans in so many ways that it may seem to be torn into millions of pieces. If you do not face your obstacles, every problem will become much more challenging than before.

Therefore, it is best to have known facts about what is wrong in your life; how your life will begin to improve and how you can overcome any darkness. The big question is: how do you want to proceed to move forward? Next, let’s define precisely what “improve” means. To improve means to make or become better. What’s your definition of “improve?” Although your explanation may be vastly different from mine’s, it is vital that you get a firm definition because you will not be able to grow and discover a life worth living until you do so.

Getting ready for a particular task to improve the quality of your day-to-day life will bring about agonies and frustrations. However, you need to have something real and positive in place to direct you towards what will improve your life. As you put a real and positive strategies in place begin by stopping ruminating over the past or worrying about what the future holds.

Fear of failure after a massive disappointment means you must decide to apply any action or necessary step that could prepare you to make sure you never end up in the same situation. When you face a knock down on this journey and you fail to get what you desire, it can be a blessing. It can be a blessing because generally when our plans do not play out as we want them to, we are forced to reevaluate our life by looking within ourselves for answers and receiving the information you would have otherwise overlooked.

After being compelled to reevaluate your life, you are given a chance to realign your focus and be specific on how you intend to move forward. Now the only way to go forward is to realize that any action you take must lead to something a lot better. However, once you come to terms with in life things, do not always go as you hoped they would, you develop a mantra to live stronger and more prepared to focus and align your actions with the life you want to create for your future.

With no going back, you cannot change the situation you are in if you do not assume responsibility without blaming others for what you are going through. We all have to face the reality that we will make mistakes. However, learning from them can radically change your life. Also, remember everyone has their challenges… everyone has to travel their own journey. Although sometimes beginning a new journey means you have to travel a new direction that may require taking little steps on your way back up, but every step counts.

To move forward in the future, we all need to forget about where we went wrong, what we might have done differently, and what we could have done better than others. It is meaningless to compare yourself with another. Your primary focus should be to make sure you visualize your victory. Today, the focus should be to work smarter and aim higher, and the only person you should strive to be better than is who you were yesterday. Even the smallest improvement in your life should give you the confidence never to end up in the same situation.

When faced with an enormous hill on your journey, the instant you get to the top, you will be able to get back on the road again and appreciate the smooth road ahead. Your “should do” becomes “must do” as you gain knowledge how to avoid mistakes in the future. However, know all the hard work you put into achieving your dream will mean nothing until you learn how to bring to an end future mistakes, practice staying committed to taking a step every day to trust yourself in a way you may never have learned to otherwise.

When we learn to overcome challenges, we can pursue our goals and work hard, and nothing seems too big to handle. As a result, we will realize that one of the greatest pleasures in life is not missing out on our dreams. Living our dreams comes from simply taking action which is not just a choice but knowing that if anything is going to be done, it needs to be done in the present moment. In life, we will always face challenges, but we take the reins of life in our hands and realign our focus to recover from a setback so that we can create and visualize our victory.

Five Unique New Year Resolutions, Change your Resolutions to Resolutions worth Making

2016 resolutionIt is approaching that time of the year again, at the end of every December, when people feel the need to begin making resolutions for the coming year. Most people focus their resolution around issues like losing weight, making more money next year, feeling better about themselves, stop drinking, stop gambling and getting rid of bad habits. However, what is it that is holding you back? Even with a failure to keep up many years’ worths of New Year’s resolutions, most of us look for an opportunity to make up the resolutions with higher goals and extraordinary but possible resolutions.

Research study shows only about eight percent of every New Year’s resolution are actually kept. The closer the New Year approaches, many people use social media to tweet and share their New Year’s resolution goals. They also rush the coming of the New Year by tweeting, “2015 needs to come ON.” It is important not to start off the New Year by continuing to plague the world with selfish resolutions. If you want to see a change in the New Year, you need to bring the change by changing your resolutions to ones worth making.

 Many families need to take the time to spend more time together or stop allowing chaos to divide them as they make New Year’s resolution. Take the time to think what you want to bring into the New Year as a family. It is important not to create family rivalry by trying to establish New Year’s resolutions.

So let’s discuss five different unique resolutions that could be considered higher goals and extraordinary but possible.

1. Becoming a big brother/big sister

Reach out to a child who could use you as a Role Model. Most children who have no one to motivate them or spend time with them become reluctant and refuse to seek help when they need it. Also, they are unwilling to ask for advice when they need guidance into adulthood. You can bring a change in their life by being an elder brother/elder sister and assist a child in his/her needs by becoming a role model whom they can look up to and seek advice from.

To become a big brother/ big sister: Fill out an application either in person, at a Big Brother office or online. Arrange for an interview either in person or online. Set up a home visit with a case manager. Go through the matching process. Once accepted, your case manager will begin searching for prospective little brothers or sisters for you. After the introductions are made and the final paperwork is complete, you can meet your little brother/little sister and sow the seeds for a long term relation.

 2. Reevaluate your life/relationship

Sometimes, approaching a New Year can mean that you are in need of new surroundings. Take a look at the friends you have in your life or the relationships you are in. Make sure the friends you interact with on a consistent basis are really worth keeping as a friend and someone who can help, support, be generous, understand and motivate you when you really need it. You do not need people to have you around as convenience to them or who are jealous of you without your knowledge. Friendship/relationship should be a dependable two-way street, not one like bowling down a one-way lane. Make sure you surround yourself with spiritual peoples who inspire you to succeed and be persistent.

3. Learn a Useful Skill

Try learning a useful skill, something that may seem impractical but interesting. For instance, take up a trade or learn how to sew your own clothes in an impressive stylish way. You can begin by downloading eBooks with guides to follow, like Thelma Horton’s e-Book “Sew-It like a Pro” which is now recommended for download. Buy and download the e-Book Today! Alternatively, you can also download e-books like “Brand Your Own Butt Designer Jeans” and “Hem Finishes” when you buy “Sew-It like a Pro” e-Book. Also, you can enroll in a trade school for a seamstress or take an online class. For more information, please visit Thelma Horton is a professional seamstress, teacher, and online consultant. You can sign up for her classes and let the artist in you flourish.

 4. Select to stop over spending

Something that may make a big different in your life. For an instance, stop shopping and over spending. With the economy going in the wrong direction and the candidate running for president does not seem to be candidates that capable of fixing the problem the world is facing at this very moment. It wise to stop shopping when not necessary and over spending. To get back on track, create a budget and make sure you determine all your major bills like rent/mortgage, utilities, car notes, credit card debts, food expense and transportation expense.

To make sure you do not overspend for the holiday, it will help if you get to contribute to understanding how to shop for Christmas for your friends and loved ones. Lean on a reliable person you know will tell you the truth and look out for your best interest. It will also help if you assign a dollar amount to spend per person. Also, look for sales and make sure you sit down and narrow your list down to at least seven or less of your most valuable friends and loved ones you want to shop for this Christmas. Do not allow yourself to get caught up being a compulsive shopper. To make sure you, not a compulsive shopper, plot out what you are spending for everything like grocery, bills, gifts, gas, mortgage, rent, utility, etc.

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The top five destinations where you can find love this Christmas & enjoy vacation with your love ones

christmasOne of the best ways to recognize that the season of love is upon us is by carrying out your creativity to enjoy the holidays a lot better. With Christmas approaching us rapidly, wouldn’t it be enjoyable to make plans with the most important people in your life. Begin by thinking of various Christmas vacation ideas. If you are a family thinking about planning a family vacation, a couple preparing for your first honeymoon vacation or a romantic getaway, a group of acquaintances planning a fabulous trip, Christmas and New Years has increasingly remained one of the most popular holidays for such vacations.

One of the best ways to recognize that the season of love is upon us is by carrying out your creativity to enjoy the holidays a lot better. With Christmas approaching us rapidly, wouldn’t it be enjoyable to make plans with the most important people in your life. Begin by thinking of various Christmas vacation ideas. If you are a family thinking about planning a family vacation, a couple preparing for your first honeymoon vacation or a romantic getaway, a group of acquaintances planning a fabulous trip, Christmas and New Years has increasingly remained one of the most popular holidays for such vacations.

However, if you are a couple who been in a relationship long-term and things have gone a little sour where you could stand to pep up your love life this holiday season. We all know trying to find the perfect romantic pick me upper is not always easy, but it is of the essence that you reconnect to a profound and passionate love. So instead of spending your holiday at home where it hard to be happy and enjoy the holidays season. Why not desire to be with your soulmate on a romantic vacation that will bring about smiling and laughing as well as make your mate attractive to you again.

 Nonetheless, if you are alone before Christmas, why not take the time to find true love this holiday season. It hard to be happy and enjoy the holidays when you desire to be with your soulmate because you see happy couples in pairs. Let’s keep in mind love does not happen automatically. If you want to find true love just in time for Christmas you have to make yourself available to find love. You need to stop being too involved in your work and give yourselves time to find that special person to enjoy life with this holiday season. Without that special person, You are just like a skeleton, without the soul.
 Therefore, Instead of spending your holiday at home and make it a familiar one, being bored, it time to enjoy the holidays, why not select a fantastic deal from the list of top five Christmas destinations below?

1. Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive Vacation Package:

This package includes an expense to be paid of $249 for four days and three night’s all-inclusive vacation. Room type: Studio, transportation: free round-trip shuttle, also includes meals, snacks, a la carte dinners. You can upgrades to 1 or 2 bedrooms for the additional fee. If your family is interested in this package, it can be booked at 1 (877) 682-5527 or

2. Bruges Christmas Day Trip:

This is a day trip to London. Explore London for a day as this is the most favorite time of the year to visit such an amazing destination. A lot to do and see there during this season, taste the famous Belgium chocolate, skate around London man-made ice rink, view beautiful Christmas decorations, eat delicious foods & drinks, shop excellent fashionable stuff, explore the galleries & churches, relax in the café of your choice. This trip starts from the end of November and continues till December every year, and it ranges from $65 to $85 in the US only. Day-trip departing from London by luxury coach. For more information visit the website:

 3. Cabin Rental:

For an excellent Christmas getaway for a couple, cabin rental is the best choice. Rent pure heaven, one bedroom & loft cabin in Bluff Mountain. A beautiful mountain view, kindling burning fireplace, completely equipped kitchen, coffee maker, microwave, charcoal cooking grill, microwave and queen-size bed, a vast hot tub available on the deck to relax in, pool table, indoor swimming pool, outdoor reaction center with a fire pit. Enjoy the nearness to the area attractions like Dollywood, the Christmas place, and Dixie Stampede Place. Available to sleep up to 4 people, value: $120 per night, regular: $130 per night, peak season: $150 per night. For more information visit the website: or call 1 877 774 4121

4. Golf & Spa Vacation:

Friends can enjoy a great golf & spa getaway. At the Williamsburg Lodge, male and female can exchange the fun, choose a day with a round of golf and relax the next day enjoying a luxurious spa. For a 3 days/ 2 nights vacation $189 per person/night. This offer is valid Nov. 25th – Jan. 2, 2016. More details call: 1-800-447-8679

Select from the following Spa services:

• 60-minutes Massage

• 60-minutes Facial

• Apothecary Pedicure

• Nourishing Scalp Massage with Shampoo & Style

Select from the following Golf services:

• Free of charge PING golf club rental

• Free of charge (one per person) Golden Horseshoe Yardage Book

• Free of charge ranges balls

• Free of charge replay round (bookable upon completion of the first round,)

• (one per player) Golden Horseshoe logo ball marker and PING valuables pouch

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