Looking for Love Online to Discover too late the Soul Mate was available at Home

Love onlineMalcolm spent his entire life on the Internet. Sara was tired of hearing the tap, tap of his computer. She wanted to feel loved, to feel needed, but she was not going to get it from Malcolm while he was locked away in the office with that dang computer. Sara felt there was only one thing for her to do, and that was to get a computer and get on the Internet as well.

Sara desires to find someone online that would love her, need her, and give her the attention she so needs. Sara also wants someone who would take the time to listen to her. There are plenty of dating websites for finding love.

Sara posted her bio; she was happy with the old photo she had cut out of a magazine. She has come to the point in her life where she was tired of feeling lonely she was ready to find love. The picture did not look like her so no one would know. Primary technology rules the world today and many these days relies on the computers for finding love.

Because so many relies on the Internet, the Internet has become the leading means of communication worldwide. This can be an enormous convenience and a huge problem. Some people are so addictive to the Internet that it hard for them to imagine their life without it.

Searching for love on the Internet does not always work because many put on a false front and conceal their true identities. I am not saying that searching for love on the Internet is entirely wrong, but dating on the web is limited to only the Internet.

Meeting a guy face to face also have things that you have to look out for daily. However, some people turn to the Internet because meeting a guy face to face for some reason things just keep going wrong. Many are searching for any form of guide to help ensure a higher success rate in love.

 There are many hidden dangers a female should be aware of in the world of Internet dating while searching for love online, but one thing, in particular, is a Pickup Artist (PUA). A Pickup Artist (PUA) is a guy who will act impeccably and accommodate a female in every way until he has slept with her. They spent most of their time leaving a long trail of broken hearts behind them, so ladies, please watch for the signs so that you might have the best internet dating experience.

Sara read different emails, she an email about a forty-six-year-old divorced father of two searching for an attractive female to bring out the best in him, but she felt he was a creep and a bore. However, that was until that one email that turned her head. He called himself Will, and it seemed fitting to him somehow.

He seems so comfortable in his style of writing; he had encouraged her to open up and tell him about who she really was. That seemed so refreshing. She signed her letters “Emily” and although she was never called Emily that is whom she had always wanted to be.

“Dearest Emily”

He wrote after one month of heart-rending correspondence.

“You never need to feel solitude again. I swear I will always be here.”

She loved those words and looked smugly over the dinner table at Malcolm that night. He slurped his soup and then hid his face behind the newspaper. She could never imagine Will ever slurping soup. She imagined him whirling her away to foreign places. Her heart leaped with love every time she thought of him. He was everything she ever wished for and everything Malcolm could never be.

When the tip tap of Malcolm’s computer died, Sara had to go through the motions of funeral and arrangements, but it was not until much later when the guests had gone that she walked into his study. Will had not written for four days, four days when she needed him most. She typed an email, with such sadness in her heart:

“I love you, Will and I want us to be together always. Maybe even as man and wife.”

She imagined his arms around her. She imagined his body next to hers. She knew that she would love him and that nothing could ever come between them.

Surely he would write tonight; she thought but when she begin checking for it there were no emails in the inbox. Reaching down into the drawer of the desk, she continued to sort through bundles of paper until one particular bundle caught her eye. Wrapped in pink ribbon, were folded up messages, printed from the computer and as she opened the first one, she suddenly realized her loss was more than she ever expected when she read the words:“My dearest Will” on the first letter she unfolded, sent by someone called Emily.

Ladies, there have been countless sad stories about different females who seem to search for love on the Internet just to find their perfect man was in a relationship with them the entire time. They learn they just never took the time to notice the love until it too late.

We should never hold Mr. Right to an unexpected standard or a picture-perfect standard and don’t assume the person you with can’t meet expectation. Also never think the relationship you in should go in a particular way step out of the box and remember the relationship depend on the needs of both parties not just you.

Also, remember it up to you to reveals Mr. Right as your perfect man, you control the direction of your life. It up to us to be able to focus and manage our life as much as possible. Never take the relationship you in for granted because sometimes one cannot see that the person you are initial with appeared to be your perfect man right under your nose until it is too late.

Never allow yourself to be consumed by your expectations and cannot see that Mr. Right, your true love the one you is destined to be with is with you all the time and that you have spent wasteful time chasing waterfall.

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Refuse to fight small battles with small petty people. Your Life is bigger than that

refuse to fight small battleIn a conservative family, such as mine, the father was always the go to person and his word was the law. Consequently, the role of a female was nothing more than an assistant to the authority mentioned above figure. That is why I never saw my mother refuse my father.

Not that I am complaining, it is just that you need to know how to refuse a person if his wishes are going against yours, if the situation impedes your ability to learn and experience new things. The wisdom comes from the way you say it and, more importantly, how you say it.

I could not even imagine my mother refusing authority figure; there wasn’t even an inkling of opposition in my mother’s behavior. Nevertheless, in situations in which she did not agree with him, she would still manage to dominance him with such elegancy that father did not even know what hit him.

What my mom was doing is refusing to fight small petty battles that will get the greatest of her, she knew how to decide deliberately which battles are worth fighting. Also, she understood the power of a peaceful way to live, she never over react to small petty things that will create bigger problems.Her life was so much bigger and better than that.

One of the aspects of our lives that a good number of individuals are not able to handle are which battles are worth fighting and which one they should walk away and not fight. They look for problems even when there’s nothing to fight about. The question is why is it hard for some people to decline small petty people who will distract them from their big purpose?

The reality is that for some people they feel uncomfortable to have a day without any friction. You have the power to be able to make the choices to feel alive without needing to fight someone to feel important. The reality is that, if you cannot say no to petty battles and walk away, you are only betraying yourself. There is a famous quote that say: “Knowing when to walk away, is wisdom. Being able to, is courage. Walking away with your head held high, is dignity.”

What I have learned being self-employed is that, in most of the cases, I behaved as a “yes” woman. Unfortunately, what I have learned the hard way is that giving a positive answer does not necessarily bring a positive result. Occasionally, refusing the offer is much more profitable than taking it. Putting a strong front is what distinguishes successful from an unsuccessful businessman.

Is it hard for you to refuse someone? Do you find other people’s happiness more important than yours? The most important thing for you is to learn how to oppose someone and stick to it through thick and thin while pushing all the negativity to the other side.

When your boss asks you to perform a task that is way beyond your reach or to do something that will compromise your chance of success, refusal is the best way to go. However, while doing it, keep the positive attitude and don’t present yourself as disobedient. The way you present it is the way he/she will perceive it. Do not try to share anything with your manager no matter how compelling it might be. It is not wise to make an obligation that you can’t fulfill, but I would be glad if someone gave me that respect. Anyway, don’t take it all upon yourselves.

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Life is a Journey & Only You Hold the Map

life_is_a_journey_and_only_you_hold_the_mapThis journey called life is full of heartaches, joys and many lessons to learn. However, it up to us to decide how we begin and end it. I honestly believe that every day when we wake up in the morning, we should be cognizant of the fact that time is slipping away very fast and furious like sand in an hourglass. On this journey in this life, we never know the beginning nor the ending of our destiny. Nonetheless, life is a journey where we must live life to the fullest from one moment to the next and remember on this incredible journey only you hold the map.

down. We should always remember this journey we travel consists of a path and meditation that can lead to an ongoing journey of gratitude and discovery. Life’s journey can also provide a vehicle to travel on a road that extends infinitely into a long distance that is an endless journey where only you hold the map.
We can choose to liberate our minds for whatever lies ahead and prevent life from limiting our vision of the future or discouraging us from achieving what we are inclined to become. Although, the journey of life will not always be smooth because most times we will encounter many challenges, we should never despair but treasure every moment. Every choice or decision we make should be pursued carefully and passionately because on this journey only you hold the map.

Despite the fact that at some point life present to us infinite possibilities, it those challenging times that always propel us towards realizing our purpose in life and greatness.

Each one of us has the potential to succeed. The challenges we face in life are only meant to test our courage, strengthen our spirit, transform our weaknesses into strength and inspire faith for a better future. Sometimes life’s challenges can make us feel that the current situation we face clashes with how we’d like to proceed in life. However, it is only if we allow life’s challenges to control our direction and resolve that we may never live or realize our full potential. We should not allow life’s challenges to limit our reach for a better future. If we take control of today to our advantage by leaving no stone unturned, tomorrow is already reshaped for the better.

I walk in faithI Walk in Faith, So When I Stand in Judgement, I know I Will be Saved! Do not be afraid, for even now I hear the yearnings of your heart, and I am sending you my answer to your prayers. Though you may not know the ways of your journey, I am guiding you with my gentle touch. You are not alone. I hold you in my hands to protect you. Someday my plan for you will become clear and you will find peace. Until such time walk in faith. Remember- I love you. You are my child.



I Walk in Faith, So When I stand in Judgement, I know I Will Be Saved!

What is Love & the Different Between Love and Friendship?

1_love-and-friendship1Love and friendship are two different terms but can be related to each other. Love is a warm feeling that brings emotional attachment towards a person in which only two individuals are involved. Friendship is voluntarily closeness in which an individual always tries to be there for the need that endure social relationship between two or more persons. An individual can have many friends where a person has one person they genuinely love. Most people know feeling of affection and solicitude towards an individual, but do not understand how to distinguish the difference between friendship and Love. Although friendship and Love can bring about confusion while explaining the two, it’s a thin line that separates love from friendship or friendship from love.

A friend will always be there for another while a lover will give up everything just to be with another. A friend will wait for another for many hours before sharing complaints and ready to go while a partner will wait for another patiently for an eternity and not complain but worry with concern. Friendship and Love can sometimes give the same signals, but in reality there are so very differences. The most significant difference is a friend think and share one day at a time with a friend while a lover think about each day, tomorrow and the future and think about planning the future with the one they love.
A friend is someone we can share our most precious thoughts with and feel we can always count on them during any emergency. Love is a pure feeling share for only one person that blossom beautifully like a flower but never wilt. A friend can bring out the best in an individual, but a lover can bring out the best along with a mysterious side that help dreams come true to reality. Friends come with a decision we can decide who we want as friends while love is so the difference we don’t always get to decide. Love can sneak up on an individual and bring about an order of function that one can’t always control. It’s an emotion that ultimately takes over one person and compels them to act and feel in a matter they may not have otherwise even thought of feeling or acting.

To sum things up Friendship and Love will remain to be confusing for generations to come, but to try to far clear up the two with friendship the individual involve will not have dreams in their eyes toward a friendship.

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Who am I?I am a Girl with a Mind, a Woman with an Attitude & a Lady with Class

Who am II am not perfect. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I’m happy to be me. I’ve made good decisions and bad decisions, I’ve made choices that were wrong, but I am honest, loving and happy because I’m me. Sometimes I talked when I should be listening; however, I’ve learned to know when to speak and when to be quiet. I never try to be anything that I am not, and I am not here to impress anyone. Who am I? I’m me, discovering me, on my journey.

I am my mother’s daughter. The image of who she was and how she raised me: to strive, to fight, to stand firm, and if I fall I get back up and be all I can be. My mother still is and always will be my biggest fan, and I’m proud to say that she was somebody dear to me, unique as well as strong. I’ve got friends that I know where they stand when I need anything, and they know just where I stand whenever anything goes wrong with them. So when I make a mistake they know just how to help me understand that nothing can change who I am. It’s all a part of who I am because I’ll be alright, nothing can change who I am, I’m still discovering me, I’m me, on my journey.

I am a one-in-a-million kind of intelligent, young lady who comes only once in a lifetime. I am loyal to friends and family; they know I will be there until the end. I don’t fear the enemy that desires to destroy me. I stand firm, stay strong and overcome. I know how to smile when I’m crying inside. As a matter of fact, the smile on my face is my pick-me-up. Some people want more than what they have, and others feel they are getting less. I am grateful for my friends, family and what I have, that’s who I am, and I’m me, discovering me, on my journey.

If I could go back in time and change my life, I wouldn’t change a thing for the simple fact that I gained knowledge from all my mistakes. Because life’s experience gave me the ability to be the best of who I am. I am happy, I accept Christ in my life, and I am who I am. Some people are the best at what they do, some are average, and others are just getting by. But none of them is, or ever can be me. I am one of a kind. So I never compare myself to other people. I can’t be them, and they cannot be me. That’s who I am, I’m just me, discovering me, on my journey.

I can be me and only me, I don’t try to be anyone else. I walk with the truth, no more, no less. I don’t wonder or have any second guesses of who I am. I know who I am. I know how to love, laugh, live and cry at the right times.

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What is Trust & the Different Levels of Trust

what is TrustThere are many different ways to describe the concept of “trust”. For example, it might be defined as a confident expectation of something, or reliance on another person or thing, even as a strong belief in someone or something’s reliability or ability. In general, you have to be able to willingly place confidence in someone or something in order to properly “trust” it. Trust is often a virtue that strengthens the bond between two or more people. However, while trusting another person may not always prove to be a threat, the very nature of trust enables the trusted party to take advantage of the vulnerabilities that you willingly expose to them. You may not be wholly aware of it, but you unconsciously expose your weaknesses to someone you trust because you trust that they will not take advantage of them. Trust is a unique value that two or more individuals exchange when they feel that they are fully aware of what they are receiving or expecting. Trust is about knowing that the individual in whom you place your trust will always be there for you, even when the going gets tough, and knowing that it will take the strongest of obstacles to shake that faith.

 There are different levels of trust depending both on you and on the receiving party, but the highest form of all is trust in one’s self. Self-trust comes with a lot of responsibilities. It requires you to believe in something that you often cannot see and cannot feel. It is the confidence that comes from knowing yourself. Trust in others ranges from being as simple as trusting a chair to hold you, which gives you the courage to sit down, to being as complex as trusting a bus driver to safely drive you to your destination. Trust is very valuable, and when you learn to trust yourself, you make yourself worthy of the trust of another. Wholeheartedly loving a partner and staying true to him or her even when great temptation tries to sway you elsewhere gives the courage to continue loving and the power and peace of mind that comes from respecting the well-earned trust.
Self-trust has a significant role to play in every relationship. Although it might seem selfish at first (it really isn’t), your responsibility in any relationship is first to yourself, and then to your partner. Possessing self-trust in a relationship gives each a level of trust called knowledge-based trust. Knowledge-based trust is where both individuals have a high level of hands-on experience with each other. They both know exactly what to expect from the other and have a rather good idea of how the other will react to and behave in certain situations that may arise in the relationship. Most people can identify knowledge-based trust due to an instinctive gut feeling that arises. They know or at least feel as if they are progressing towards an end in the relationship, which often comes with an obligation to let go.
Only an individual can truly know whether he or she has trusted in another or not. Nevertheless, the meaning of trust in a workplace carries a different level of implications. The type of trust that arises in this sort of context is called deterrence-based trust. Deterrence-based trust is a rule-based trust that prevents one person from taking advantage of another person. Sometimes, business partners find themselves wondering whether trust can be built where it doesn’t already exist. Most of the time, this issue becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in that trust cannot be maintained or developed due to doubting whether trust truly exists within the workplace.

Jesus can Heal the wounded soul

heal11What exactly is a wounded soul? A wounded soul is known as a broken or crushed spirit. According to Proverb 18:14.” A man’s spirit sustains him in times of sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear”. According to the book of Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones”. What does it mean for a soul to be wounded? It means a hurt or injury to a part of our spirit or any of the faculties of our soul like will, emotions and mind. It means an injury has been done to an unseen area of your being. Others cannot see the injury except through your behaviors and how you conduct yourself.

One or more areas inside you get more affected by the hurt than others. The severity of the injury or pain determines its effects on you as an individual. The adverse impacts of a wounded soul can be either physical, spiritual, emotional, social or materialistic. According to the scriptures, a soul with wounds is harder to deal with than a body with physical wounds and ailments. When your body is sick, the effect can be reduced if your soul is healthy, but nothing can make your soul lighter. God is more than able to heal a wounded soul and cure a sick spirit.

As the greatest physician, God has all the medications required to mend a broken spirit and heal a wounded soul no matter the cause and severity. Your soul is the fuel of your life. It is important to ensure the soul is as stable as it can be at all times. When the health and well-being of the soul are compromised by any negative experience or circumstances, life becomes broken generally. The body may still look very attractive, healthy and expensive despite the wounds the soul has sustained. A wounded soul is not something felt only by the poor and oppressed; it affects people of all races and classes.

This lends credence to what Jesus said in Luke 12:15, which says “A man’s life does not consist of the multitude of his possession.” People over time have rephrased this as “Money cannot buy happiness”. There are several people with wounded souls living today. Some have become emotional wrecks, some nervous wretches, and some maniacs while some have become unbalanced all as a result of a wounded soul. Several factors can inflict these injuries on the soul. These factors can be spiritual, financial or social. This is why it is important to allow God to heal the broken spirit and mend the wounded soul.

How can we recognize our wounds? People around us make us understand our wounds. People like our spouses who infuriate us or fail to meet our needs. Our employer or colleague who love to push us beyond our limits. Our kids who go out of their way to do the exact opposite of what we would want them to do, our friends who betray and disappoint us. All these people and others who try to demean or control you make up your path for learning, and are called your teachers. Below are seven tested and trusted steps you can take to heal wounded souls.

• Whenever you find yourself faced with inner conflict, begin by finding your neutrality. Never forget all experiences are equal in higher consciousness. Make up your mind you want to be heal as soon as possible and be confident about the whole healing process and the possibility of complete healing.

• Love yourself for your humanness and vulnerability. Take the time to evaluate all your injuries and identify their origins. Do not be in a hurry to move away from any uncomfortable feelings. Permit your knowledge about the wounds in your spirit to come to your consciousness and awareness. Allow yourself some space to feel.

• Find your humility, reach for gratitude, and appreciate the recognition that has come to you. Give thanks to God for this opportunity to understand what and how you feel. Feed your powerlessness with acceptance and love. Find scriptures that help lift your spirits and meditate on them as often as you can.

• Show yourself some kindness. Don’t judge or blame yourself for your wounded soul or broken spirit. See this as a process and not a race. Most of us have layers to uncover to heal the wounds of our soul. You can only do as much as you can do and not more than that. That is enough. There is no deadline you need to accomplish anything in your life. God will always make whatever you need available to you if only you believe, yearn, pray and patiently work and wait for it.

 • Never forget Jesus gave is life so you can live today. Never forget the origin of the wealth you now enjoy. Never forget the source of your health and happiness. Never forget the source of all the love in your life. Despite the wounds people who constitute your learning path inflict on your soul, your abundance of wealth, health, peace, love and happiness come from how well you can relate to the source of all good things-God.

• Acknowledge the unity of human existence and live in its cognizance. There is nothing like us; we are all one. Allow the feeling of natural connection to everything and everyone around you to flow through your spirit and never forget that God knows what you have been through. You are just a single wave in the ocean of life. We all have a connection with everything and everyone around us. Recognize the fact that allowing God to heal you, you heal everything and everyone around you because your wounded soul afflicts their own souls as well. Acknowledge the effect your healthy soul has on the people who love you and the people you love and make efforts to sustain a healthy and lively spirit soul and body.

• Find time to care for yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is the best way to stay connected. This is how you cope effectively with the awareness of your wounds when you see them. Always pray to God, who is the source of all powers to help you stay connected with the healing grace that binds up all broken spirits.

In summary, healing for the wounded souls can never be possible without the awareness of the injury and its severity to the wounded, consciousness of the availability of divine healing for all spiritual, emotional and physical wounds, and the desire to be healed. Hold on to the promises of God as contained in the scripture and believe he is using whatever experience you are passing through to make you better and not bitter. It is important you maintain a positive attitude towards your spiritual wounds as it goes a long way to determining how well and how fast these tips and steps work for your particular healing needs. What breaks you can make another- it all depends on the individual attitudes to problems. I trust God to help you find inner peace and grace to help you in times of need through these helpful tips. No matter what you do or what life shoves at you, simply refuse to give up hope because no situation is hopeless enough to make you throw in the towel. If in doubt of what to do, just tell it to your father in heaven who are all knowing and the source of all solutions.

Stop Waiting for things to Happen. Go out and Make them Happen

stop waiting for things to happenAcross the world, there are millions of people with an excellent project in mind, but they are putting no effort to put things in action. Why fantasize about a project and sit around waiting until it takes a turn for the worse? Perhaps it is because you like to dream big and be hopeful but to receive benefits and rewards it needs to be put into action.

Having information, which is backed up with hard work is the ingredient that ensures an excellent result. While you love to talk, rewards come to those who make things happen.

If there is one thing in life that does not work, it is to sit around talking about something with no action. Always bear in mind that your time is wasted doing nothing with unproductive thinking because another person can use the same time working productively putting things into action and make some things happen.

It is important for me to emphasize this because nowadays thinking about riches is what brings the downfall of the family; you are sitting and dreaming about good fortune, and at the same time you let opportunities pass you by with no action.

In other words, acting upon an idea is the only way you will achieve happiness and become successful. You will not achieve anything if you are spending your days at home, stressing out and not managing your problems. You need to make the move and not deceive yourself that things will fall from the sky.

 Have in mind one thing: To get somewhere, you need to get out of the chair and start using your legs! All of us have our own flaws; it is not an excuse to be idle and watch life, and its hardships pass us by without doing something about them. It is within our reach to turn things around.

Do not allow yourself to be the slave of the things around you, instead take charge of them. Have in mind that the time that you use for thinking is the same time other people use to do something productive, so it’s time to act upon it and make things happen.

If you don’t have enough information about anything, it just might be a good option for you to pass on the opportunity. In some cases, you can use idle time in your favor by improving your skill set. Use this period briefly because you need to have in mind that it is only for a short while and that you need to return “into the game” as soon as possible.

 Now view your time while sitting and thinking in the period of uncertainty and prepare to remove that thin line between faith and folly. We can depend on God because He will help us to gain affirmation as a tool to create action. Don’t forget, while you’re sitting there thinking about it someone else is out there making thing happen.

During the time you are using to prepare your next move, set free from all the doubts that you have in your heart. God will always show us the way and in our time of need he will be our inspiration of light. Always have in mind that the time that you use for empty thoughts is the same time another person uses to make things happen.

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How to Spring Clean & Declutter Your Life for an Up-to-Date Transformation

 cleanWhen you find yourself face with mountains of problems and wondering how to go about dealing with all of the life’s issues; the big question is how to go about doing it? Excessive clutter is often a symptom that turns into stress and depression that is a disease that renders you to grow old fast. Nonetheless, whenever you take the time to spring clean and declutter your life, it marks the beginning of a life full of energy and vigor. I’d like to help you with some answers in hopes that you’ll be inspired to start decluttering immediately.

We all know that spring is the beginning of a season which is refreshing and pleasing. In the same fashion if you spring clean your mind and soul, you will begin a life free of stress, worry, and depression. Life is the name of challenges that keep changing. But, you have to have a firm resolution to face such challenges and get over problems with rock solid determination and commitment. At the same time, you need to decide what is right, and what is wrong?

 You need to put yourself to self-accountability so as to be able to amend yourself in a positive way. There is always cause to the problem that comes your way. The best option for people is to evaluate the cause and feel the pulse that gives birth to such problems. And, once the cause is assessed and detected, it needs to be addressed and cured properly. People should apply a positive approach to face the new challenge. There is no room for a negative approach to finding a solution to a problem.

Negativity plays mayhem with your mental approach to combat and addresses pressing issues in day to day life. It is necessary for you to be realistic and practical about taking concrete steps to fight evils and come up with new thoughts to fix your issues. Therefore, spring cleaning and decluttering prepare you with a new spirit to start a new life with peace and calm.

Bad habits give rise to several problems that people often confront in their everyday lives; the issue can be from a minor problem to a greater one. These bad habits tend to become a harbinger of persistent mental disorder, which you fight with a negative mind, and this may result in total failure of human behavior. You have to replenish yourself with the tonic of a positive mind. Hence, it becomes a natural bath that washes away impurities from your mind and soul.

Spring cleaning and decluttering provide a solution to this socially detrimental disorder as they help reform yourself and become the responsible citizen of the social circle you live in. Spring cleaning is the source of energy and potential that enable you to overcome your bad habits and negative approaches and give you enough strength start a new chapter of your life. Decluttering is the same beneficial for you as it prepares you to re-schedule your life with positivity and makes you enriched with concentration.

You can focus on your problems and address them with the adequate direction of your mind. Spring cleaning and decluttering purify your body and soul. These remedies are the best detoxifying agents for you that wash away all germs that are not only harmful to you, but for society as well.

 How to Declutter your Life
  • Start by taking fifteen minutes each day to pick problems in your life to focus on each day.
  • Stop after fifteen minutes, don’t overdo it to cause stress, continue tomorrow for additional fifteen minutes, and so on, and deal with one small problem at a time.
  • Don’t stress over solving all your problems all at once. Keep it simple. You can always declutter your problems daily.
  • Ask for help especially if you have too much on your plate. Sometimes you just can’t do all that need to be done yourself, ask a trustworthy friend or family member for help, which will prevent stress and simplify your schedule.
  • Guard your time by knowing how to accept a commitment. Commit only to essential things and saying no to the non-essential stuff. This will assist you to declutter your day after all it is about reducing duties that are non-essential.
  • Sit down and make a list of what’s most important to you and declutter what not important. Also, simplify your day, and your online/computer life as well.
  • Eliminate toxic people from your life who tend to complicate your daily lives.
 De-Clutter your life

It is time for us to cut down our role and responsibilities towards making our commitments when we know that we will not be able to fulfill our promises. It is advisable to say only what we can materialize later on. We need to focus on our inner self to consider if we are in a state of mind to do certain things in our life. It is always welcoming if we meet the word of honor in time or else we do not feel hesitation face remorse that could become a negative aspect of our life. Therefore, sagacity demands that a peaceful mind is a must that can tailor to make timely decisions to make another feel like being entertained and fulfilled.

Organize your life

Life has become much faster and speedy in recent times. We should decide which things to do at their proper time. The rapid life has put the people in a state of hurry and worry; they get hurried and become worried. Just as stay-home-moms are found to be doubled with the responsibility of taking care of their kids and doing house chores at the same time leaving them confused to handle the situation wisely. Some retirees can also be quoted as saying that they are busier than when they were in the service.

Now they are taking care of so many things. This causes them to get stressed as they find it harder to cope with such scenes in their lifetime and become over-scheduled. Gone are the days when we had plenty of time to do a plethora of household chores. We had enough time to relax at the beach in the sun and enjoy. Our worries were smaller, and we were so much happier. We had sufficient time to do various things that were even not necessary.

Now as time has changed, we must re-visit our routine life and unburden ourselves so that we can do what is necessary and essential for us.

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